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  2. Good idea about the uphill. I'll add that when i get back to building these out. Got distracted by developing backcountry info pages. There's no real easy way to update the open/closed trails. Especially thats repeatable across all the different webpages the mountains have. I believe once they open back up, that info should be contained in the OnTheSnow section. I can reduce the amount of tweets, I just had it that long so the entire page would have info. The more I can figure out to add to the sidebar the less tweets I'll need. Thanks for the feedback
  3. I think it is cool. I am looking at it on my computer and the tweets take up a lot of room. Maybe a little less for those? I value tweets pretty low, so maybe just me. How about the uphill policy being shown on each mountain guide? What about putting open vs closed trails on the guide like how you auto-update the weather? That way people who like to travel to different mountains don't have to go to a bunch of different mountain websites.
  4. Thanks for the heads-up Ben. Hopefully you can see them now. And far more importantly, hope that Corona situation in your household is under control!
  5. 3/30/20Bonneville Shoreline Trail near Holladay, UT: Pretty trail, involves a ~400 vertical foot climb, then the trails follows the contour of the front range of the Wasatch and is relatively level and easy hiking with great views of the Salt Lake Valley. 3/31/20 Golden Spike National Historical Park, UT:Promontory Summit where the first transcontinental railroad connection was made (and golden spike driven) is a somewhat desolate high ground near the north shore of the Great Salt Lake. The beautiful Chinese Arch named after railroad workers. One of numerous rail bed cuts dating back to 1869. The Big Fill was an extremely laborious engineering project necessary to build the rail bed over a ravine not far east from the Golden Spike site. FYI, we made no stops driving to and from Golden Spike National Historical Park and our only time outside our car was for quiet hikes along the abandoned rail line. Our smart phones allowed us to get a nice audio tour while visiting the park.
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  7. I felt the same way from Vail. There recruiters are the nicest I have delt with so far. It is probably the only major company I have seen direct you to skip redundant parts of the application.
  8. They could fallow New York States lead and close parking to limit access without closing the park
  9. It was definitely bittersweet going up to Alta yesterday. It was my first time that far up LCC in more than three weeks. Normally this is a great time to be there for lift served skiing with warm sun, yet good snow preservation. The day time air temp was about 25-30 degs while we puttered around for about three hours, but of course it felt much warmer when we were climbing on the lower mountain out of any breeze. They usually keep lifts running until the end of April. Driving by the completely silent Snowbird resort was especially sad because normally they keep running into June, and last year went until early July. The current stance of Snowbird is that they are closed and will remain closed indefinitely for the good of public health, but they continue to leave an opening in their status updates for reassessing things (with the possibility of reopening this season) as time goes by. Their next date for a new status report is in early May. I was talking today with someone who knows Snowbird well and the problem now is that even of the national virus situation improves sooner rather than later, if Snowbird is the only or nearly only ski area to reopen in the country this spring it may draw such crowds as to be deemed unhealthy?? I hope they don't shut down uphill access at Alta. I feel very much safer there than when I go to the grocery store:-(
  10. "Earlier this week, Stowe said it is not allowing skiers who hike up or use skins and then ski back down. Sugarbush and Mad River Glen on Thursday joined the list. Even though the resorts are already closed, officials say allowing continued skiing was drawing too many people and was not in accordance with Gov. Phil Scott's stay-at-home order. A dozen local ski areas are now following the ban, including Bolton, Bromley, Jay Peak, Killington, Pico, Mad River Glen, Stowe, Sugarbush, Suicide Six, Middlebury Snow Bowl, Mount Snow and Smugglers' Notch." https://www.wcax.com/content/news/12-Vermont-resorts-banning-uphill-traffic-569342171.html
  11. I expect that it will be across the board pretty soon. The problem is that everytime one more place bans it that concentrates more people at the places still allowing it. Ends up defeating the purpose. Same was happening on the Florida beaches. One county would close its beaches and the next day there were 2x as many people on the next beach over. Pretty much the same with the Colorado ski areas. As soon as Vail and Alterra closed the lifts at the the big resorts the Governor had to step in to close all the other resorts statewide. Otherwise everyone from Vail, Copper, Keystone etc would have been flocking to Ski Cooper and Wolf Creek.
  12. Add Saddleback to the list prohibiting uphill travel now too. Wow.
  13. I saw Magic and Killington were supporting this site on Twitter that is organizing the collection of ski goggles for hospitals to use as PPE. I also noticed Jay Peak on one of there donor lists. A lot of hospitals participated, including some big names, Columbia-Presbyterian, Mount Sinai and Elmhurst. They have collected, 8,500+ goggles and are looking for 1000 more. All of the Northeast hospitals on there list have hit there donation cap. https://gogglesfordocs.com/
  14. Great report ! Pictures are beautiful. Wow wish I was there right now.
  15. Let me know if you can't see photos. Thanks. 2 APR 20, My son the veteran took me the rookie for a bit of skinning action today in Little Cottonwood Canyon at Alta, UT.I've done downhill skiing for over 50 years and dabbled in cross-country skiing and snowshoeing for almost as long. But this was my first day of skinning in alpine touring equipment. I used my own downhill boots and an extra pair of downhill skis (Volkl Ones, 186cms length, 116mm width) with AT bindings that my son loaned me. He set me up with a pretty heavy rig, but we only did two climbs at Alta; 1) to the top of the Albion Double Chair liftline, and 2) a shorter, but steeper climb from the Wildcat Base to Lower Rustler. It was a beautiful day on the mountain with blue skies and about 4-5" of new snow. There might have been a hundred cars in the Albion lot, but people were very dispersed and trail traffic was light. For our climb up the Albion liftline I saw about three skiers, two snowshoers, one hiker, and two tobogganers.The veteran and the rookie. This is what it's all about! And good motivation during our first climb. The veteran displays his climbing technique. Devil's Castle is still there. What a beautiful day! Albion liftline skiing. View from Wildcat Base. We climbed up the intermediate run to right a short way and then caught lower Rustler to left. This photo gives a sense of the number of cars in the parking lot beside the Goldminer's Daughter Lodge at about 1PM. Traversing over to Lower Rustler. Mission accomplished. It was sad driving by a very lonely looking Snowbird resort. My conclusion about skinning is that it's a whole lot of shuffling for relatively little schussing. But skiing is skiing and it felt good to get out there 20 days after my last lift served day Bonus shot my son took of me:
  16. You have to add the picture manually or it doesn't show up on the main page. I use this site to rip the thumbnail https://boingboing.net/features/getthumbs and then you add it to the very bottom. Not the usual attachment you would use for a forum post. I can fix it later or if anyone else adds one
  17. Added one to see what you were going for. It doesn't look like it loaded quite the same as yours. Edit: Tried again. Also didn't work
  18. Spectral 1 - Cannon Mountain Mission
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