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    Lots of crazy challenges in the world today. I'm very, very thankful to be able to be talking about, and enjoying a mutual passion with lots of fantastic people from all over the map. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. It has all the upsides of family, food, and companionship without the downsides of commercialization. And of course it kicks off the best time of year! Hope everyone enjoys every minute with their family and friends tomorrow, then makes the most of a long ski weekend. Cheers!
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    For those of you not following the giveaway link... congrats to @MimersG for winning the skis! PM me your mailing address and I'll mail them to you. I'm happy to see the raffles system worked smoothly. Stay tuned for the next giveaway coming soon!
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    Monday evening update is posted, previous discussion continues below. It's finally here. The first turns of the 2017-18 ski season will be made this week! But before we get there we need to weather some rain tomorrow (Monday) and be patient as the snow guns come online. Looking at who is already in play, expect Killington to be making their first passholder-only turns by the end of the work week, with other early season players coming on board by the end of the weekend. Exciting! Let's break it down day by day. Monday It's going to be warm and rainy. The end. Tuesday The first sub-freezing air hits in the early morning. Maybe a few aggressive ski areas start blowing in the early morning hours, but they'll likely have to temporarily shut down during the day as temperatures climb into the 30s. Just about at dusk expect the snow guns to go online. We're not talking about ideal snowmaking weather, but it'll get the job done in early November. In northern New England they should be able to make snow top-to-bottom, but that will be an operations decision. Wednesday A lot like Tuesday. Guns go off during the day and come back on in the evening hours. For now temperatures look good to go for more top-to-bottom snowmaking that night, though again a shift of a couple degrees makes a huge difference. Once again temperatures will not be ideal, but it'll work if they want it to. Thursday Guns go off at daybreak. It looks like conditions may not be favorable to a return to snowmaking that night. A short wave trough will be swinging through the area. If the current model solutions play out, look for two weak low pressure systems to pass to either side of us: one across central Quebec and another out to sea. With New England between two lows, expect us to be in a trough where winds turn out of the south and humidity rises. The result for us will be marginal at best snowmaking that night. Friday After the trough passes through New England on Friday, expect temperatures to drop that evening. Sub-freezing temperatures should extend all the way to the coast. Expect anyone and everyone who wants to make snow to do so. The weekend We're still a week out, but it looks favorable for continued snowmaking. Temperatures will likely stay cold enough to allow snowmaking throughout the daylight hours at elevation. Next week Monday may be a fun day! The next storm system will move through the area. Right now it looks like snow for northern New England. We'll keep an eye on it and let you know more as the time approaches. The extended period looks favorable as well. It looks like we'll be in a new regime of cooler weather in the East.
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    This is the inaugural thread of our Ask Me Anything series. Many thanks to @Whaleback Mountain for agreeing to participate. Please submit your questions here.
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    Made snow all night, skied Jay Peak all morning, skied Stowe all afternoon. Not sure what I was thinking but it was pretty wild!
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    Zoomer Bar and Grill has a limited menu but great atmospshere. Beer is plentiful and may be upgrade this year. Can be a little chill times but we may have a fix for that. There may also be some game preparations on the menu at times.
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    Good thread topic. This is going to get a lot of traction. Maybe we need trip reports from the bar. Those should keep us going during the slow times.
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    Back to the original thread topic: Who wins the battle of fall this year? Northeast Mountain Sports! I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their contributions here. I'm humble by the growth we have seen. To my knowledge, we've become the most active community dedicated to skiing in the Northeast. Thank you!
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    I'm looking at the forecast for the next several days, and I'm not impressed. Thursday we'll see widespread rain across New England. The ECMWF model is holding onto a wet snow paste job across the White Mountains, but the GFS is going rain. Either way, the thermal profile is going to be close. I'm leaning toward a washout. On Saturday - Sunday, we'll see another wet weather system move through. That one looks to start as snow and quickly change to rain. I'd rather not dwell on this. My goal is to make this a ski weather blog... not a rain blog. Do I have any good news? On the back side of the storm we look to transition into long-lived cold weather in the East. Next week will bring sustained snowmaking weather for Thanksgiving. Let's put up some pictures with lots of blue! Below are the temperature anomalies for next week (top) and Thanksgiving Day (bottom). The net result will be plenty of productive snowmaking weather. This season looks to be off to a health start. Terrain expansion is come quickly.
