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  2. Someone years ago said you can replace chairlift without getting a new approval of the footprint does not change.
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  5. Very true. And although last Dec also kind of sucked, that base helped us rebound pretty quickly in early January. Hopefully things turn around and we catch back up.
  6. Yes, but made for a fantastic base in the woods. This year, we haven't had anywhere near as much snow in northern NH and ME and yet looks like two good soakings. Worse shape than last year after this weekend for sure unfortunately. In other news, both the Sierra and Utah are off to huge starts, so if you are Ikon/Epic, there's always that option.
  7. This is only the first announcement for 2020's build season. They will reveal more details in March. There could be more lift installs next summer but some may not be announced by Vail yet depending on permitting/contract progress to date. Off of Liftblog, Peter says he got confirmation from Okemo local MGMT that the Quantum replacement will in fact be a bubble 6, a first for Vail (Katz is on record not caring for bubble chairs) and the relocated Quantum 4 will retain. It's bubbles as well. One would think an Attitash summit HSQ would be a definite Vail investment, but they have to go through the NFS permit process. So that might be a 2021 project since, to my knowledge, no proposal has been submitted to the NFS.
  8. I have more snow in my back yard in westchester.
  9. It’s next to MetLife Stadium. There has to be a way.
  10. Here are some beautiful "before" shots from Rusty Groomer on AZ: https://forums.alpinezone.com/showthread.php/142210-Magic-Mountain-Opening-Day-19-20-The-2nd-greatest-opening-ever-12-7 Here's to a return to before real soon for you guys! Down my way we haven't even had a before yet ;-)
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  12. Do you think they allow tailgating at the mall? A summer gathering may be in order.
  13. Well I hope the 5 year plan will have some NH upgrades other than DTL readers. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  14. Long and short of it... Okemo gets a new 6-pack. Nothing else in the East. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/vail-resorts-announces-key-capital-211000586.html
  15. Oh, so now you're going to motivate me to take pictures? That's always been the problem for me. see @xwhaler post from Sunday:
  16. You'd never notice that they are magnetic unless you try to take it apart.
  17. I regret to say a trip per month this summer may be in order. The only good reason to visit Jersey.
  18. I'm trying not to look. Things are not pretty out there.
  19. Cams do not look like they did. I hope we are not saying remember how the season started later this year.
  20. Last season we had one of the best Novembers in memory. Then it rained Dec 2-3. All powder was gone and we had hardpack till the end of the month (when it then got worse). I hate this month.
  21. Man what a waste of a beautiful start. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  22. Last weekend was so nice...it's sad to watch it all melt away!
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