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  2. I'm afraid we're fast approaching mud season up here. Good news is that Highland opens in about a month (April 25)!
  3. First (legit) ride in over 5 weeks. Mass is slowly thawing out and drying out. My local trails tend to be ahead of the curve on both of those counts since they are close to the coast and very sandy. Still a little bit of snow and ice, but not much mud. I stayed off the north facing hills which I knew would be too icy, and stayed off the few mud-prone valleys. This was about the worst section we got into on a 6 mile ride.
  4. Announcing my 2020 ski trip... Val d’Isere and Paris, France Jan. 31 - Feb. 11, 2020 $2,820 double occupancy, $3,435 single occupancy Inclusions: 7-nights ski-in, ski-out at Hotel Altitude in Val d'Isere 3-nights at Hotel Belloy Saint-Germain, Paris Airfare from Boston - Geneva (GVA) and Paris (CDG) - Boston Deluxe motor coach ground transfers Transfer to Paris via TGV high speed train Five evening dinners in Val d'Isere Welcome reception in Val d'Isere Full European breakfasts daily 2-3 hour walking tour of Paris Porterage in and out of hotels Full details and registration are online.
  5. This line does not give me the warm fuzzies: "There is significant support from nonprofits and the broader community to help pay for improvements to the chairlift system." If they are this big investor company, why do they need nonprofit help for the lift system?? Would love to see the area reopen and finally mature into the resort it could be. Not sure this is the company to do that. Would hate to see it get reopened, not become what it could be and close down again.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Sunday River didn't really loose any base. Saturday was strange, late groomers were buttery but early groomed were frozen cord. Natural trails on East side were frozen pretty bad but open for the most part (Agony/Hollywood/Top Gun were not) but surprisingly the glades were still soft, almost too soft (had my Chargers on and they were sinking in too deep so switched out to my Mindbenders and they floated it well). Moved over to Oz as the remainder of the west was mostly on wind hold. Lost Princess and Eureka were firm but edgeable and not aweful. Ruby was ok but upper frozen bumps had a lot of ski ruts that hung you up. Poppy fields though, ughh. Firm on some turns, break through on others into cement that would not allow you to turn. Moved back over later in the day and sun had softened Spruce/North and lower WC and Barker. Southpaw was a spring bumps dream. Sunday, well it was skiable but Jordan and now Oz down still for wind and conditions. Only groomers, they were fast but mostly edgeable. Plenty of cover remains. Thursday's storm looks like it could recharge the Northern areas with Maine again staying mostly snow.
  8. That was how they cleaned up the mess they created, "if conditions and weather support...". FYI, all the event posters in the Lodge still have Ski Maynia day printed as April 28th.
  9. Interesting to hear how bad Stowe was on Saturday. While Sugarbush wasn't great, it also wasn't anywhere near as bad as what you're describing. I skied about a dozen runs on Saturday and when I stopped it was just very chunky (and crowded). The first few runs of the day on the lower mountain were decent. After that I would describe it as very variable. Some sections of trails were smooth and nice, others were chunky, others were scraping off and showing ice. Sunday was completely different. They officially reported 1" of snow overnight, but I swear there was more than that once you got above the base. I even skied a couple lower angle bump runs and ducked into the woods for a run. All very skiable and far better than you would have expected after the thaw/freeze. And on Sunday the mountain was empty. I was a bit surprised how many people showed up on Saturday considering the expected conditions. In terms of base depth loss, it really seemed rather minimal on the mountain in most areas.
  10. Bretton Woods was better yesterday after than morning. It was firm and fast, but ungroomed was survivable though not compelling.
  11. Wow! Sounds like a great weekend to skip skiing if there had to be one. Ended up with a beautiful day down in Southie for the parade. Gave out a lot of high fives to the runners and enjoyed a few beers.
  12. Any weather systems coming up with a chance of correcting this problem?
  13. Last week
  14. Cannon was a mess on Saturday, which was only made worse by unusually large crowds (or maybe that was just a result of the upper mountain being closed). We left at lunch. Sunday it skied like a totally different mountain. The snow was great, and there was even a little powder on the upper mountain. Let’s hope it stays like that for a few more weeks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Pretty much sums up yesterday, so glad We hit up Killington on Wednesday !
  16. Sugarbush was great on 3/14. Soft snow all day. Very sticky on the flats. Smuggs on 3/15 was fun and only had rain for 15 minutes. The rain was typhoon worthy though. Luckily i was in the lodge when it happened. Sun then came out and skied until 4. Some woods were in play and skied well. Stowe was pure frozen hell on 3/16. The worst skiing I have ever experienced. Nothing to grip to turn on. Took 5 runs and started drinking.
  17. A groomer only wknd and this was the state of the groomers at Magic on Saturday Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  18. Wildcat’s bar was excellent yesterday. I started off with a breakfast margarita followed by another and then three mugs of Switchback. Conditions were survivable but not fun. Ungroomed was an inch or two blown into shiny bumps. Bretton Woods today is fast and firm. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  19. Edit: fixing dates in this post. Title should also say 3/15 I was going to post something in the Cannon thread, but I'm curious how it is everywhere else too. Friday 3/15 Cannon was fully closed due to wind. It was also warm (high 40s), raining, and foggy. I thought things would be bad but not terrible. On Saturday 3/16 we showed up for first chair. Upper mountain was on delay because they were still grooming. Lower mountain had lost ~2’ of base (I don't think I'm exaggerating). Conditions were rough! The temp was dropping all morning so things weren't improving. Took a lot of breaks, drank a lot of beer, left early. Tried some XC skiing off the Kanc in the afternoon. Trails that were perfect yesterday were impossible today. We took a big hit here. What did everyone else see?
  20. Never skied there, but I've read amazing things about the glades. I hope they open up!
  21. Certainly good new for Saddleback, hopefully we get to ski there next season !
  22. This would be fantastic news if it comes to fruition Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  23. Let's get this place open again. One of the very best in the East https://www.sunjournal.com/2019/03/15/boston-investment-firm-offers-to-buy-saddleback/?utm_content=buffer1a40a&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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