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As you were



Fall sucks. All sorts of waiting around and getting your hopes up. I know we were talking about skiing next weekend, but I'm much more pessimistic now. As I mentioned before, the outcome is all going to depend on the transition, and right now that looks wet. All the way through Halloween the cold air stays out over the Midwest, and the firehose of humidity gets pumped right at us.


In the plot above note the surface winds out of the southeast pumping in moist (high dewpoint). The frontal boundary remains sharply to our West. The shift in the model forecast over the last few days is both a testament to how far out we can predict, but also the error scales inherent in those forecasts. The cold, dry air is still forecast to pour south, but its position has nudged just far enough to the west to left us out.


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1 hour ago, abubob said:

The waiting is the hardest part. ¬¬ At least I didn't buy any new equipment this year. :D

You're not kidding. I feel like I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go. Sitting around the house this weekend was torture.

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