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  2. Poor fat bike has been feeling neglected this summer. Just took her out to stretch her legs on the beach.
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  4. For all the zipper heads!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/2020-K2-244-Skis-153-163-173-S170307501-/193044926117 Pretty good deal from what I can tell. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  5. Incredible locations and riding! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  6. Clearly this guy has balls of steel.
  7. I have no idea. I had a couple of chain drops on the front sprocket, which I thought was odd on Friday and Saturday. I checked the chain with the gauge and it was fine a couple of weeks ago.
  8. Yikes! What'd you hit? Sent from my Pixel 2 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  9. Sorry. Just saw this. Looks like you figured it out. Not sure where you parked, but we parked down by 118. Next time we're going to park in the lot up the road from there. Local beer? I think you have to bring it yourself [emoji846] Not much of anything in Dorchester. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  10. Carnage from today's ride and walk out Rear derailleur-gone Chain-gone 2 broken spokes which made tire go flat. Tubeless. 3 bent spokes Rim bent? 3 mile walk to road and another 1 mile on road since karen did not answer phone
  11. Just finished a ride at Green Woodlands. Wow! Everything that @2manyhobbies said about this place is spot on. The down is an absolute blast! I only wish I had some decent DH skills to really do it justice. Next time I will ride flat pedals for sure. I was a little freaked being locked in for some the high speed berms. The climbs are extensive but they are so well built that they are relatively painless. The whole time riding I was trying to figure out what the deal is with the place. So much land, time, effort, and money has gone into it, but it's free to use? I came up with a million theories about what the real agenda must be. But then I got talking to some folks in the parking lot who know the landowner. Apparently he's just a guy who made a ton of cake in tech. He bought ~20,000 acres and decided to turn it into an outdoor playground for the community. Amazing! It doesn't quite have the aesthetic charm or vibe of Kingdom Trails, but they trail quality is definitely on par and it's way less crowded. I'll be back for sure...a lot.
  12. Planning to ride Green Woodlands tomorrow. Got any other useful beta (obviously you already recommended Norris)? Best climbing routes? Best parking? Local beer? Riding with the wife, who is a very solid rider but somewhat timid. So won't be crushing the whole place. But looking forward to the exploration!
  13. Best post Ive seen in a looong time !!! LOL ! Can sometimes suck....hahaha so freakin true !! BW as a back up plan is Good Idea !!!
  14. I think a LOT of the BW crowd are people without passes. They have done a great job increasing traffic with their "seasonal rental program" with local ski shops. Kids rent skis for the season (<$150) and it comes with a free BW pass. Parents then do trips up there a few weekends/year. Based on the crowds there on the weekends and holiday weeks, I don't see there being an incentive to participate in a bigger collective. My family does the WMSP because we have a place in Lisbon and Cannon conditions can sometimes suck (ice, wind, etc), so having BW as an option is worth the extra $300. I also suck in the trees so I like the BW glades ☺️
  15. I don't think the D Acres trails are part of Green Woodlands, but you can access Green Woodlands from D Acres and vise versa.
  16. That's great, I've been dying to get over there. I've been kind of confused by the difference between Green woodlands and D Acres. Are they actually the same tail system? Or are they interconnected, or completely separate?
  17. Haven't posted in a while because I haven't really gone anywhere new until today. My son and I went to Green Woodlands in Dorchester for the first time. It's an amazing trail system. The amount of work that has gone into these trails is pretty amazing and they don't charge a penny to use them. The Norris Hill trail is as good as any park DH trail and is an absolute hoot to ride. It's definitely worth the climb. There's over 50 miles of trails in the system. We'll definitely be going back to explore more.
  18. A Basin just got added onto the Ikon Pass!
  19. Yes. A 7-night ground-only option is available for $1,850. That does not include lift tickets, as there is little to no discount in doing so. Plus tickets in Europe are relatively cheap. https://www.aceskiandboardclub.org/trips/val-disere-and-paris-france/
  20. Can I exclude the airfare and Paris connection, just include transfers, lift ticket and hotel with meal package? Make my own air?
  21. Found comments from the Pres./GM of Attitash about the plan for the summit triple for 2019-20 in a Conway, NH article about the change for Peak Resorts. https://www.conwaydailysun.com/news/local/local-ski-officials-react-to-peak-sale/article_b9f5c9c0-acb5-11e9-a347-3b3870d0c67e.html " . . . Concerning repairs to the Summit Triple, Lowell said they are planned for fall. "We will resume work on the repairs immediately after Labor Day when the summer crowds disperse," Lowell said Monday. "It would be unsafe to have work going on now while we have attractions and families wandering near the work areas. The rebuilt pieces will be delivered the last week of August so we can begin to get organized with heavy equipment to place the pieces back into the motor room and raise the bull wheel. "Everything is going as planned, and I am confident the summit triple will be ready for the start of the upcoming season. We have also done a near-complete rebuild of the Flying Yankee this spring. We are installing a new drive in the Abenaki lift and have done extensive work on the Flying Bear. Our lift maintenance staff have been working extremely hard this spring and summer and will continue to do whatever prudent to make our lifts reliable and safe for this season and seasons to come."
  22. Branch & Blade Pride — a clean and efficient IPA (in a good way).
  23. Dude, if ski patrol actually enforces things at Wildcat I will flip my shit. They epitomize the boundary to boundary policy. I can't even imagine what happens if they seriously enforce no access to the brook. Incomprehensible.
  24. All valid concerns and ones I share for Wildcat. Wildcat is very liberal with rope dropping and extremely lenient with rope ducking. That used to be the case at Stowe back in the day. It already started changing long before Vail got involved, but I'm told these days they've gotten really tight with both. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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