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Another early-season snowstorm to freshen up the weekend

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Good news skiers!

Friday night will bring an elevation snow storm to northern New Hampshire and Maine. After getting off-piste in 15" of natural on October 27 at Wildcat, this is more welcome news. Sorry, Vermont skiers. Once again you'll be missing out. The thermal profile is such that the valley will likely not see any accumulation. This is likely going to be something that only accumulates about about 1,700 - 2,000'. Look for snow in the notches and mountains, but not the low terrain. 

Best place to ski this weekend? Hands down Wildcat again.


After the storm moves through, we'll enter into a prolonged snowmaking window.  We're looking at several days (at least a week) of below-freezing weather that should allow a lot of mountain to open going into mid-November. Below is the 5-day temperature anomaly map for heart of the window.


Before people criticize me for not mentioning it...  yes, there is a chance of a substantial snow storm next Tuesday. For those ski areas that choose to operate mid-week (that's a short list), there could be some great skiing. We'll have more on that when we actually have a better handle on what to expect. In the interim, here's your teaser:



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