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  2. I though it might be useful to create a place for sharing questions, experiences, and tips on bike wrenching. Or maybe it's just a place to commiserate about busted knuckles, ruined rides, and empty wallets. There are obviously lots of bike-specific forums that are great resources for this, but they tend to get overrun pretty quickly by bike snobs and other trolls. Since we all are in the same general area and more-or-less know each other through ski conversations this might be a friendlier place to share experiences. With that said... Bike repair and maintenance has always been a love
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  4. Nice to see a new company jumping in. I am concerned about the Leitner-Poma/Dopplemeyr duopoly. They make snow making, avalanche, climbing, mountain coaster and zip lining equipment too. This could be great for a lot of ski areas.
  5. First North American resort to get an MND detach and it's a big one. Guess they need to compete with Loon's coming Kanc8! https://liftblog.com/2021/04/19/mnd-ropeways-to-build-first-us-detachable-at-waterville-valley/
  6. Definitely have had some warm days at Millington in May/June but I think my warmest day was probably my Birthday (March 22) back the year we had the big meltdown. Skied Sunday River that day, remember heading out first thing in a T-Shirt and already too warm. Literal rivers between the bumps on White Heat that day, you could literally watch the meltdown all day. 2019 we did Squaw and Mammoth end of June and into July 3rd. That summer ski stint actually wasn't too warm, nice with temps probably 50's/low 60's max on hill. We left early morning July 4th from Mammoth to head home, had to
  7. Alterra seamed to only mention really big projects in the press release. As for Sugarbush snow making, it might not require a fresh act 250. I know they quietly got permitted to add a little pipe a few years ago, so who knows how much of the system is overbuilt/permitted to be expanded already. In 2019 before Alterra bought the resort they started planning a second, larger, pond for 2023. They were also permitted to build a much a pond triple the size but ran into issues executing. The current pond was hastily rebuilt after hurricane Irene https://www.valleyreporter.com/index.php/new
  8. It's odd no mention of the two 6 packs put on hold out at Mammoth last year or the new stuff up at Tremblant. Vail basically went forward with all of their postponed plans from last season. Sugar USB is too early for Alterra to go all in. I would expect them to take there time there, Snowmaking could use a boost to pump capacity but like anything in VT, you have to navigate Act250. Alpine-Olympic (god forbid we call it Squaw for much longer) Gondola is cool, sure the drive CAN be faster when both roads are clear of snow and/or traffic. But it is the Sierra, getting vehicles off th
  9. I'd probably go 5/10, mostly because 2nd half of January through early March skied overall great, even if not deep. Great getting back to Cannon for first time in decades (lack of VT allowed that), had a great time every day there and even got some mini powder. Love the Mittersill side! Most of my days were at SR, started on a rainy Monday late November for their opening day which is odd. Got some Loon in, totally not impressed there this season. Snowmaking seemed weak and very disappointed with midweek Gondi lines and lack of consistent 7 Bros running. Overall, sitting at 46 day
  10. Maybe. They so are not offering the traditional ski maynia day of free skiing the last day. Probably don't want a big crowd to close this year out.
  11. Great thread. I'm in Utah and still skiing frequently for another month or so. I'm making up for a late start. I didn't get my first lift served day until Feb 19, 2021. But this season posed some unique and sometimes wrenching problems. I'm the guy that tries to post as many mouthwatering ski photos as possible, but this winter was very humbling for me. I became the guy sitting on the sidelines. My usual plan in recent years is to remain in the east for early season, ski locally a few times, and then go west to Utah for an extended stay and more skiing. As I was planning to do a a
  12. It was a good season. I skied about a dozen times at Berkshire East and 57 at Wachusett. Once at Sunapee, once at Crotched. No Western trip alas, and wasted a lot of money on the Epic Northeast Pass. Only skied mornings, no lodges, boot up behind car, lots less vertical feet due to that and long lift lines. That said, I skied well, had a lot of fun and was fortunate to be able to do so. Glass half full for sure. Also got some uphill gear and skinned up Wachusett a handful of times early morning.
