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  2. Board meeting tomorrow to vote on it so I heard Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  3. Any word on the closing with Vail? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  4. Last week
  5. The North Face at Crested Butte
  6. Photos of the summit and base areas of Crested Butte:
  7. One of my highlights of last season, climbing to the summit of Crested Butte, CO.
  8. Hey Everyone, Just a heads up that you can receive $50 off Peak Pass (Explorer, Traveler, Ranger) and $20 off the Drifter Peak Pass using promo code “PSHAH” when checking out at peakpass.com. Happy skiing and boarding!
  9. That's an old article. The latest article I've seen has pictures of painting the ski slope building white. https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/2019/09/06/american-dream-mega-mall-ski-slope-gets-makeover/2233417001/ Reporters and photographers were given a tour recently that included the waterpark and the ice rink. https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/new-jersey/2019/09/10/american-dream-mall-opening-date-six-weeks-see-inside-east-rutherford-nj/2263072001/
  10. https://www.nj.com/bergen/2019/07/american-dream-mega-mall-announces-opening-date.html Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  11. That's for sure what Attitash is good for. If it's just a cold, icey groomer day at Cat, I'll sometimes opt for Attitash as it's a little warmer and has significantly more groomed trails to choose from. The other times I'll ski Attitash is the spring. The bumps typically soften 2-3 hours before Cat. Grand Stand will be soft by 10AM where up the road it can be 1 or later before it softens at Cat. Not uncommon for it to be 15 degrees warmer at Attitash vs Cat. But overall my days spent at Wildcat are probably 8/9-1 vs Attitash Sent from my XT1635-01 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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  13. Ah, that explains a lot. I spent a couple hours checking out Attitash last season after skiing at Wildcat in the morning. After riding the triple the first time, wasn't sure I wanted to bother a second time. But after going over to the other side and back, did another ride for my last run. I see how Attitash and Wildcat on the same ticket is useful for days when conditions at Wildcat are too cold and/or windy. But Attitash certainly has an unfinished feel.
  14. I tried Rattlesnake Hill (aka Lime Kiln) in Bolton, MA for the first time last week. I didn't have high expectations but was pleasantly surprised. Some very cool rock spines all over the hill, a trail around an old quarry with some scary exposure and the Ridge Loop trail was really the highlight. Lots of rocky features to ride over and lots of fun turns. Not a lot of vertical but I'll definitely add it to my regular ride rotation.
  15. Planned to, but ended up skipping it for rides in North Conway and Kingdom Trails on Sat & Sun I was in Lincoln for the weekend though and it appeared that they got a decent turnout. Lots of riders at the coffee shop in the morning and lots of bikes on cars across town. I drove by Loon late afternoon Saturday and there were a good amount of cars in the lot.
  16. Oh man, that really sucks! Whoever told you that Chile is "safe by South American standards" was probably talking about violent crime and should have definitely mentioned the theft issue. When I've spent time working in Chile the most common question from locals/ friends/co-workers is "did you get robbed yet?". Very unlikely to get assualted, almost guaranteed to be stolen from.
  17. Anyone hit up Loon's grand opening weekend of their DH park?
  18. So... we went to Vina del Mar and then Valparaiso today... and got robbed in the process. Chile is supposedly safe "by South American standards". And Valparaiso is a gritty yet colorful port town. A stunningly beautiful area. We were driving down the coast and had pulled into a scenic vista parking area to take photos. Another behind us pulls in and parks right next to us. A guy gets out as if to see the view and distracts us while another grabs my wife's purse out of the car. I'm standing on the sidewalk in front of the car. As I turn around, they run off, jump in the car, and speed off. This all happens in a matter of seconds. They didn't even have time to grab the loose change out of the center console. Fortunately there was nothing important in the purse. My wife had all her cards and such in her jacket. All they got were tampons, cosmetics, and a pair of glass with an outdated prescription. We have a newer pair with us. And the purse itself came from Marshall's, though my wife really liked it. Obviously no real loss to speak of, but I was pissed about it so we drove back to the hotel without exploring downtown Valpo.
  19. Since you're bailing on skiing early and have a car, consider heading out to Valparaiso. Really fun and interesting city, with much more character than Santiago. Only ~1:30 from Santiago.
  20. We skied yesterday. Snow was a bit better. They clearly had made a little and harvested what they could. Today they are down to functionally one trail. We quit. We’re driving down to the city to go wine tasting / touring. May leave the ski hotel a night early and check out the beach. https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2019-08-30/giant-vultures-circle-slopes-in-truly-depressing-ski-season Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  21. The vertical within Stony Brook Looks pretty small. I can’t imagine more than a few great trails back there.
  22. Almost forgot... big bowl of ceviche and shrimp empanadas for lunch.
  23. At the time I booked this, my plan was to ski all three areas. That was accomplished in the most minimal definition. I am staying in Farellones, the village at the base of El Colorado. And the three skis areas are all interconnected so you could move between areas if there was a snow, though the interconnect ticket is pricey. Valle Nevado is essentially several hotels isolated 20 minutes drive from everything else. You don’t get a real Chilean experience. It could be any other resort in the word. Plus they charge a premium to stay there. In retrospect I would have stayed in Valle if I knew how terrible the snow would be. The other towns are just dead because they are so much more dependent on locals. So today was our first at Valle Nevado. In theory six trails open. In practice 4 trails, but three of those were no-go after lunch as the runout melted to mud and gravel. Our skis are trashed after 3 days. I mean multiple core shots. Ski patrol was out today with shovels just digging drainage channels and scooping gravel off the trails. Some areas were equal parts refrozen mud and ice. The upper mountain main trails (all 4) were in good shape and it was clear they had recently made snow on two of them. But the melt out lower down on trails was not helped. The glaciers in the distance were visibly blue meaning no snow on top. We arrived over an hour after first chair and got front row parking. Lots of tourist vans though filled with people who rented not only skis but clothing too. People from across South America here just to see snow.
  24. Circa early 90s I remember a seeing a map showing a number of additional lifts. This was before bear but showed more terrain than was eventually developed. It was a topo map, not a trail map that I believe was hanging on the wall in the lodge, I was about 10 years old so it is possible my memory is less than perfect. Edit - more info https://www.newenglandskihistory.com/skiareaexpansions/NewHampshire/attitash/stonybrook.php
  25. The steepest on trail stuff at Attitash tops Bretton Woods too (at least in my somewhat limited knowledge of BW). Some nice glades could be cut from the summit also. Was there ever a full blown permit for Stony Brook or was this all just a dream that could be killed via any number of environmental problems too?
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