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  2. At the end of a long hike it would be fun with friends... but not during a hike for me...
  3. So there is a 51% chance of above average precipitation and temps.
  4. Buzz kill even before the season. Foul!
  5. Warm winter? Come on https://twitter.com/NWSGray/status/1451692301969813506?t=MtI-pxtXV-3udMGYGnWIAQ
  6. Earlier
  7. Snow above 3500’. Lafayette looks to have more at the summit.
  8. Well, I had big intentions of keeping this thread going all year. Instead I'm jumping from shoulder season to shoulder season (my last post was in May). In the coming weeks I'll try to do some recap and trail descriptions form a great summer of riding at places like Bethlehem Trails Association, Coos, Green Woodlands, PRKR, West Barnstable, Pine Hills, Loon, Massasoit, Wampatuck, Lincoln RI, and others. For now...summer is over. I had to break out the lights this morning just so I could get a ride in. I hit my local 'workout' trails at Carolina Hill, Marshfield. 6am was completely dark and 44 degrees. Even though I know these trails inside and out I had to keep the lights on until almost 7am to be able to see well. This is a network that drains really well, so despite all the rain this summer the trails are in good shape with only a few mud spots. And fall has barely started on the South Shore so leaves aren't an issue yet. In another few weeks the dark, leaves, and cold are going to make weekday rides pretty rough.
  9. Probably more likely a "snowscreen" marketing gimick to try and take some glare off the loving embraced Fast Tracks program they just announced. After they had everyone's season pass $$.
  10. Sugarbush had this for Clay Brook owners. It is a negligible number of people and was only valid at Super Bravo and Gate House. It sounds smart, and I am surprised Vail did not implement it first.
  11. I also hate this idea, but honestly surprised it hasn't happened sooner. I think Stratton had line cutting for their Club members, but such a small number of people are part of the club (super expensive) it wasn't really noticeable. Doesn't change my decision making anyway. If a place is busy enough to get away with fast pass on a weekend, then I would only have been found at that mountain on a weekday anyway. Exception might be Killington, because if you know the mountain you can usually find lifts with little to no lines.
  12. I hate this idea. It's a great business decision but it's going to be super frustrating waiting in a long line and watching people skip to the front. Killington Fast Track is "starting" at $49 a day as a daily add-on. Ends up being quite the expensive day when you factor in the regular cost of a ticket.
  13. I've got the epic pass so will go to Mt. Snow if it opens first. Plan on some Sunapee trips on Fridays this year.
  14. Yes, we've been very lucky with some extra cold weather in November the past 4 years, and the upgraded pumps Wachusett installed helps too. Hoping for more of that, but odds are it will be closer to Thanksgiving. Until then, looking forward to a few trips up to Killington!
  15. Insane, but still not Candide insane
  16. https://www.powdr.com/news/powdr-news/fast-tracks-launch I cant imagine what surge pricing on powder days at a place like snowbird would be like, but for someone like me who takes a few solo day trips this would be appealing on those days not to wait in line and maximize runs.
  17. thats right, heading up for new years...was considering the 4 day pass, but im not sure if ill get up there again this season, and its not transferrable from what i understand. thanks guys!
  18. Are you just skiing one day or more? Might look at Maine unliimited 4 day if SL is in your winter plans too. 4 days unrestricted for $369. I'd offer you my buddie passes but if you are skiing NYD, Silver is blacked out that day this year so no go on buddies too.
  19. yep you're right - was looking at 2 day tickets....still open to discounts somehow though!
  20. Wait, that can't be right. The highest price I see on their page is $110/day. Maybe you had more than one ticket in the cart or something?
  21. Wow didnt realize that peak pricing (heading up there for new years) is $197/day for an adult. Anyone know of any places to get discounted tickets or some money saving options? Looking for 2 adult and 2 kids tickets - passholder friend or anything would be appreciated. Thanks!
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