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    We got out to hike some more this season and made our own way down Sunapee. Came across this badass lift graveyard and wanted to share the photos. I'm really happy with how they came out. The old drive. Motor and bull wheel are still there and well preserved. The other isn't far away. T Chairs and towers on a flat bed The giant spools of steel cable. Tower tops Looking up the race hill. Original photos in color
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    The Texas Rangers are also on the list for name changes due to their brutality in the past per another atricle. This country is screwed up.
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    I took a 4th of July road trip from the Salt Lake City (SLC) area to Mirror Lake, UT with my wife and son. Mirror Lake is normally about 80 or 90 miles east of SLC, but we took a really cool, if slightly longer route to get there; cool in more ways than one. Up around Mirror Lake, elevation 10,050' it was 66 degs at 2 PM. When we returned to the SLC area at 5 PM it was 95 degs!From the Cottonwood Heights/Holladay area we took Rt 190 up Big Cottonwood Canyon, then just before arriving at Brighton Ski Area we took a left onto Guardsman Pass Rd (only open in summer) to climb over the Wasatch Front. This is the view of Brighton's Millicent Lift ski terrain from Guardsman Pass Rd. The area they call Scree Slope on the trail map is that big rock pile in the upper center. My son is standing at Guardsman Pass, elev 9717'. Some of Deer Valley's upper lift terminals are in the left background. This view is looking towards the east and Mirror Lake is about 60 more miles out in the distance. This is few miles east of Guardsman Pass on a very steep and curvy road (open in summer only) descending to Heber City. We dropped a huge vertical, maybe 4000', in a much shorter distance than we'd climbed up Rt 190 in Big Cottonwood Canyon to get to the pass. Same area, we caught a peek of Mt. Timpanogos to the south, elev 11,752'. This is where we came from looking back west up towards Guardsman Pass from the Heber City area. Somebody's flying Old Glory for the 4th of July. We made an obligatory stop at the nearby Heber Valley Creamery for some fresh ice cream. Nice view of Timp from the creamery. Skipping forward about 50 miles this is a scenic overlook on Rt 150 about five miles west of Mirror Lake. We broke out our camp chairs and had a picnic here. The temperature was 66 degs. We probably picked the busiest day of the year to take this scenic drive, but up here social distancing was easy and beautiful. This is a panoramic shot, if you click on it, it will enlarge. Same spot, this view is to the west, we are probably at about 10,500' elevation. If you think the above views are nice, we also had Bald Mtn (left), elev 11,942', right behind us to the east. This is one of the many smaller lakes on the approach to Mirror Lake. It was an unbelievably gorgeous place and day for a drive. Another picturesque lake along Rt 150. This is the elusive Mirror Lake. We went down by its shoreline, but it was anticlimactic. It was so crowded there that we left without getting out of the car. This trip was about the journey, not the destination, anyway. Hayden Peak (elev 12,479') is in the left background. On the return trip we took a slightly different way home and instead of climbing back up Guardsman Pass we went past the Jordanelle Reservoir. I think that's Deer Valley's Bald Mtn to the right. I went swimming briefly in the reservoir at this spot where temps were about 85 degs, water maybe a brisk 72. Nice! This is back in the Holladay, UT area. That is Old Mill Golf Course. Temps were 95 degs at 5 PM. We had a nice drive and successfully escaped the heat. Total distance traveled about 220 miles. Later in the evening we watched a chaotic, but fun display of miscellaneous fireworks popping off throughout the Salt Lake Valley:
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    Superpass again for me this season, from Cannon with the Pass Assurance ! Hopefully we dont need the stinkin Assurance !!!!
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    Here are about 20 photos from the first half of June 2020. These will illustrate some great diversity of terrain and activities available in early summer in Utah. I'll identify some of these photos as panoramic shots. If you click on them they will enlarge. These are a couple of shots from a favorite nearby county park called Dimple Dell. I like to bike and hike here and it's usually very lightly trafficked. It's a couple miles west of the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon. On June 9th I did probably my last skiing of the season. There had been about a foot of new snow in the previous couple of days in the high Wasatch (rain down around SLC) and I went skinning at Alta. I climbed to the top of the Wildcat chair (~1200' vertical) and took a nice run from there. This is a pano shot. This is Bear Paw trail under the Wildcat chair. That is the Alta base area and Goldminers Daughter Lodge below. Selfie on Bear Paw. First time skiing in the month of June! On June 10th my wife and I made a looong day trip from SLC to Bryce Canyon National Park. It was about 550 miles roundtrip. Totally worth it. This is a pano shot of The Natural Bridge. Another pano shot, this is Rainbow Point, elev 9115'. And another pano. THE Bryce Canyon is in the center, upper Inspiration Point is to the right. This is a pano from Upper Inspiration Point. Had to climb about 250' vertical to get up here. Good thing I trained the day before at Alta:-) On the return drive we stopped briefly at Butch Cassidy's boyhood home. Snuck a selfie into this photo. It's not all fun out here. I spent quite a few days building retaining walls, walkways, and widening the driveway at my son's house in SLC. This included digging up and relocating part of his in-ground sprinkler system. On June 15th I took an 80 minute bike ride out by the Great Salt Lake. It's nice and flat there, but I choose a cool morning because it can also be very hot and dry. I'm pretty sure this buckle in the roadway happened back on March 18 when there was a 5.7 mag earthquake in Utah and the epicenter was about two miles from this spot. We felt a darn good shake and rattle for about 15 seconds at my son's house about 30 miles away that morning. On June 16th I went on a really fine hike near the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon, up a trail called Bells Canyon. It's super popular and always crowded. This weekday was cool and a little overcast and I started about 920AM and it wasn't too busy. I may have passed about 75 people in 2.5 hours. This trail has it all including passing by a nice reservoir about 20 minutes into the hike. I was told there was a beautiful waterfall a couple miles further up the trail and so I went for it. This was close to a five mile roundtrip hike with about 1500' vertical climb. It was steep near the waterfall, but it's an impressive falls with a lot of volume. There was a 100 yard cascade below this main drop. There was also a smaller drop above this big one. Next three photos are panos. Lengthy cascade below big falls. This is a view looking back up Bells Canyon on my return. There was more shade on this trail than most I have hiked in Utah. As I was finishing up the last half mile, enjoying the views of the valley and thinking I'd done alright for a fairly strenuous hike. Then this troop of about ten kindergarteners went by. It reminded me of times out here when I've been skiing a hard run only to have some young kids blow by me like it's a green circle trail
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    @Cannonballer I think you convinced me to buy my Wildcat (Epic Northeast) now rather than wait. Saw this posted about opening of an Australian Epic resort: https://www.epicaustraliapass.com.au/passes/we-are-epic-together Not sure how much of this will happen here this winter.

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