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  2. It looks good, Id Try it for sure !
  3. Someone sent me this by mistake. Any guesses at how good the beer is. I guess he other person home brews
  4. Probably the best beer I’ve ever had ! Love Treehouse !!
  5. Last week
  6. Treehouse! Daughters are nice to have. 😎
  7. My daughter surprised me for Father’s Day, hit up Treehouse for me. Damn I like that stuff !!
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  9. I'd go one step further. They don't want to run hotels. They dumped the one at Attitash for this very reason. Corporate management is used to running tiny hills in the midwest.
  10. Highly recommend! We flew Delta to Reno (with stop in SLC). We had Delta miles so it was an easy decision and we did not look at other options. So can't tell you if that's necessarily the best or not. Rented a car because it was actually cheaper and more convenient than most of the shuttle options. It also gave us the freedom to go to the lake and Truckee in the evenings. We were there in May so the roads were fine. Mid-winter might require chains? There was some signage to that effect. We stayed in an Airbnb right in Squaw Village, walk to lifts. Pretty much all of it is exactly how I'd do it again.
  11. Curious about the logistics of the squaw trip, havent been to Tahoe since my early 20s and things were very different then. Thinking about ikon base next year with the idea of taking the family west for April vacation week. Did you rent a car or take a shuttle. Hotel at squaw or in the casino at the state line? What airline did you fly? Last time my flight went through Chicago and Las Vegas on the way Reno, then through Phoenix on the return - obviously not possible with kids.
  12. Even if Peak was in financial position to do so, I don't see Burke as a good target for them because of the hotel. Lodging operations are not their area of expertise. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  13. I am not sure how any operator could run Burke into the ground. All of the old maintenance issues have been addressed. Two new high speed quads, one brand new hotel/lodge, one recently refurbushed base lodge, upgraded snow making, Poma was updated to a T-bar for longevity of BMA, etc. When Peaks bought Attitash, they inherited a lot of dated infrastructure and they didn't invest. But the infrastructure investment to update Burke has already been made. Burke on the Peaks pass is quite intriguing. My opinion on Burke is the place has been so messed up already, it can't get any worse no matter who buys it. I used to be a Burke lover. Now I don't see it as anything special. I get there once a year usually but I am not pulled to the place like i used to be. I am probably in the minority, but I'd go back in an instant to the place with a FGQ without the new lodge, additional snow making, and before teh widened trails. The place has lost a lot of character and hasn't gained much to offset that loss. Sure, you can take fast laps on the new Quad... but so can everyone else. The old way wasn't sustainable. But the cost of upgrading was loss of character.
  14. I have really mixed emotions. It'd be better for me personally, but they'd just run it into the ground like they did Attitash.
  15. Finally got up to Kingdom Trails for the first time of the season on Saturday. The weather was about as perfect as it gets: 55-65 degrees, light breeze, no humidity, not a cloud in the sky. The trails were almost as perfect. They still have a couple of trails closed for wet conditions (only about 5%) which is pretty impressive considering the winter and spring they had. It's a good testament to how well managed the place is that they keep people off trails rather than letting them get trashed. We typically ride KT on Sunday mornings, so being there midday on Saturday was a different world in terms of crowds. Tons of people in the parking lots and in town. But we never felt crowded on the trails. We did about 14 miles with a lot of climbing and felt great! We were pretty worked over the next morning, but really couldn't get enough. So we headed back over for a shorter ride on Sunday morning. Also have been wanting to check out some of the more northerly trail sections. Trails like Coronary and Coronary Bypass are more of the same great flowy, bermed single track descents and nice switchbacky climbs Did another ride on my local trails Monday morning. I was really missing all of that expert trail building and maintenance!
  16. Sounds sweet. And not a soul in those pics!
  17. Made my way over to Suicide 6 Bike Park for the first time this weekend. This place is great! It's more natural than bike parky. They have 3+ trails. A green, blue, and a black that has a few different options for getting down the hill. Every berm that they've built is pretty much perfect. The green trail is really the only buffed out trail, but it has a lot of fun little side features here and there that makes it a perfect trail for riding with someone just getting into the sport. The blue trail has lots of nice berms with a couple of small table tops, a small step up, and lots of places to create your own doubles. It gets down to nice single track for most of the sections between berms. The black trail was definitely my favorite. Steep, tight switchbacks, crazy off camber traverses, roots, and rocks made it a hoot to ride. There are a couple of drops on the black trail that have B-lines around them and a big table top at the end that has two options that are rollable. One of the coolest things on the black trail is they've opened up a glade. It provides all kinds of different lines to choose from as you ride through it. Most of the trails intersect at various places as you ride down so you can create a bunch of different variations for getting down the hill. I think it's better suited to a long travel trail bike or enduro. I found myself wishing for my trail bike on some of the tighter sections on the black trail. This place is definitely worth checking out and you'll pretty much avoid any crowd. The other bonus is you can hit Worthy Kitchen in Woodstock after for beers and incredible food.
  18. Plus while Vail has Stowe it also has Okemo so Jay Peak might be a nice Canadian draw for Vail Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  19. Went Friday and had to leave around 130pm. Friday with the lighter traffic, top stayed skiable til I left although it was very thin with rock coming through. Balance of the trail was full covered then, a few thin spots, but not too bad. Overall, very good.
  20. Havasu Creek. About a 4 hour hike and total to Lower Beaver Falls which is not pictured. This was the beginning of the hike, the crystal blue water only exists in this Creek and in the Little Colorado River (LCR). The Colorado River was green and clean the whole time!
  21. This was one of our first hikes. Short 20-minute hike. On day 2. 4/20/19
  22. That's awesome! You know, I just had the most unbelievable experience inside of that canyon and you don't really notice it until you leave. People were asking me, "so what are you going to take away from this trip?" And I told them I wasn't sure. I didn't know yet or even if I was going to take anything out of it. But now that I'm back, it just amplifies everything it amplifies. the fact that I'm settling in life it amplifies the fact that I need to find more nature in my area honestly it really amplifies the fact that I have to I'm miserable, I need to get out of here, and move back out west! Anywhere but cali! I just need to get out of this area! But in the meantime, if I could find local places that I already don't know about would be wonderful. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time it's truly a magical place indescribable and indefinable. Weather was beautiful the whole time we were there did not go below 55 the entire time at night and didn't go above 85. It was absolutely perfect. we had one major storm but it came through pretty quickly and just left. I was hoping for a bigger storm while we were on the water so I could see all of the waterfalls coming off of the walls. A few people on my trip were telling me about that. I will post some pictures. I know I said I'm miserable, but at the same time I know I am one of the luckiest people in the world for not knowing a thing about rafting or what the lottery was about and being able to score a permit for the best time of year. So I don't mean to sound ungrateful!
  23. Maybe they will install the Magic’s Black Triple to replace the summit triple, just to stick it to the Attitash people.
  24. Maybe they'll be able to wrap up some of that insurance pay out to the Attitash Triple.
  25. Glad no one was hurt. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  26. A fire destroyed part of the mountain ops building at Mt Snow on Tuesday night.
  27. I went Saturday and while it started out top to bottom for the first 2 runs I decided to walk down the first 50 feet of the head wall after that. The rest skied well with only a few brownish spots that were easily avoided. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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