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Christmas weekend

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It's all about the base. Starting tomorrow we'll be seeing a storm system composed of two phases. The first phase will be a quick hit of light to moderate snowfall falling throughout the day.


Late Friday night into Saturday morning we'll see a lull in the precipitation, followed by the onset of freezing rain on Saturday afternoon and evening. It's remarkable how consistent the models have been with this freezing rain for days now. Typically models don't handle freezing rain well as they generally lack the resolution, especially vertical resolution, to capture the dynamics of entrenched cold air damming. This gives us confidence that significant freezing rain is expected, but I don't expect significant impacts. Because the freezing rain will be preceded by a snow event, the snow will act as a spongue and prevent significant glazing.


When the storm is over, expect moderate accumulations of snow with a breakable crust across northern New England.


Expect subzero cold to move in for the middle of next week. It'll make skiing unpleasant for long periods, but is not unexpected at this time of year. The larger topic of interest is a potential storm looking toward next weekend. It's too early for details, but I can't help but get excited.

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