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Powder Day on Saturday... in October!

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Wax those boards, boys and girls. We have a genuine powder day coming up on Saturday, in October! Powder might be a bit of a stretch. Dense snow is expected. A paste job is likely.

This weekend we'll be skiing at 4 mountains in New England: Mt Snow, Killington, Wildcat, and Sunday River. Of those, Wildcat is easily the best bet. They reported nearly 10" of fresh snow today. They are likely to receive the most snow on Saturday, and they are offering top-to-bottom skiing off the express quad. Look for total daytime snow accumulation at Wildcat on the order of 4-6" on Saturday.


Despite talk of strong winds, I am not expecting it to be an issue at Wildcat on Saturday. Overnight the snow is likely to turn to a mixed bag, and then do rain on Sunday morning. It remains to be seen if we can sneak in some good runs on Sunday morning before it completely changes over. 

What is the ski of choice for this weekend? 90-something mm underfoot seems like the right play. And rock skis will be a must. Depending on conditions, poaching may be called for.

Next week looks like continued cool and unsettled, but mostly rain, in the the early week. Warmer weather moves in late week, and turning cooler again for next weekend.

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