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    Attention snowmakers: I hope you rest up tonight, because Wednesday night shortly after dark it will be time to get down to business. We're expecting at least two prolonged snowmaking windows. The first Wednesday (10/16) night into Friday morning, and another Saturday night into Tuesday morning. Below is a modeled temperature timeline for Jay Peak. Note that temperatures on Sunday and Monday may not stay cold enough to allow daytime snow production. With the arrival of the cold air on Wednesday night, we should see some accumulating snowfall at elevation in northern New England. Except for a stay coating which will quickly melt, don't expect any impact at lower elevations. So will we get any skiing in this weekend? That really depends on what daytime temperatures and humidity do during the day Thursday. Dewpoints in the teens mean that humidity won't be an issue. At the moment it looks like high temperatures should stay cold enough for productive snow making above about 2500 feet. It's possible we'll have upper mountain skiing on offer at Killington and Sunday River this coming weekend. If base depths aren't there in time, skiing early next week seems like a safe bet. By the weekend of October 27, anybody who wants to open should be able to do so. A third snowmaking window setup late next week Wednesday into Thursday. Looking past the weekend of October 27, the pattern turns warmer. The days surrounding Halloween should be back above freezing with temperatures trending near to above average. Beyond that is too far to see.
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    Took Friday off and rode at Highland. Perfect day for riding. Started pushing things a little too hard and had a good crash. Gear took the brunt of the fall, but I'm a little sore. Time for a new helmet. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Zoomer Bar & Grill hands out free coozies.
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    It's early but time to start thinking about snowmaking. After some warm temps tomorrow and early this week some models suggesting a possible window for snowmaking Oct 16-18th.
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    Something to talk about while waiting for snow to fly..... Earlier this week I got an invite to a passholder appreciation party for being a (mid-week) Loon passholder: "You’re cordially invited to the first-ever Season Pass Holder Party at Cisco Brewers in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It’s an exclusive, pre-season thank-you for being a loyal season pass holder, with plenty of great food, music, and beer." Cannon sometimes throws a passholder appreciation cookout during the day late in the season. Free burgers on the grill. What's your experience? Who does it best?
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    I don't know. My ass is still pretty sore In all seriousness, you're absolutely right. It did its job so well, I didn't realize how bad it was. The guy I was riding with mentioned I got my helmet pretty good, but I figured it was just scratched. I didn't see the actual damage until I took it off while waiting in the lift line. New 100% Status on order.
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    Great fall weekend of riding! 10.5 miles, 1,200' of elevation on Saturday at Blue Hills. Lots of huge climbs and descents. Lots of stuff way above my skill and comfort level. Felt great to push the envelope even if I had to swallow my pride and do some walking. Then more ups and downs on Sunday in Marshfield with @Puck it . 6.5 miles and 425 elevation (that feels like a lot more!!). Muggy day that felt more like summer than fall.
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    Never known of that pre season, I'm a Killington pass holder and the pass holder appreciation party is at the umbrella bar to n the spring, the only thing they give you is a free lunch, but free food at the ubar after ripping spring bumps on superstar is hard to beat!
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    New whip! Picked it up last night! Trek Fuel EX 9.9 (ish).
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    A Basin is kicking things off. There is a cold stretch ahead and they are going for it. Sent from my SM-G930V using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    The time for stoke is now. Are you ready? October skiing is highly likely this year. So when does it start? Look for snow guns to come alive this Wednesday evening (October 17). Thursday night will be even colder. Look for a hard freeze almost all the way down to the coast. Below is the National Weather Service temperature forecast for Killington Peak. Freezing temperature should be widespread Wednesday and Thursday nights. Most ski areas should lose snowmaking temperatures at the base during Thursday afternoon, but should maintain them at elevation. A few higher elevation areas like Wildcat may be able to maintain top-to-bottom temperatures throughout Thursday. But none of those areas tend to blow top-to-bottom so early in the season. Below is a chart of Thursday afternoon temperatures. It's too early to say whether we will see turns being made this weekend at typical early players like Sunday River, Killington, or Bretton Woods. We'll have to wait until we see exactly what conditions materialize before we make that call. But I strongly expect to see skiing by Saturday, October 27. Next week looks to be well below average in temperatures. There should be multiple nightly snowmaking windows. Most ski areas that want to have October skiing should be able to do so. Below is the 5-day temperature anomaly forecast leading up to that Saturday. Get stoked! I'll be doing some ski tuning this week.
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    Same Conditions.......Vista /Bypapss/Extension to Avalanche...First one to Zoomer Bar wins !!!
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    A HSQ is on the radar (as is fixing Wildred's snowmaking to handle more summit traffic) and it will replace the triple to the summit, not Top Notch. They are going to put in a ridiculous amount of new pipe next year. All the valve stations were rebuilt this year.
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    This would be a win win, another resort with a good lodging option and good terrain. We can dream, we can dream.
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    Cannon's was Good ! Burger on the Deck with a beer ! Hard to beat and we were in and out if I remember correctly ! BW does one in the Spring but it was up stairs and sort of a cluster F but it was a decent lunch not just a Burger !!
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    First ride on the new Trek. Holy crap it's FAST! I did my local loop that I've ridden ~25 times this summer already. I got PRs on almost every section. And I'm still dialing it in!
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    And Vail Resorts was willing to invest millions in improvements and upgrades for those small midwest ski locations. Also counters Alterra and Boyne working together on the Ikon pass. Or perhaps the purchase of Triple Peaks was what pushed Alterra and Boyne do provide more to Boyne customers in the midwest and the northeast. Boyne Mountain and Boyne Highlands was not originally of interest to Alterra. And Boyne wasn't willing to give 5 days each for Loon, Sunday River, and Sugarloaf. In any case, folks in the northeast have more to consider when it comes to a multi-resort pass that includes destination resorts out west.
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    I'd settle for them buying Burke. And a turning the Attitash Triple into scrap metal.
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    Based on the writing, I bet it was submitted to the editor in crayon.
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    It's also the time of year to get the garlic bulbs in... hmmm....lawn or pizza, lawn or pesto, lawn or aioli...
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    I got mine and it does not mention not being good then. usually as you said it does.
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    This acquisition makes sense within the Peak Resorts portfolio. They are from Missouri, and their core competency is operating small weekend "destination" ski areas in the flatlands. They'll make some good revenue on this acquisition. For those of us in New England, this is concerning though. I shows where the company's focus is. All of the recent changes and investments have shown zero benefit for the New England skier.
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    It's worth noting that I have room for people seeking a roommate to keep costs down -- both male and female.

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