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    Speaking of which, today....
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    I have a new shirt Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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    I was able to get a few picks of Xwhaler and MrsWeatherman. What a great day. Perfect ending of the season !!!
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    . Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Here's some footage from a few runs and bonus clip of @ABVat the end
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    Passed my Level 1 today; this is what my wife had waiting for me when I got home.
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    Spin off of @Cannonballer's thread about wind direction. Figured it might be helpful in the future to log when our mountains have wind holds so we have a database to reference back to. Please use the following template- Mountain: Lift(s) Impacted: Wind Speed: Wind Direction:
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    Burke on Saturday was quite amazing, tons of snow and very little wind . maybe 20 Kts north west and it blew up the lift line no effects at all, Biggest crown I ever saw there, lots of tickets dangling from jackets. most people I talked to on lift are new to Burke, a very good sign. they do have some good stay and ski packages at hotel but the crowd was way more than that. Deepest skiing I have seen in New England , I felt like I was out west !!!
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    Saturday, March 23 was probably the best powder day of the season at most places. Sunday, March 24 was one of the best bluebird days of the season at most places. Does that make this the best weekend of the 2018-2019 season?? It gets my vote. There *might* have been better individual days here and there throughout the season, but I don't think there was anything better back-to-back and on a weekend.
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    The Cat is 100% Open again !
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    @cannonballer awesome pics[emoji106]
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    HG opened a bit before lunch (just after 11:30). This pic was taken at 11:46: Yea...those were definitely the worst lines I can ever remember seeing. ME being nearly completely on windhold makes a bit difference. The skiing itself was excellent though. Just had to think carefully about which run to take as you weren't going to get a lot of them in with those crowds.
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    Attitash had a quote to put a new lift up the old top notch double chair line 4 or 5 years ago for 4 Mil, how foolish were they to pass on that, Peaks resort needs someone that has some vision, or gives a crap about skiing to turn the ship at Attitash. If they don't NH will need to widen 302 to handle the additional traffic to BW
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    Made a call to catch the last week for The new six pack with Fcksummer. Snowdon was showing a lot debris. Peak was still in good shape. Double Dipper was awesome. Best runs were off Superstar chair though. A few woods runs. Fresh snow was sticky in them though.
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    Absolutely awesome ski wknd. I happily ended my season on Saturday with a bunch of friends, amazing conditions, warm weather and cold beer. Huge thanks to@Weatherman for hosting us. Here are some pics Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Did I mention in this thread... Moat Scottie's will be on tap at the house.
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    The Answer to your question will be found at the Cat on Saturday
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    Is the kick in the junk free, or an extra $75?
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    We'll make sure to have a helmet available for your stay at the bar.
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    Tale of 2 different days. Cannon 4/6/2019: 35-45 degrees. 1-3" of snow overnight. Ceiling at about mid-mountain. Showed up first thing in the AM very skeptical about conditions for the day. I was fully ready for a one-and-done. Met @ABV and @fcksummer at the Zoomer bar (turns out @Smellytele was parked right behind us also). We grabbed opening bell on the Zoomer chair while the groomers were still working there way down the Front Five. Following our usual routine we took a warm up lap on Gary's. The first turn was tentative with no sense of how firm or soft it would be. It was soft! Very fast carveable granular corduroy! Nice, that works! It felt good underfoot and put the pedal down. At the last roller on Gary's the groomers had apparently taken a hard right over to Rocket because they left a good bit of lower Gary's ungroomed. Hitting the fresh layer of new snow was like riding into a fly trap. I went from 40 to 5 MPH in a split second and almost swallowed my knees. That was the lesson learned and we adapted from there. Knowing that was what we had to work with we adjusted our technique accordingly and took off to explore the rest of the mountain. Basically it was the same everywhere, really good if you were on your toes (well actually on your heels). Upper mountain glades were filled in and we found untracked pretty much all day (lower mtn glades are toast). We took a short break to participate in Cannon's Passholder appreciation day. WOW they really pulled out all the stops!! Once your fished your cold hamburger patty out of the bucket you could put it on your cold bun. Then you had the option of manhandling the block of american cheese to rip yourself off a slice that every other passholder had already pawed over. If you brought your own ketchup you could even add that! Unencumbered by full bellies we decided to go for a hike. Visibility up top was pretty rough. Staying in the trees helped a lot. We eventually opted for a Saddle run and more trees. Honestly, it's not as bad as it looks! It turned out to be far better day than I expected it we made it a long one. Sunday River 4/7/2019: 45-55 degrees. Sunny. Corn and slush. On the drive over to Sunday River the clouds were thick and dark. I was getting bummed out that we STILL weren't going to get a decent spring day. But by 10am the sun started breaking through and it got hot fast! The snow softened right up. The coverage is still amazing. Trails are edge to edge with virtually no bare spots and woods are still mostly all in play. We mostly opted for some classic spring bumps, with Shockwave being the mogul standout that it's known for. SR and even Cannon should be holding snow for a long time to come even after they shut down for 2019.
