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  2. Smellytele

    Sunday River snowmaking upgrade

    Need to keep up with the Jones'.
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  4. Flying Yeti

    Fck this weather

    Yea, east of Narragansett Bay is a few inches below normal. All the rain and storms have made the CT River valley a mess. Marinas/ramps on the CT river have actually been closed a lot this summer because the high water and amount of drift wood has made it a death trap.
  5. Flying Yeti

    Fck this weather

    Surprisingly no. Actually bought a house so I can always sleep in the guest room lol
  6. I have a set of wheels and snows that I don't need anymore. I do not want to ship so it is pick up or meet within a reasonable distance. Cost can be discussed. Tires are iPike's used two seasons plenty of tread left. 205/65 R16 RS 419 Studdable Wheels Drag DR-19
  7. Cannonballer

    Fck this weather

    It's been so weird this summer. I've been seeing all the rain all over New England. But here on South Shore of MA we've had less than 5" since the beginning of July.
  8. Last week
  9. Puck it

    Fck this weather

    Where have you been? Has she thrown you out yet?
  10. Smellytele

    Fck this weather

    Today was beautiful but tweeked my back and couldn't do much outside (or inside for that matter) today.
  11. Flying Yeti

    Fck this weather

    If it's not raining it's been too hot to do anything outside. We are at ~14" of rain since mid-July.
  12. MimersG

    Fck this weather

    Same here, decided to take a trip up Mount Washington to beat the heat. The 48 degree temps and 50mph winds were much needed!
  13. Weatherman

    Fck this weather

    Totally agree with you. I mowed the lawn yesterday and thought the heat exhaustion was going to kill me. Not fun! Thinking about sweating to death with a campfire tonight.
  14. thesnowway

    Jay Peak and Burke sale

    Can't tell you how many times I've hiked Jay before Tday for powder. I am fine with Tday openings. Not sure why they would have opened a week before Tday this past season. I don't recall November 2017 being particularly productive for natural or man made.
  15. Puck it

    Women of MTB

    There are very different lines in skiing in particular DH. Some of the slpit times are like 5-10 secs different.
  16. 2manyhobbies

    Women of MTB

    I think it's the nature of the sports. With skiing, you have everyone pretty much skiing the same line. In MTB DH, each track has multiple lines with varying levels of risk/reward that the riders must choose. Throw in the fact that you also have mechanical failures (flat tires, dropped chains, etc) that you don't normally have in skiing, you get a wider range of times. It's interesting that one of the most technical tracks (Val di Sole) had some of the closest results in the top 3: Mens 1st. PIERRON Amaury 3:36.788 2nd. GREENLAND Laurie 3:37.312 (+0.524) 3rd. HART Danny 3:37.448 (+0.660) Womens 1st. SEAGRAVE Tahnee 4:26.424 2nd. ATHERTON Rachel 4:26.547 (+0.123) 3rd. HRASTNIK Monika 4:28.029 (+1.605) Of course, then you have the Junior Women where Vali Holl is winning every race by 10+ seconds. She won Mont Sainte Anne by over 40 seconds!
  17. Puck it

    Women of MTB

    The gap between the top riders and the rest of the field is amazing. we are talking secs where as for skiing it is hundredths.
  18. 2manyhobbies

    Men of MTB

    Incredible athletes. I posted the women's winning run in Women of MTB.
  19. 2manyhobbies

    Women of MTB

    Women's winning run from Mont Sainte Anne https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77BTe3-_vwU
  20. MarzNC

    Ikon Pass at Costco

    Interesting, a little while ago the Ikon pass was available online from Costco. But that link doesn't work any more. Perhaps it was too popular when people didn't have to drive to a Costco store to get one. Even in the southeast and Mid-Atlantic, there are sometimes discounted day tickets at local Costco stores in NC or around the DC metro area. Usually for a pretty limited time.
  21. Flying Yeti

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    Nothing good comes from Cranston...or Johnston.
  22. Weatherman

    2018 MTB Log

    I'm anxiously awaiting the cool air too. I got a brief taste camping at elevation last week. We only have 2 more weeks until September!
  23. August 25, 2018

    The Saco River Trip and Minigolf will depart from Makusue Ski and Sport Club, 692 Kearsarge Rd, North Conway, NH.


    9 AM - Depart for the river

    4 PM - Last shuttle back from the river

    5 PM - Shuttle departure to mini golf

    7 PM - Dinner


    - 18 holes of minigolf

    - transportation for the day


    Boat rental. You must bring your own including life jacket.

    Overnight guest fees and meals are payable in cash directly to the club upon arrival. Guest fees are $25/night. Meals for the weekend will be optional at an additional fee of $25 dinner and $10 breakfast.

    If you miss any of the shuttle times, you will be responsible for your own transportation. All shuttles will depart promptly on time.


  24. Weatherman

    Ikon Pass at Costco

    Nashua, NH Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  25. Cannonballer

    2018 MTB Log

    Spent 12 hours towing a boat from VA to MA today. Absolutely had to go for a ride when I got home just to move some muscles. Wow is it getting dark early now! Could barely see the last mile. Excited to break out the lights and get some cooler air. Not to mention thinking about the skis!
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