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Crotched Mtn ARL
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Beer league race team at Crotched. We race Wednesday nights from early Jan thru Mid March. Past race experience not required but welcoming new members especially if you have some skills!

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  2. It's worth noting this thread is the in the "Club" group. Would be worth throwing up a thread in the general forum
  3. Bump....still looking for more racers/beer drinkers as we are at that awkward # were we may have too many for 1 team but not enough to easily run 2 teams.
  4. Hi Smelly, do you have letters on the back of you car spelling out Teli til You're Smelly? Can't be a coincidence. If so I followed you for short while today.
  5. We will be racing Wednesday night again this yr. Let me know who wants to join...if we have enough interest I may make 2 teams. All details below...its a crazy deal even if you aren't super into racing. $150 for 10 nights of skiing if you max it out. Ticket works 1pm-9pm Crotched ARL
  6. I will be working at the Mtn again this year, and would love to race again! I'm thinking that my son would be back also.
  7. Yes. Your very welcome to join us Tim.Last couple yrs we ran Wednesday nights but maybe switch to Thursdays this yr (busier, more social crowd) I have considered Pat's as well instead but probably keep it at CM We may have enough skiers to put 2 teams out there Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  8. Yes, we are. I think we're just waiting on Crotched to post the details on this year's league. The website is still from last year: https://www.crotchedmtn.com/adult-race-league/

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