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  2. Just upgraded the forum software to the latest version. Hopefully everything is working for everyone. Please let me know if anyone has any issues with functionality. The mobile app has been submitted for review and hopefully will be available shortly. The previous theme was not supported with the new version of the software so I've been working on re-doing the colors. So far I have a simple Light and Dark mode that everyone can choose between. If you scroll down to the very bottom of any window there's a theme drop down menu - Please let me know if there's any area
  3. Looks like the site got a new look on 23 Sep 2020? Any special new features we should look for?
  4. Last week
  5. I also use this one. The hourly is not the most user friendly thing but the 7 day is a great format. I think The Weather Channel and Accuweather lobbied congress and put the kibosh on finishing the NWS new website. I have 3 of them bookmarked currently in my toolbar. Is there a manual way to adjust the elevation? I usually just play around with the map looking for the closest approximation of where I am going.
  6. Surprised you haven't added Bramble cast !!!
  7. Our imported data is largely all NWS data. We built our weather pages, largely based on NWS regions: https://nyskiblog.com/weather/ https://nyskiblog.com/weather/new-york/ https://nyskiblog.com/weather/aly/ https://nyskiblog.com/weather/btv/ https://nyskiblog.com/weather/gyx/ etc. It started as a collection of the resources I personally used. Feedback welcome.
  8. Sugarbush is not doing a reservation system, just limiting day tickets. It might be pretty crowded this year
  9. No changes to my plans, Gore Pass, Plattekill Pass, and tickets as needed.
  10. Given the boarder situation, I'm pretty happy with my Jay pass purchase instead of Cannon this year. A 50% reduction in visitors will be great both for limiting COVID-19 exposure risk as well as snow preservation. However, I anticipate lines will be just as long as usual since single riders will not be used to fill chairs. As someone that normally goes solo, it is likely I will be waiting in longer lines this year despite the decrease in visitors. I cannot imagine what lines at Smuggs will be like... and I am not going to find out, either. Not sure what more Jay could do, to be hones
  11. Earlier
  12. They could be screwed. A lot of Québécois at Jay. I wonder if any of there staff commute across the boarder
  13. I think Jay is relying on the border still being closed, not much in terms of a system/change.
  14. Snowshoeing in Grand Teton NP, WY, Feb 2020.
  15. I've been back in the Wash DC area since late July. Trying to ride my old hybrid bike fairly often. Here are some photos from the East, Aug-Sep 2020. Spent two weeks in Aug at the beach in North Carolina, often rode on the nice flat road seen to right below next to ocean. My wife enjoyed riding at the beach too. This is a bike trail near my home in Northern VA. It's green here! And there are a lot of people and deer. This is the house I grew up in. My parents bought it new in 1959 for $25,000 and owned it for 45 years. Probably worth +800K now.
  16. That is awesome. Wish I could say the same. I will attempting my first ride this week on Notchway for a couple laps. I will see how the new hip feels. I can't go past 90 on the hip so have to raise seat up.
  17. Been doing a ton of great riding lately. Just matched my total mileage from all of 2019 with 3.5 months still to go this year. I've hit a lot of great new(to me) spots in NH and MA, plus really dialed in a lot of trails I ride a lot. I have a 3-4 weeks of work travel and no riding starting tomorrow. So I'm hoping to catch on posting some ride reports here. What a kick-ass year for riding, hoping it carries right into the winter!
  18. The 2 big things here. There will be no downloading this year. They are shooting for a November top to bottom opening instead. They will have a reservation system that prioritizes season pass holders. Killington Opening Plan
  19. I doubt people would huff over. When the lift capacity is limited. But the point would be to stop crowding at the bottom if the lift. It would not be a bad idea to a few chairs to offset singles ridding alone. Sugarbush has always offered discount Mount Ellen only tickets and passes, so its certainly in there wheelhouse.
  20. Was thinking of adding an Indy with Cannon an easy day trip from home and Pats an even easier afternoon/night run. Abram was the clincher for me as we own at Sunday River, but they just pulled out. SO the closest to the condo on it is now Black NH. Might just save those short $ for day tixs to Abram/Black ME/Saddleback for condo diversion days.
  21. I don't really see SR restricting flow from one side to the next. Even Killington, other than maybe Pico making it K or Pico for the day, I don't really see a need to restrict sides. Perhaps the Skyeship base might be a bit restricted due to likely riding restrictions in Gondi cabins and that is all they have down on the Route 4 base area. Sugarbush is interesting as they could not run Slidebrook or the buses and thereby keep folks at Lincoln or Mt. Ellen. The Castlerock question is interesting, but then the question of what MRG will do with the single is similar. Maybe they will institut
  22. I'm looking at Epic Northeast + Indy Passes for us. Having 4 mtns in home state allows for some flexibility with 2 of them easy day trip...CM being available for night turns midweek makes this hard to turn down. If the White Mtn Super Pass had Gunstock on the adult pass (as they do with college) I'd be very tempted to do that instead. I need a quick hit/day trip/night option on a pass
  23. What do you guys think will happen to Castle rock at Sugar bush? A big line develops there whenever the conditions are good, even if there is little crowding else-ware, so do you think it will need its own reservation? In general I think 50 trails is plenty for one day of skiing so asking people to commit to one side of Killington, Sunday River or Sugarbush would be no big deal.
  24. I doubt it. I think its just to better manage crowds on crowded days, so they both can hit there limits without one passing it.
  25. Well looks like Vail is giving the option for a refund post release of their reservation plans. I will be requesting one for us. We are going with the Indy pass once I confirm and stay to the smaller places this season. All in for 4 will be less than one NE Pass for epic. The clincher was Cannon being added to the Indy. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  26. Well, they are not totally independant now. Sunday River and Sugarloaf are still fully tied together, only Loon has been split off from the fall seasonal products. I believe this move fully has to do with Loon's vastly more limited Carrying Capacity, especially with the loading restrictions likely in play on the Gondola this winter. Both SR and SL have stated they will not be using a reservation system or other limitations on passholders beyond the normal restrictions of the various pass types. SR has also noted they do not plan on restriction Ikon guests beyond the restrictions of the dif
  27. Given The Cat and Attitash will be split, will that mean Vail will not close the Cat as often on poor weather days this season? Or just tell guests they are SOL and still close it on those days with no Attitash bailout option.
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