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    Hit up Okemo today for Day 1 of my season. Arrived around 9AM to pleasant temps, no crowds, little wind, and tons of sun. Booted up in the main lodge upstairs and headed out. There was a snowgun pounding out some snow at the base, but coverage was pretty deep already. Spotted a couple of polar bears patrolling the base: Hopped on the A Quad and headed up over some bare ground with barely a dusting of snow on the ground. From there it was a quick scoot over great coverage to the Sunburst Six and up to the top of the main face. I never waited more than 3/4 chairs for the SixPack all day. Full-On Winter greeted you at the top: First thing, only World Cup was open from the top, with a few park features at the very top (you can see one rail/box in the photos above). Coverage on World Cup was edge to edge almost the entire way down. There was one narrow spot about 2/3 or 3/4 of the way down. But the snow was chalky and fun. A couple scratchy spots here and there, but overall, a very enjoyable trail, and plenty of snow to lay your edges into. Had a couple laps on that, and then at 10:30ish, Nor'Easter opened top to bottom. That was the run of the day. Great snow, great coverage (the very top was a bit narrow), just great fun. Looking up: Looking down: Pounded the two runs until my knees told my that I had had enough, then bounced out to Killarney for a quick lunch before hitting the road. I liked the sign on the host stand: Also stopped for provisions on the way back: 14th Star - Tribute Double IPA Zero Gravity - Cone Head IPA Long Trail - Over The Handlebars Double IPA Stowe - Tips Up Cider There's a block of sharp cheddar in that box too. Overall, great day, felt so nice to get my skis back underneath me. Okemo's early season product is not messing around, and I'm glad I got to sample it today. -w
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    They could pull some awesome IPAs from NH Breweries and make everyone happy Sent from my XT1650 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    I like this one I took at my Ellen last February: Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    It's a great mountain. Skis big. Not steep, but lots of acreage. Some good glades too (not yet of course.) The North Face is fairly steep and has a couple of long bump runs. There is also one very steep bump run that is very, very challenging. Ripcord. Decent amount of variety, great midweek of course as it gets very crowded on weekends. For weekends in New England nothing beats my home mountain, Berkshire East. Some very steep trails, and a decent amount of variety. Only 1,000 vertical feet, but never a lift line, or if there is one it might be a couple of minutes tops. Great skiers there too. No terrain park, or when they do have one, it's pretty basic, so it doesn't attract a lot of people who are looking for that. Decent race program, and lots of great racers come from there because of the pitch. Also some very good tree skiing and patrollers who live for that, so they clear out the brush in the summer. Oh wait this is a Mount Snow thread. Well as so many people drive right past the B-East on their way up to stand on line at Mount Snow on the weekends, it's worth mentioning here!
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    Generally no, but with the right combination of ice and bad skiers any trail can be advanced.
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    That's correct - that is the water pump (6 stage - each one of those bumps is a "bowl" and has an impeller in it) lifted up out of the pit. The strainer is a basket on the bottom that prevents solids from being ingested into the pump. The clamps rusted off and the basket needed to be replaced. The good news is the following day the lower loop (used for the T-Bar, where snow will be made first) was charged to operating pressures and we simulated running all of our HKDs on Lower Ivory Run and Blubber. Now we need to charge the upper mountain loop and work out any issues if found up there as we replaced every single valve. Looking at temps just following Thanksgiving and we'll see what happens! Ski Patrol made the Kraken sign, I think they did a nice job.
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    Do you want me to make something up? SNOW TOO DEEP TO SURVIVE IS COMING THIS WEEK!
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    Went to Loon on Saturday. Had a great day. Thoughts: Seems like the White Mountains got some good snow from Thursday's storm. Driving up 93 there was a noticeable change once you entered the White Mountains. I can only imagine that other mountains at higher elevation than Loon (Wildcat) had even better results. The gondola got some significant traffic and the line grew steadily throughout the day until about 11 (lunch) and then thinned out a little bit. I cannot speak to what happened after lunch as I only stayed till noon. I personally used the single line and never waited more than 5 minutes. I alternated between taking the gondola and the east basin lift. Despite, being the slowest lift on the mountain I enjoyed being on a lift. Something about being outside and having a clear view of the mountains on your first day skiing that is really awesome. Now to the actual skiing. There was only a few ways down the mountain and if felt very repetitive. However, I did not care. Turns are turns. I went into the day knowing full well there were only going to be mellow groomers and kept my expectations low. For the most part it was groomed edge to edge. The snow was in great shape, minus one skied off section of upper picked rock. Trail of the day for me were the groomed rollers of lower picked rock. Nobody was on it and conditions held great. All in all, it was a fun first day and still made it back to Boston in time for Friendsgiving
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    The thermal profiles are timing are looking very close, but I've become more optimistic that there will be some good skiing to be had for this weekend. Let's break it down in brief. Thursday The White Mountains look to survive Thursday's storm with a net-gain of snow, especially at elevation. Just enough cold air is going to hang on aloft to counteract the rain/snow changeover. The mixing line looks to go up to about 3,000 feet at times. Vermont will not be so lucky as they receive a little snow by mostly rain on Thursday. At least the mid-week timing will give snowmaking and grooming systems a chance to catch back up. The snow in the White Mountains will be the pasty variety that will hopefully freeze into place. Look for total accumulations of around 1-3" at low elevations, and on the order of 6" over the higher terrain at places like Wildcat. Saturday - Sunday Looking forward to the weekend, everybody is likely to see snow transition to all rain. The good news? The rain will fall largely overnight Saturday into Sunday. Right now it looks like the skiing hours will not be severely impacted by the rain. Saturday especially could have nice conditions in areas that receive a net benefit of snow this week. Below is the meteogram for this weekend in Pinkham Notch. Where should I go this weekend? It's definitely a White Mountains weekend. Wildcat looks to be in the best position, though they'll offer the least terrain options. Depending on exactly how things break, Bretton Woods, Loon, and Sunday River could all do well. What comes next week? At least early in the week their will be a good snowmaking window following this weekend's storm. Around Thanksgiving Day the weather turns more questionable. There's a broad range of possible outcomes ranging from a Nor'Easter to blow torch warm. I'm not going to get pinned down on any specific forecast quite yet.
