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  2. Second ride last night for 5 miles after a couple of weeks for brake issues and hip problems. Both appear to be fixed. I hope to get out consistently now.
  3. 'Elevate for Strava'. It's an extension (Chrome and Firefox) that pulls in Strava data and adds a ton of additional analysis and features. https://thomaschampagne.github.io/elevate/#/landing
  4. What app is this that you're using to track your total distance?
  5. Last week
  6. I am about 12 days off the river. I scored a Grand Canyon permit for April 2019. 20 days of... Well, there are no words to describe it! My mind is reeling. Very hard adjustment back into society. Anyone done it? I found my crew through a west coast forum, though I live in Philly. But I now need to find some people around here who share similar interests. We did most of the major hikes in there. Unbelievable. Weather was perfect, canyon was in bloom, and the water was great! 14 months of anticipation and now it's over! Heartbroken! I need to continue with major hikes and camping and the river life!
  7. Got a few rides in this week so far. With the consistent rain I expected the bugs to be intolerable, but they haven't been bad at all. It's the pollen that's been the issue. Just clouds of it in the air...and in your lungs and eyes.
  8. Perfect day today, was in line for first chair, got in a dozen runs before responsibility called The reservoir took a hit last week but June lift served is almost a certainty in the east I will be there at least one day per weekend as long as the lift spins, always up for a beer if anyone else makes it Pictures from #74
  9. I planned to do a couple of these but finally realized that it was never going to happen. 17 pair of old high end/racing skis ( mostly Olin and rossignol) went in the driveway dumpster a couple years ago! well done, beaut!
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  12. Well being stuck in the Cleveland area i did get to explore a few breweries. https://www.greatlakesbrewing.com/ good Imperial IPA 9.5% https://www.marketgardenbrewery.com/ good nitro Stout and a couple of nice IPA's. They also had a 15.5% Belgian Quad http://brimbrewery.com/ - Wasn't impressed - over priced http://www.willoughbybrewing.com/ - good Imperial stout - Nut Smasher 11.5% (also had a coconut version) https://bookhouse.beer/home/ Great English Pale Ale wife liked the Key lime Gose http://nanobrewcleveland.com/ - limited selection had way more guest taps than their own (6) Nothing stood out Also went to 3 wineries. 1 fancy 1 laid back 1 in the middle
  13. I have Columbia jacket and pants and a north face packable that I wear on cold days under my jacket. I just throw it in the laundry with regular detergent. Washed 3 times this season and had them for 2 years. We buy every 3-4 years. Never really thought about washing gear much, clearly! Sent from my SM-G930V using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  14. Snowbird May 9 was a mini powder day. May 11 at Snowbird was a classic sunny spring ski day. Still lots of snow in them thar hills. May 11, 2019 was my last day of skiing this winter. Soon I head to CA then eventually circle back to VA. It was a good winter. I hit 50 days, maybe 51. I lost track at one point during a crazy/snowy March. I feel blessed.
  15. Quite good. I’ve had two good IPAs from Branch and Blade and a mediocre one. I think they’re doing well.
  16. Most likely my last day. Been an awful spring but today was pretty awesome. Down to just Superstar unless you're fine with walking.
  17. Good day today, #47 for the daughter, #73 for the old guy
  18. Yeah. Great beer. (Just FYI, they mispronounce it to rhyme with whiny.)
  19. I have yet to have Pliny. Need to rectify that Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  20. I prefer them, too, but it’s hard to argue with a Russian River Pliny.
  21. We have good friends that drink a ton of Sam products. Not my first choice but not terrible by any stretch. 60 Minute was a favorite for a while several years ago. Been 3-4 years now since I've had even one though. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  22. Killington is offering $20 tickets on Saturday to celebrate their 200th day. A good deal for anyone looking to get in one more day.
  23. Out in Tahoe right now. All the most expensive local brews on tap and in cans right now are "New England Style IPAs". My how times have changed! It wasn't long ago that "West Coast IPAs" dominated the premiere markets. Putting aside my subjectivity, I think this is the right move. I definitely prefer the NE IPAs.
  24. Dogfish has been pretty innovative over the years.
  25. https://www.brewbound.com/news/boston-beer-company-and-dogfish-head-agree-to-merge-in-300-million-deal Haven't drank either in years, but recently had a Sam Adams Light that my new neighbor handed me. To think that not long ago Dogfish was winning many awards as one of the best breweries in the country Sent from my XT1635-01 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  26. I'm getting close to finishing my ski time in the West. I just spent three days in CO skiing May 4 & 5 at Arapahoe Basin and May 6 at Breckenridge. A-Basin was very lively with near mid-winter type weekend crowds and lots of parties in the Beach parking lot. The ski terrain was entirely open and the weather was mostly sunny and cool like mid to late March, not May! A-Basin: I've been to Breckenridge 3 times for about 8 days total. I've never experienced it this empty. Snow coverage was great and there were people climbing above Imperial and Kensho chairs. Breckenridge:
  27. With the weather this spring it's been tough to get consistent rides in. Every time out feels like starting over and I've been getting frustrated. But then I just went back and compared this year to last. Now I'm feeling a lot better how the spring went. In 2018 I only had one, 4 mile ride under my belt by May 7th. This year I'm at about a dozen rides and 80 miles. Really looking forward to the meat of the season now.
  28. I got my fat ass out for first ride last night in Andover. 5 miles. About a hour. Couple of climbs were tough and stopped. I did not feel to bad after but ass was sore.
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