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Cold moves in tonight

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Welcome to ski season 2017-18. This weekend we look forward to skiing at:

  • Killington
  • Sunday River
  • Wildcat
  • Mount Snow
  • Okemo
  • Sugarloaf
  • Bretton Woods? - 

Guns are off right at lower elevations during the day as the flow has turned out of the south bring in warmer and more humid air. We're getting squeezed between two circulation centers which is moderating the weather for now.

In the early morning the flow flips around, and cold air pours into the region. Sub-freezing temperatures should extend all the way to the coast. Expect anyone and everyone who wants to make snow to do so. Near record cold temperatures mean an excellent stretch of production. Temperatures should be ideal for around the clock snowmaking.

Snowmaking continues all day Saturday. By now you should be skiing at any of several open ski areas.

Sunday and beyond
Temperatures moderate to just above freezing during the day on Sunday. Below-freezing temperatures hold on a bit longer at elevation.
Next week we enter into several days of seasonable temperatures with highs above freezing dipping into the 20s at night. It'll be an operations decision whether to make snow in marginal temperatures at night. The long term pictures looks favorable for continued cold in the East with opportunities for coastal storms. Signs look good!


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