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Welcome to November

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I'm glad that the last storm is behind us. I wish I had a catchy name for it, but it sucked. I lost power at 8pm on Sunday and got in back at 8pm on Tuesday. Just to rub it in, my house was a smoke den last night because I lit the fireplace for heat (before the power came back on) but it wasn't quite cold enough to draft properly. Enough of my problems... we need some good news.

Killington is making snow! But you probably already known that. They desperately need to put down some snow before the world cup, and they make a lot of money off early season stairway hiking with Joey from Jersey.

Killington is nowhere near opening despite over 24 hours of "production" because conditions were marginal at best. They're blowing almost entirely air at the wet bulbs we have. And the other early-season player, Sunday River, is still cleaning up from a crippling wind and rain storm.

The next snowmaking window comes Friday night into Saturday morning, but once again conditions are going to be marginal at best. Saturday night into Sunday may bring another marginal window, especially toward, Sunday River, but I would not count on it. Most ski areas will choose to sit out this weekend and save their money.


Monday brings warmer weather, but that is where the predictability ends. Snowmaking temperatures may return for Monday night into Tuesday, or they may not. Midweek next week into the weekend could be boringly quiet with just some showers, or things could get interesting. What should I say in such circumstances?

Recent weather has been anything but boring. Thousands across New England are still without power to prove it. But I'm tired of not seeing any snow in the forecast. If you promise not to judge me later, I'll get things started here. For your personal pleasure in the comfort of your own home.... this morning's GFS put out a bonafide November nor'easter with snow all the way down to Boston. Yummy!


Next week's forecast is highly uncertain. We're approaching one of those windows with high unpredictability. Model solutions show no agreement. Buckle up! In the interim, I'm going to continue to pretend that snow is coming.

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