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    9 runs on Lynx to open my season. Deepest coverage I've seen early season at Wildcat. Edge to edge with no signs of debris Very satisfying opening day at Wildcat Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    It's always kind of funny to me the way that Bretton Woods consistently scoops first to open in New Hampshire. The massive NH player, Loon, rarely ever tries to go early. Boyne gets their cred with Sunday River. Cannon is stuck in its state-run, fiscal-year, budget-plan, whatever. Wildcat, which should be the major player, hems and haws about getting it or not each year. So BW takes the honors again. And for free/charity. The noon opening saw about four rows of cars in the parking lot and a half full ski rack outside the lodge. Opening bell had about 30 people waiting for the chair to spin. I was maybe 8-10 chairs back but jumped up to the third when I realized that people were loading in 2s and 3s. Range View was the only open trail. Conditions felt like Mid-winter. Typical of BW, the center 3/4ths was groomed, with generous ungrounded on both sides. The 10 degree temps and blazing guns sent everyone inside quickly. It was ski-on by 2nd run. For me it was a great way to kick it off.
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    Even skiers that can ski Big Link with finesse often avoid it when it becomes a sheet of ice. Just because you can ski Big Link without issue doesn't make it any more enjoyable. 😂 I did that on Sunday... when I got tired of navigating Big Link, it didn't matter how good Vista and Tramway were skiing, it was time to avoid the upper mountain. Easy Link should be open by next weekend, though that suffers similar problems just on a smaller scale. You can stick to the other side of the Cannonball as well (Taft, Ravine, Skylight, etc.) to avoid the Links and have Spookie or Mid Ravine for the ski out. I can't speak towards how to level up a six year old that is scared of ice, that seems a rather valid concern for a young skier at Cannon! Encouraging skiing the edges of Big Link helps a lot. I like skier's left when there are some bumps. If skier's left is also iced, then turn into the elbow on skier's right. You still need to navigate some ice but you can find some soft mounds of snow to push through and use for speed control. Experience might help but learning good technique will help more. Then again, far more important to keep things fun for a six year old. Drilling technique is probably going to be worse than the ice itself. -- Glad to see some more natural snow falling at Cannon. Even if they didn't get the jackpot, the Front Five desperately needed a refresh. Avalanche was bone jarring on Sunday after all that wind came through the day before. Great base for the season, that is for sure.
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    Skied this morning with @hrstrat57 for 2 ½ hours. Great start to the season. Some lift issues at first, but the skiing was great.
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    Do you think they allow tailgating at the mall? A summer gathering may be in order.
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    Last weekend was so nice...it's sad to watch it all melt away!
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    Wildcat today (Sunday) did not disappoint Woods were too grabby to really enjoy but coverage not an issue. I was especially impressed by Upper Wildcat A poach of Upper Hairball also yielded nice results Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    I like to refer to the Links trails as Big Rink Easy Rink Missing Rink They all can be a slide for life. Bypass just sucks Or Goat path. Uphill both ways.
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    I'm a GPS club coordinator and the buyers for my coordinator perk pass have fallen through. I have a Wachusett Silver Pass also loaded with a 3-peat (3 peak season weekend days) for sale. The combo has a value of $508 even at pre-November 13th pricing. Asking $380, but I'll consider other offers as the season is underway.
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    I was there Saturday and agree that the middle mountain sucked but that is pretty normal anytime of the year. Tramway was the best I thought for the day Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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    I missed opening day. I did not notice that Cannon decided to open early! I can't remember the last time Cannon went earlier than their posted date, I didn't even bother checking despite so many other areas opening early. I drove up to visit a friend in Franconia and stopped at Cannon to pick up my season pass. Boy, was I surprised coming around the bend and seeing Zoomer spinning! Just as well, though. I skied Sunday and everyone that I talked to who skied Saturday said that Sunday was better. Though, we had to deal with a bit of NCP at lower elevations. Totally soaked but totally worth it! An impressive amount of terrain for opening weekend. Tramway and Upper Cannon were in great shape and it was snowing up there. Big Link got skied off but never turned completely icy. Middle Cannon and Spookie were both damn fine, really good turns on that run. Gary's and Rocket were better than they looked. Rock Garden and Lower Cannon were a bit rough. Middle Ravine to Chute was awful, that was the only run I absolutely did not want to repeat. Hopefully they can resurface for Thanksgiving weekend. Despite Cannon being my second most skied mountain behind Jay (only due to three years of season passes at Jay), this is my first season as a pass holder at Cannon. Hopefully I'll see you guys around the mountain this season!
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    Thank you Jake. Even though I don't snow board, you changed snow sports for the better.
