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First widespread snowmaking window in sight



I'm settled in a home with two bowls full of candy awaiting the Trick or Treaters. Yes, we're running a bit behind this year due to Sunday's storm and the subsequent power outage. On top of that today is my wife's birthday, and my mother's. Yes, both of them. But today's multi-occasion theme has me in the mood to transition to welcome November news. Snowmaking will be coming online in the foreseeable future.

Killington has proven a willingness to blow snow in the most marginal conditions, even if that means that it all melts. They'll get a brief window at elevation tonight. But the window will be very limited and marginal. I doubt that stops them.


The situation looks a little better at Sunday River, and they may see another even more marginal window tomorrow night. It's an operations call as to whether the light up the guns. We're in for a warm-up early next week so they'd likely lose much of what they can put down.


Early next week we're looking at yet another warm up with rain moving through the region. Yuck. But on the back side the situational looks much more favorable. I'm personally planning on making my first turns of the season next week, and I suggest you too clear your calendars. Starting on Tuesday night we're looking at nightly snowmaking windows! And the temperature profiles and durations look favorable enough that most mountains will likely get in the act. Below is the mid-week forecast at Sunday River at elevation.


This initial mid-week window will be nights-only which may mean that some ski areas will sit this one out. But the cool streak looks to continue through next weekend. This could provide a long enough window for most of the traditional early-season players to open if they so wish. We're still a week out so this is subject to change, but it is showing up in the ensembles of all the global models. This is about as robust a signal as you'll see a week plus out. My skis are ready! Are yours?



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19 hours ago, BumpOut said:

Let's hope the snowmaking temps stick around for good!

They won't. It's too early. At this phase of the season you just hope for these transient windows. Not until December can you expect sustained cold.

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8 hours ago, Weatherman said:

They won't. It's too early. At this phase of the season you just hope for these transient windows. Not until December can you expect sustained cold.

I said "hope"!

You can take your negative attitude elsewhere, please! xD

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