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  2. I was thinking it might. That is a plus. Presby will do a good job, but it may take longer. I will IM you the rest.
  3. It looks like Old County has Spectrum service. Presby was the builder that so far has gotten back to us, though we missed the calls so haven't totally connected.
  4. No problem. Anything to consider is if internet is important to you. Some lots will have broadband like Timber Lane. I can’t remember about Old County though. If lot is on side lob of the wireless for mountain telecom. The speed will be slow and not existent in some areas. We are in direct line of the dish on top of Cannon and it cuts out. We have the option of a dedicated T1 optical with 100/100MB speeds but for $400 a month.
  5. Seriously guy, I don't know who you are but CB is a staple at Cannon and knows the area better than most know the inside of their own cars.
  6. The lots we are looking at are early on the road, prior to the first Rotary and on the paved section. Surprisingly, the pricier lots available are on the dirt end. Then again, maybe not surprising considering those deeper in lots have the best views to the Notch and Lafayette. I'll ask her when she gets home on the builder and pass along. Thanks for the tips on town taxes.
  7. Yesterday
  8. I was going to be late but decided to go first thing. That was the best choice. I met up with Cannonballer and his wife. There was 3” overnight and another couple by opening so 6” was about right. There was no one there until 10. There were fresh to be found on the front five for the first 3-4 runs. First run was Gary’s and was basically untouched. Fcksummer missed Parkway today with some untracked spots. Vista was awesome. Skylight was not as good as yesterday. We were going to finish on Banshee but Zoomer line was short so back and ended on Paulie’s with the legs screaming no more.
  9. So it may be too late for your current boots, but I ALWAYS remover my boot liners and put both the shell and liner next to my dehumidifier. It's all the moisture being trapped in there that makes them stink. Once I started doing this my insane foot stink problems went away. The spray on anti persperant trick works rather well too.
  10. Old County Road has dirt sections if I remember right which can be tough in mud season. Just FYI. I can tell which contractors and subs to stay away from. And give recommendations. If we don’t know them, we know someone to ask. Which builder responded if I can ask? Bethlehem taxes are very high. Franconia and Sugar Hill are reasonable. Easton is dirt cheap for taxes. We built the master on the first with a open great room and loft. It can be a little loud. FYI.
  11. Much like all resorts they cut all deals to be on the safe side to start the season. Now that most places are expanding terrain, and midweek overcrowding did not turn out to be the issue some feared, some resorts are extending midweek deals again. Waterville Valley is also doing two for Tuesday again from what I have heard.
  12. Lol dude, Cannon is knoe for all of 5 sunny days a year. Once again, welcome to the notch, first time here?
  13. Thanks, we are looking at new build just because there really isn't what we need/want on market in exisiting typically (my mom-in-law lives with us. Full health now, but if moving again, we want a home with a good sized bedroom/bathroom first floor but not the master suite for her) isn't around. Have looked at a couple of lots on Old County RD and we have reached out to a few builders, one who just responded to my wife. Probably in the 2 year range right now of action, though we want to get moving and buy the land in 6-12 months time. Thanks for the offer, might take you up on it. We ar
  14. Where exactly are you looking? New or existing home? I may be able to help with builders if you need them and location help sine we just went thru it. Things are getting snatched up very quickly at asking or over. A lot in our development just sold over the summer for 3x of what we paid. Contractors are straight out also.
  15. Thought they were not going to do these this season but they are back this and next Wednesday. Just grabbed a ticket for this Wednesday, been a long time since I skied Cannon. Would love more natural but hey, what the heck. Plus, looking more and .ore likely Franconia or a surrounding town will wind up being our new hometown in the next few years.
  16. Last week
  17. We arrived just as Cannonballer and his wife were parking. We got the spot right behind. There were a ton people today and majority should not have been riding the Peabody let alone Cannonball. Vista was open and awesome. Skylight was awesome below the first pitch. Upper Cannon was in great shape. Taft was scoured at the steep pitch as expected. We to skied to 11 as my daughter thighs were shot and the carnage on the lower mountain was to much to deal with.
  18. Not much to say about it but that we got blown off the mountain. We saw a young adult get blown out of line at Cannonball over the edge. That was a first. I put out my arms going down the entrance to Avy and came to almost a dead stop because of the wind. Wind holds started at 10:15. It counts ABV.
  19. thank you everyone for the condolences - i have only one day this season and it was at Pat's I'm hoping for day 2 next weekend as we are working this weekend, not that I will mind not getting soaked!
  20. I rode Loon's XC ski network today. I ride this a lot in the summer as a good workout even though it's pretty boring. I usually stay off of it in the winter because they charge for trail access and there is very limited parking. This winter they aren't charging and they generally don't plan to maintain it, but it's not off limits. So I went over to see what kind of shape it was in. With the snow and other precip coming tonight I figure that riding may be off the table for a few days at least. As it turns out, they did in fact groom the main loop into a nice wide double track. Quite a f
  21. The wife and I head over to BW for the couple of hours before work. We were surprised on how empty it was for the day before a holiday weekend. Everything was ski on. They opened the runs below Rosebrook. They are still a little chucky. The light was a little flat to start but the sun did come out. We got 9 runs in before leaving a t 10:15. We were driving back to the house. I noticed the Cannon summit was in the clear and blue skies. I headed over @ 12:15 for a few runs off the summit. It was hardpacked at this point but edgeable. I skied the four groomed runs on the summit bu
  22. Baby powder won't solve the smell issue. Forgot to mention that it will create a different smell issue (I don't care for baby powder smell). Baby powder is just for lubricating your foot so it can slide into the liner and also protects during the day against blisters. If your socks are basically panty hose then barefoot probably won't solve your issue. If you have "thin" socks, then it may because it did for me.
  23. The Pit spray will def keep your feet from sweating ! and Id use that refresh shit on the liners with new insoles ! Come on it will probably shave off a couple of seconds on your time at Mac !
  24. Funny y'all suggest barefoot. My socks are so thin that I might as well be. Haven't tried the baby powder option, but will employ that the next time I ski. I will yank the liners and hit them with soap and water. I was just concerned that anything I used as a cleaning agent might adversely affect the materials.
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