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Wax those skis!



Winter is coming!

Sorry for the delay. I'm currently in Montreal for a multi-day bachelor party which has been a little... distracting. But I wanted to let everyone know the good news: regime change is on the way!

It's too early to be giving many specifics, but start thinking seriously about opening day in two weeks. The signs have been there for a while, and I'm now confident enough to post it. It's time to make contingency plans for skiing in late October. I'd clear my calendar for the weekend of October 28-29.

The trend is for a pattern change bring colder weather to the East. The signal has been more focused around the upper Midwest, but given the recent warmth it will feel dramatically different.



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We still have a whole lotta warm to go through but it turns colder toward the end of the month. I hope the pattern holds with a slow turn to cold rather than a roller coaster between minus zero and blow torch. Or is that what this is?

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