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    The funny thing is (before Wicked Hard was put on the map), to me that WAS the entrance to WH as the right fork. If the Upper Hard entrance has been there for a while, I was oblivious to that much easier entrance. The primary line (left fork) that puck it calls obvious I know by a different name. Though, obvious is a fairly appropriate name. Funny how the same line can be known by multiple names! The big problem with that line is knowing when it is good to go or not. The final pitch is a rocky mess and it dumps out into a stream as puck it mentioned. It is a committing line with no bail out. You can have a really bad time near the bottom if it isn't good to go yet or is past prime. Overall, a bit more aggressive of a line choice than WH due to more variable lower elevation conditions. A bit steeper as well.
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    triple can kick your ass
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    Why don't you broadcast the Bretton Woods off map stuff instead!
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    Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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    My wife's family are all "goofy-Newfies' hailing from the fishing fleets of Newfoundland. It's always been a bit of a sore spot, embarrassment, and taboo subject around Boxing Day. But with today's news we just locked in basically free skiing at Jay and Burke for the forseeable future!! I urge anyone with CAN roots to jump on this https://vtskiandride.com/jay-peak-and-burke-sold-to-quebec/ A Mari usque ad Mare!!
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    This place needs more pics of kids getting rad - or just having fun! Let’s see ‘em. Here’s a sequence of my 11 year old throwing a 3 off a boulder at Stowe, and another of my 9 year old on Whirlaway at Stowe.
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    720 👍 BFB8FC2D-623E-410D-9E2F-249EF82E1F4A.MOV
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    Glove was recovered, but I found some powder and left the search. No friends on powder days.
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    Looking for first-hand expert knowledge about individual resorts and how they handle various wind directions. In this case I'm especially calling on @Brad J to learn what he knows about Burke. How does it handle NW wind? (I'm guessing not well). I'll speak for Cannon. NW is generally OK. Although obviously once you get into the 40+ range like they are calling for tomorrow all bets are off. Should be able to spin Zoomer at a minimum, and likely a few others. South winds are the guaranteed shutdown for Cannon. How about other spots (K, SB, SR, SL, Wildcat, etc)?? Who's knows the deal at their home mountain?
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    It really was amazing, lift lines didnt seem bad nothing more than 10 minutes. legs needed time to recover anyway but dam it was awesome in the glades !! Wind didnt seem bad, nice how the lift line is mostly lined with trees !
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    Burke on Saturday, one word says it all , DEEP !!!!!!
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    Sunday---Perfect spring corn at Ragged. Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Don't piss off JimG.
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    I going to go for it tomorrow and hit Cannon.
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    I'm a very serious person. And frankly weather forecasting and skiing leave no room for anything but grave seriousness. It's not like we're talking about something frivolous like golf.