  13. Still light snow here. I would say may be 8" or more at house.
  14. Totally agree! I'm sure that this was a struggle for a lot of people, especially beginners and families. But for us it was great. I spent exactly zero dollars for on-mountain F&B this season! Both Cannon and Loon had way more parking lot festivities than normal. The vibe around that was excellent. I hope this sticks for the future.
  15. Id say 5/10 - only hit wachusett this year which was a downer in some respects, but got a decent 20 days in total, all with the family so that is a plus. compared to last year between broken foot driving a late start in feb and the subsequent shut down a month or so later, this was a big win, but nothing really special in the general sense
  16. Sorry, no pics. Not quite worth the effort. Better than working, I guess? And I got in a great hike and got to experience one more shot of winter, that was nice. Only two inches or so of dense snow this morning, maybe another inch before I left (it was just starting to come down at a faster rate). Just enough to cover up the junk but not enough to float or turn over it. Slow, controlled turns from top to bottom. Glad I was there this past Saturday and knew where the man made and rocks were. Best turns were on Banshee slope of all places, I was hopeful the summit would get at least half a
  17. Yes forgot to mention Race league was Awesome and the Food didnt Suck either !!!
  18. 7/10 Had some solid days at Wildcat. Sunapee skied well both times I was there, crowds be damned. Got a powder day and just about all of the trees in at Crotched during one particular visit. Mac race league was a blast for 7 or 8 Tuesdays. Cannon was oddly very good on the coldest day of the season. Kid got into the trees and bumps and absolutely LOVED them. A lot clicked for him this season. Tailgating and shooting the shit with friends was more fun than it was a punishment for no lodge.
  19. I think it was a 5 even though I got 68 days and ~600k of vert. I did get a run of mini powder days in mid Jan to early Feb. The front five did get boring with the visibility issues. I made it over to Mitty once and the snow on trials was awesome. The glade skiing at Cannon was terrible. I got into the summit glades once on a good day and then on another warm day they sucked. Styrofoam snow. I did get some good glade days at BW if you can call them glades.
  20. Id say I had a 6 /10 !! Had a few great days early season days at BW, some powder days there but reality probably 6 inches or less !! Couple of spring Days in a row highlight my Cannon days and one really nice Spring day at Waterville ! Yesterday was a nice surprise, didn't think Loon would have that much snow left after the past few weeks at Cannon. Really missed not have the K Express pass this year !
  21. 2/10 for me. Went every weekend to Wildcat but I didn't realize how spoiled I have become without lift lines. Between Epic pass people and only 1 or 2 people on the lift, lines were absurd and cut into time on the hill.
  22. Can anyone name any other improvements coming up this summer? I know VT Adaptive/Sugarbush are adding onto the Mt. Ellen Base Lodge, new meeting storage and office space for VT Adaptive and a new elevator and bathrooms for everyone else. I guess it will also get some people out of the cafeteria, and maybe a few seats will be added in the old VT Adaptive space.
  23. Sugarbush tomorrow. Might go to Killington Saturday and call it a season.
  24. 8/10 Living in Warren, Vermont for the winter and moving my work to the evening allowed me to find time to ski every day instead of watching TV. Got 106 days under my belt. It was a bit lonely as I never met any locals, but my friends who would not ski with me up here almost never left the house this winter. Unlike NH we had a good base in the trees from MLK to St. Patties, and barely enough snow to keep it from getting icy till March started. I skied some trees before MLK but with my rock skis. The crowds were normal, but I guess there were actually fewer people and no access on many da
  25. 4.5 @Cannonballer's ranking of a 4 is pretty spot on for me. I give it an extra .5 just because we survived the pandemic without getting shut down like last year. I came in to the year mentally prepared for the season to either have periodic pauses or a full cancellation so at least we were able to avoid all that. Overall, it was a pretty meh season. Hardly any tree days and even the days we had, they didn't seem particularly deep. At Cannon, we had quite a few days were we stayed on the Front 5 between the snowmaking fog, winds & log lift lines. Not hitting any ot
  26. Nice. Way to get it. Take some pics for us!
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