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    There's a lot to be said about this guy. At the core, it's hard to think of another individual who had a bigger influence on snowsports in the past 40 years. RIP.
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    I know. Same with red-it. I don’t think these forums are dead yet. I think Facebook slowly dying though. I know a lot of people who deleted their Facebook and there are very few so maybe message boards will begin to grow if Facebook continues to shrink.
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    Great start to the season indeed!
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    Very true. And although last Dec also kind of sucked, that base helped us rebound pretty quickly in early January. Hopefully things turn around and we catch back up.
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    It’s next to MetLife Stadium. There has to be a way.
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    This company is selling goggles with interchangeable lenses for real cheep. 2 lenses and 1 strap for under 90 dollars. Looks pretty like the quality is good based on the reviews. I guess goggles don’t cost much to make. They are almost all plastic. https://shadyrays.com/products/custom-snow-goggles?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=prospecting-snow_goggles_2019&utm_term=interest_based&utm_content=hero_image-value_props&fbclid=IwAR3bua2VH4XjhxGUsJhCXC3551cbtVcOJrYGeSu_iAq1FK_kNG4ffBApdPc
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    I regret to say a trip per month this summer may be in order. The only good reason to visit Jersey.
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    Man what a waste of a beautiful start. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    @MassNerd has a Silver Pass with an additional 3-Peat loaded on it for sale for $380 still.
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    I just posted in the Where is Everybody thread, we need so trip reports.
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    It has been a little ghostlike around here.[emoji317] Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Need to up my game, only took 2 pics in 3 days
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    Saturday was pretty damn good for December. Shame about the weather in
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    Only a problem if you make contact with other objects, lenses can detach !! Ill go with fixed grip from now on !
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    magnetic seems risky @ABVwhat do you think?
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    (edit: I was 90% through writing this when @thesnowway posted and said pretty much the same, but I'll finish my thoughts anyway) I've been skiing/riding Cannon for about 35 years. The Links, Bypass, and Middle Cannon are still the trails the freak me out the most. They are the worst part of the mountain and some of the worst in New England. They are probably the primary reason for Cannon's bad reputation amongst the general skiing public. People come once, get traumatized by these unavoidable runs, and never come back. The are a terrible and mostly unavoidable transition between the good upper mountain and the good lower mountain. If your 6yo is surviving these trails and coming back for more, then he is way ahead of the curve for skiers his age. Your little guy, and you, shouldn't feel bad about struggling with these horrible trails. I brought up my 3 nephews snowboarding Cannon from about that age. They are all around 20yo now, they still hate those runs, but they laugh at the "challenges" of other mountains. The only "tip" to working past those trails is keeping in mind that they are short. Blow through them when you have to, avoid them when you can.
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    Hopefully the opening of so much natural snow terrain is a sign of a more liberal opening policy. Cannon has always been better than average (but not exceptional) on opening natural snow trails with thin coverage. Today's rope drop decision was fabulous (though, Paulie's was a bit questionable!). If this is what we can expect going forward, bravo. I still had family over this morning so I didn't get up there until noon. Natural snow trails were all still fabulous (except Paulie's, which was a bit rough). Upper Ravine was death cookie city, not recommended (which means Taft is not recommended either). Vista is definitely the best from the summit. Even Bypass skied well today!
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    Haha, I was waiting for that. We weren't going to be able to get there until mid-day. Seemed like we'd be missing the best part of it, and a lot of driving for a little skiing. Definitely wish we could have made it. And very glad to hear that it was good.
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    This post didn't age well!
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    Yup. You summed it up exactly. Decent in the morning then It got pretty dangerous by noon and we bailed. I wouldn't say 'disappointment' though. It's just the way it is. It was pouring all day on Friday. The ice was inevitable. It was impressive that they could open as much as they did.
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    Anyone else up for opening weekend? I was impressed with how much they had open. However, some of the mid-mountain trails they had open were a bit treacherous. I thought the top was nice, and Gary's and Rocket were great, but most everything between the top of the Peabody and the Eagle Cliff chair was rough. I know that's not unusual for Cannon, but there is usually a few hours in the morning when things are still OK, if not good. Has it just been a long summer and I'm our of practice or did other have the same disappointment as I did?
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    Snapchat has some filters that are good for silly pictures. Also Snapchat allows kids to send their parters nudes without them being saved. I suspect this was why Snapchat was originally created.
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    Interesting. I never bothered with Instagram nor Snapchat, and only use YouTube for viewing different subjects and follow only a couple users.
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    I didn't know they were opening until 1pm. I was off yesterday and would have taken the ride up. Definitely sounds like a good first day. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    BW scoring first in NH with opening tomorrow at noon for free (with canned goods donation). I'll be there. Anyone else hitting it?

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