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Pre-Thanksgiving weekend outlook



The thermal profiles are timing are looking very close, but I've become more optimistic that there will be some good skiing to be had for this weekend. Let's break it down in brief.


The White Mountains look to survive Thursday's storm with a net-gain of snow, especially at elevation. Just enough cold air is going to hang on aloft to counteract the  rain/snow changeover. The mixing line looks to go up to about 3,000 feet at times. Vermont will not be so lucky as they receive a little snow by mostly rain on Thursday. At least the mid-week timing will give snowmaking and grooming systems a chance to catch back up.


The snow in the White Mountains will be the pasty variety that will hopefully freeze into place. Look for total accumulations of around 1-3" at low elevations, and on the order of 6" over the higher terrain at places like Wildcat.


Saturday - Sunday

Looking forward to the weekend, everybody is likely to see snow transition to all rain. The good news? The rain will fall largely overnight Saturday into Sunday. Right now it looks like the skiing hours will not be severely impacted by the rain. Saturday especially could have nice conditions in areas that receive a net benefit of snow this week. Below is the meteogram for this weekend in Pinkham Notch.


Where should I go this weekend?

It's definitely a White Mountains weekend. Wildcat looks to be in the best position, though they'll offer the least terrain options. Depending on exactly how things break, Bretton Woods, Loon, and Sunday River could all do well. 

What comes next week?

At least early in the week their will be a good snowmaking window following this weekend's storm. Around Thanksgiving Day the weather turns more questionable. There's a broad range of possible outcomes ranging from a Nor'Easter to blow torch warm. I'm not going to get pinned down on any specific forecast quite yet.

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