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  2. The new tram option seems a little deceitful. Most ski lifts need a refurbishment after 25 year, then they run like new for abit and last another 25+. The tram is probably no different. I think either way they will need major work in 25 years. Though this tram refurbishment seams to be a very long project. I know Sugarbush did a bunch of chairlifts one summer, no problem. I think Super Bravo had a refurbishment in just the spring or something
  3. JD hates the Tram for winter but it makes the park money in summer. Gondola would be of no use in the winter. Wind holds galore. New is the way to go.
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  5. So this is under consideration: https://www.newenglandskiindustry.com/viewstory.php?storyid=903 As a resident, I would prefer they go all new. Sure it costs double a refurb, but lifespan expectancy is more than double, offsetting the cost somewhat.
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  7. I would think there's a good chance that they will open up and sell more passes. When they first sold passes and sold out was quite a while ago and the pandemic was not as calm as it is now. It's easier to sell passes later than to have to rescind them.
  8. Orange are double blacks. Just lacked another way to make them unique. Purple are hiking trails.
  9. It might come back to bite them in the butt if they don't open up more passes (assuming there won't be capacity limits again this year.) How many parents will sign their kids up for the dev team if they have to buy tickets at the window each week? I think the limited passes last year is part of the reason their numbers were so low for the women's clinic. I'm assuming the bronze pass won't work for your kid(s)? That would give you after 4 and any weekday you wish to play hooky with them. Pair that with an Indy pass for weekend adventures.
  10. went to buy the family passes today...Jr passes sold out. Pretty miffed and when I called they stated that they were sold out in a week after being released (not sure when that was). Might be the first season in a decade I wont be at wachusett...sad honestly, and there are no good alternatives as comps (short drive from house; <30min, night skiing, kids activities, fast lifts, high output snowmaking). I could go to nashoba, but that seems like a big step back and I cant see my family spending a season there. I guess PSA to everyone who was looking for Jr. passes - if you didnt b
  11. thats really cool - love 360 degree mountains....what do the orange and purple lines represent?
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  13. Went for a ride Friday evening and my dropper got stuck in the down position. Lucky for me it happened at the bottom of the hill near the parking lot so the ride out wasn't bad. The dropper on my YT Jeffsey is a YT-branded seat post (YT Postman) and there isn't much available on the web about how to service it. Reached out to YT support and got a quick reply that it is just a rebranded SDG Tellis. Found the SDG videos on youtube showing how to do the full service on it. Easy to follow and even easier to actually do. Turns out things had just loosened up and the cable wasn't pulling on the actu
  14. I saw a discussion on reddit fantasizing potential new ski areas. Years ago I made this one meanwhile recovering from a broken arm. It is on Dix and Malcomb mountains off I-87. 2900 vertical with a 4,300 foot summit. I attached the Google Earth file dix peak.kmz
  15. Long time no post. Highland has done the Winter Woolly for the last few years where they open the lifts for fat bikes for one day, have a race, etc. It's fun and definitely worth checking out if you fat bike.
  16. I'm more of an after-exertion drinker myself. Sometimes I'll have a drink at lunch during a ski day. In 2019 my son and I did the short hike to ski off the true summit at Crested Butte. When we got up there a guy was smoking a cigarette and drinking a can of beer. I said to him, good idea with the beer. He said the cig and beer were the favorite brands and tribute to a friend who had recently passed. CB summit is to the right: In Feb 2020 I was at Grand Targhee on a beautiful day and on my last run I passed some guys drinking beer off the side of the trail at th
  17. Very true, but Highlands and the TX area do not offer skiing. Granite Peak does and plans to expand their skin ops too. But this lift would be non skiing year round access, that is something different. I do not think Highlands operates in the winter and if the TX tried they probably would have to run on backup generators when they actual get winter weather
  18. It depends on the hike, but mostly no. On any hike of real length or elevation the last thing I want is more weight in my pack. On shorter hikes (<~6 miles) I might bring one for the summit. For strolls in the woods I might sip a couple while on the trail.
  19. I know there are at least 2 such lift. One former ski area in NH and the other is a place in Texas. I am surprised there no lift accessed mountain biking near Bentonville, Arkensas.
  20. Once I brought a bottle of Vodka on a 2 day hike.
  21. While not exactly a log or a Northeast area, Granite Peak in Wisconsin dropped their expansion plans. If they get their full proposal, that would included a dedicated 4 season bike lift (fat biking in the winter)! First I think I have seen that type of proposal anywhere. https://liftblog.com/2021/06/21/granite-peak-expansion-options-unveiled/
  22. Nope, never during a hike. There are a few favorite hikes with nice cold streams near the terminus that are nice to stash a few in to keep cold for the end. But that's about all for me.
  23. I'm clumsy when completely sober, so I save my drinking for when I'm safely off the mountain. HOWEVER, if we are backpacking I'll bring something with me for when we set up camp at the end of the day.
  24. 5 places in one day !! Impressive !
  25. How do they not get all shaken up and warm? Enjoying one up on a mountain with a good view sure sounds like a nice idea.
  26. Depends on the hike. Don't drink at a rock scramble Breakneck Ridge, but its chill if the hike is a more laid back trail.
  27. Note- this is not "I bring one beer with me or have one at the end" Depending on the length of the hike, I bring 2-6 beers to enjoy while taking a break to hang at a scenic overlook on the trail, summit, or on the way down. A little reward for a tough challenge. I don't care what another hiker thinks because I'm far from drunk, but the split of people ON the trail who see us with them feels pretty even. 50% say something along the lines that we are disgusting and shouldn't be hiking with beer. 50% say something like, "DAMMIT! Why didn't I think of that? So w
  28. very cool man, thanks for sharing!
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