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  2. Ski tuning

    There's a Sport Thoma in Lincoln just off X33, They always do a great job
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  4. Ski tuning

    How is their stone grind? The base prep is how I distinguish a quality tune.
  5. Feb '18

    Looking at the long range... things still look hopeful for early March. This weekend will be bad news in Vermont. The forecast is looking tight, but probably wet in New Hampshire and Maine. Could still turn into a paste job there. A classic over-running warm air vs cold air damming situation. I'll have an update tomorrow.
  6. Ski tuning

    I usually get tunes done at Andes on 302 just before Attitash, they do a great job and I believe it's $35 for a complete. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  7. Feb '18

    Went to My Mount Snow today and while it was fun skiing corn all day, there will likely be less than 30 trails open by Saturday. And if the weekend rain comes, I fear it will kill some for the season. There was running water on some of the trails, Sunbrook will likely be closed after tomorrow. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  8. Feb '18

    Seriously, similar situation last year where conditions were awful in early march. Good news last year had a happy ending up north. That's all we can hope for this year.
  9. Yesterday
  10. This season has been so crazy. Last March I skied Loon when you are planning on being here and it was fabulous. Your week is normally great wherever you go but with the ups and downs of temp, rain followed by freeze, it’s really a crap shoot. Good luck!
  11. Feb '18

    This annual end of February blowtorch is getting old.
  12. Feb '18

    I am going mtb'ing!!!! This sucks
  13. I understand what you're saying. That is the niche that my valley pass occupies. Unfortunately a Boyne offering would have too much overlap.
  14. I rarely ski Saturdays. If I do it is usually at Wildcat only haha. I really like those Sunday-Friday options too.
  15. Waterville has theirs going on sale this weekend: http://www.waterville.com/lift-tickets-passes/ I like how some are adding the Sunday-Friday passes.
  16. Additionally, the Boyne NE mountains released some info on their passes. The New England Pass WILL exist next year (there was some debate that it might disappear). Prices are not released yet, but should be released in a week or two prior to their "Flash Sale" the week of March 5th-11th. http://www.sundayriver.com/winter/tickets-and-passes/season-passes You'll be able to use the pass this spring as usual. Last year the flash sale savings were $50 compared to the early price released on March 12th (though they do not announce the non-flash sale price until after the sale is over. The NE gold pass gets you 50% off Boyne's western resorts (Brighton and Big Sky right now). That is new I think. Additionally they have a new Bronze Plus pass that is Sunday-Friday with the usual blackout weeks. I'll be intrigued by the price of that pass. Nothing on any kind of an Ikon Add-on, but obviously details for Ikon have yet to be released. I really hope Ikon releases pricing information before March 5th otherwise you'll have some really upset NE passholders or prospective NE passholders who want to see what Ikon actually is before spending $1000 on a Boyne only pass.
  17. Slowly but surely season pass info will be released in the coming weeks. Announced so far (as is typical) is the Cannon only pass and the White Mountain Superpass http://www.cannonmt.com/season-passes.html Price rollback of 8 years and a new young adult pass. Adult: $729 NH Adult Resident: $546 Young Adult: $499 Early purchase bonus of 3 tickets at either $25 each or $50 each if you purchase by mid-April. Also ski the rest of this year. White Mountain Super Pass (Via WV website) http://www.waterville.com/lift-tickets-passes/ Adult: $979 No changes in the price (that was last year's early purchase price) or additional offerings. The WMSP has refused change anything even as MAX, Vail, and now Alterra entered the east. It must do okay.
  18. Feb '18

    Say goodbye to the snow. Here is the meteogram at Crotched for the next two days. It's not just the heat -- it's the humidity. Snow go bye-bye.
  19. Don't worry too much about crowds, even at Loon. That late in the season, you're hard pressed to find a line anywhere, except maybe at the bar. For a Loon specific tip: when it's sunny and warm, it is really tough to beat the deck at Camp 3 for beers and sun.
  20. Still trying to figure out how that was sexist.
  21. Thanks, that's very helpful! I'll pass on Magic then. I still have all five of my Max days at Stratton and Sunapee, as well as four at Pico, so lots of options.
  22. Mid-March is typically the best ski conditions of the year, though I have to wonder what this year will bring with the imminent melting of any remaining base. I can tell you what my plans are for that time period. The weekend of 3/9-11 the wife and I are staying in Woodstock, VT with plans to ski Killington, Pico, and Okemo. Then St Patricks Day weekend, a handful of us from the site will be skiing Sugarbush, Pico, and Magic. I think most of this is weather / conditions dependent. Some obvious comments: If you're going to go to Loon, do it midweek. Crowds are oppressive on the weekends due to it's proximity to Boston. Of all the mountains you mention, Wildcat has the best snow preservation being furthest north and highest elevation. Magic is not really worth the trip if there is no natural snow. They have great spirit, but little snowmaking. To break up the drive between southern VT and northern NH, adding a waypoint at Sunapee could be a worthy day.
  23. Hi, I'm off work from March 10-18 and plan to head up to VT/NH for some skiing, mostly using my Max Pass, which I haven't deployed this year as much as I thought I would. I haven't been plugged into New England weather or conditions much, and am seeking any feedback on my plans, such as better alternatives or general comments on conditions. I like spring skiing and understand the conditions will be variable; just trying to make the most of my time and Max pass. The current plan is to work my way north, hitting Stratton and Okemo for a few days (maybe stray from the Max pass and visit Magic just because I've not been there before) and then head up to Loon. I have a ticket for Wildcat on the 16th that I bought for crazy cheap on Liftopia, and I've not been there either). I've got come cheap, hostel-type accommodations lined up, but they are easily changeable if need be. I still have five days at Killington on my pass, but was thinking of saving those and seeing if I can get a late-spring weekend or two in before the season ends. (Though it looks pretty catastrophic out there right now). What say you New Englanders; will this strategy get me some decent turns, or should I adjust anything? Thanks!
  24. And the effects of marriage on a racing career.
  25. Waterville 2/19

    The trees off of True Grit were in pretty good too. Pockets of fresh in there that no one had found. Little bit of wind up on the flat but nothing too serious.
  26. Agree with concept. But as far as impossible fantasies go I'm more likely to be a golden retriever puppy in a Victoria's Secret photo shoot!
  27. Waterville 2/19

    You made a great call! We dropped my nephews off at WV this morning and they reported the same as you. They even talked up some tree runs. Meanwhile, we went to Cannon. It was was insanely windy. Trails were blown down to ice. They actually had trails like middle ravine roped off because of the ice. This was totally the correct call, but I've never seen it that bad.
  28. Ski tuning

    He has a shipping option...never used it but something to put out there...would probably be pushing the budget
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