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    I think you hit it on the head with point #2. I've been noticing that as well. I'm sitting in my office mid-week seeing great conditions and then get that damn rain/thaw/freeze several times right before the weekend when I'm able to get up there. I feel like overall I skied less powder days (even mini powder days of just a quick couple inches overnight) this year compared to other years. Luckily I did get to ski a lot mid-week in December and of course I was able to take advantage of that epic 30" powder weekend in March. Point #2 is what prevents me from rating it higher than "Above average". On the plus side we weren't back to square one in late Feb like we were the prior couple seasons and I was able to ski glades far earlier and more consistently than other years (even after some of the freeze/thaws they still held up surprisingly well). However outside of that one big dump, March and April were somewhat disappointing compared to the past couple seasons (granted we really needed them the past couple seasons to avoid those seasons being a loss). Last year Castlerock made it to April 22 thanks to all the late season snow. This year it was done as of this past weekend even with the deep snow-pack we've had. I think that may also highlight the difference in snowpack between the upper and lower mountain however. Upper mountain still certainly seems deeper than normal meanwhile at the base it seems either close to normal or maybe even slightly below normal. Even this year in the spring it seems we're getting somewhat screwed many weekends either with rain and/or low clouds. Anyone that had a lot of flexibility absolutely could have rated this season as one of the best ever though and I could completely understand that. Some points further north may have also fared even better to allow that rating too (my personal rating is based primarily off the Sugarbush area). If I had to assign a grade, I'd probably put it in the B+ or maybe A- category. Eliminate those multiple late week thaw/freeze events though and it would have been at least an A if not A+.
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    That area is off the charts gorgeous. if you have a kayak bring it and the only thing you'll be disappointed in is how little time you have to explore. The towns of Belfast and Blue Hill are both quintessentially picturesque coastal Maine. Belfast is a bit more of quaint downtown on the waterfront, Blue Hill is a more rural village on the waterfront. Both have excellent public harbors with cheap or free parking and easy launch points. Mt Desert Narrows coming out of Blue Hill Bay is an gorgeous rocky harbor full of little islands and nice boats (although that's still early season up there). A little further around the coast is Brooklin and Henrick Bay. Henrick Bay has some residences around it but is otherwise mostly undeveloped and very quiet. I think there is a kayak launch point along Rt 175. I've launched a small skiff (with advanced permission) from Atlantic Boat Works which is a little further around the point. Brooklin is also home to the world known and super amazing Wooden Boat School. If you're into traditional boat building you could see if they have any events or open-houses going on. A little further south (to break up the drive) are Rockland, Rockport, and Camden. Rockland has a lot going on. Camden is an upscale downtown waterfront and Camden Harbor has great kayaking. Keep in mind that first week of June is pretty early season in that area. Water will still be super cold. Many kayak rental spots may not be open yet, and it's possible some docks may not even be in. If this wedding invite is a date-type situation you've got a lot of options for romance in this part of Maine....just saying.
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    Dead Horse Point, Utah, 4/8/19, Colorado River 2000' below us.
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    yes blue f150. I may have had my tunes on and didn't hear ya. Agree great day, A little sticky near the bottom but no complaints for April 5th.
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    Likely Wildcat on Saturday for some warm, spring turns!
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    My favorite are Haze and Green. The husband insisted we spend a kid-free morning after a wedding waiting in line for beer. It's good beer, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort...
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    If you're ever looking to road trip for a ride, open invitation to show you around some dry trails in SE Mass.
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    Freaking Burkemuda Triangle. It was almost exactly a year ago that my favorite gloves inexplicably disappeared while riding the lift at Burke.
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    SR is bad with North and North West winds which will knock all upper lifts offline. West winds can be tolerated better but will still kick Western lifts (Aurora and Jordan) offline. Northeast winds usually kill the Eastern upper lifts but this is the one direction that can affect the Oz Quad. The big secret at SR on windy days from North thru West is Oz. If trails are open, it will spin while everything else is shut. It will even keep turning after Spruce goes down making it completely isolated. Can be like a private ski area at times.
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    I feel like he's normally accused of wishcasting all the time. I certainly don't think of him as conservative in his forecasts.
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    First (legit) ride in over 5 weeks. Mass is slowly thawing out and drying out. My local trails tend to be ahead of the curve on both of those counts since they are close to the coast and very sandy. Still a little bit of snow and ice, but not much mud. I stayed off the north facing hills which I knew would be too icy, and stayed off the few mud-prone valleys. This was about the worst section we got into on a 6 mile ride.
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