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More cold on tap for next week



I'm looking at the forecast for the next several days, and I'm not impressed.  Thursday we'll see widespread rain across New England. The ECMWF model is holding onto a wet snow paste job across the White Mountains, but the GFS is going rain. Either way, the thermal profile is going to be close. I'm leaning toward a washout.

On Saturday - Sunday, we'll see another wet weather system move through. That one looks to start as snow and quickly change to rain. I'd rather not dwell on this. My goal is to make this a ski weather blog... not a rain blog.

Do I have any good news? On the back side of the storm we look to transition into long-lived cold weather in the East. Next week will bring sustained snowmaking weather for Thanksgiving. Let's put up some pictures with lots of blue! Below are the temperature anomalies for next week (top) and Thanksgiving Day (bottom). The net result will be plenty of productive snowmaking weather. This season looks to be off to a health start. Terrain expansion is come quickly.

Temperature anomaly for Thanksgiving weekThanksgiving Day temperature anomaly

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