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    Today delivered. When we arrived the rain was pretty deflating to the first day of the season excitement. Xwhaler and I decided to eat some breakfast in hopes of the rain passing. It didn't, so we said screw it. Steady rain, but great soft snow the first couple of runs. It let up for the third run then kicked up again on the fourth. Went in to meet Weatherman and Frapcrap for a three beer lunch. Rain stopped after that. Temps dropped quite a bit and the snow firmed up, but it was still great skiing for November. Ripped another four runs and by then Lynx had done my legs in. Great first day all around Sent from my [device_name] using http://Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    So, last Saturday I went to Kittery Trading Post to buy some gear for my son. Apparently Veterans day weekend is a big shopping weekend. KTP was the busiest I've ever seen it. An absolute mad house, total shit show. I suffered through it to find that none of the bibs on sale we're available in my son's size. Only options were $100+ North Face bibs, which just seems ridiculous for a 2.5 year old. Did get some decent mittens, but left basically defeated. So, late in the evening I decide to hit up Amazon. To my surprise I see a pair of orange Arc'teryx bibs in his size for $20. I couldn't believe it. I thought maybe people just didn't want that color, but seeing toddler clothing so cheap from that brand blew my mind, so I purchased them immediately. I was away from home down in Jersey all week for work. I eagerly checked the tracking and was excited for their delivery on Friday. The pants arrive, fit great on Shea, I'm stoked. Then I look at the tag..... Doh!!! [emoji38] (I will not confirm or deny that several beers we're consumed at the time of purchase) Sent from my [device_name] using http://Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Another fine offering from our local suds house. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Mostly we talk about shoes, boys, and how hard math is.
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    Looking forward to being a member of this community. Mid week skier, mostly, hoping to improve my skiing this winter. Max pass holder and part of Attitash Race League.
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    Seen it a million times. It's "they will come".
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    Hello! My name starts with an M. Some of you may recognize my username from another ski forum. I put NC in my username because I live in North Carolina. Grew up in New York City. My home mountain is Massanutten in northern VA (4 hour drive one-way). I do most of my skiing after schelpping skis and ski boots through an airport. Getting in 50+ days in recent years. My daughter is in prep school near Boston and before that was in school in Lake Placid. Being retired, that means I have an excuse to drive around to sample northeast skiing for a few years. I learned to ski at North Country School (boarding junior middle school) and Whiteface long ago. Went to Concord Academy after NCS. My daughter switched to tele while at North Country School. Both she and I were spoiled at an early age by skiing at Alta while staying at Alta Lodge. Still my favorite out west.
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    My name is Harvey. I'm an old teledude, who skis Gore, Plattekill, McCauley and Whiteface when the slides are open. Killington in May. Smuggs is probably my favorite VT mountain, but I have only been there once. I have had some great days at Hickory, but I fear those days are over. I started skiing at age 40. I'm a highly motivated intermediate trying to keep up with my friends who are all experts. I'm a semi-shameless promoter of NYSkiBlog.com. I will try to behave in that regard.
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    THAT was a great piece.
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    I'm driving ten hours round trip this Friday-Sunday to ski in the rain, even though I'm coming back to Vermont next Tuesday afternoon for the rest of the week! Also, I went to graduate school in history, so I've been making poor decisions at the varsity level for quite some time. Looking forward to reading this thread.
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    A lively and informative northeast ski forum and a nine-page beer thread!? *Sniff*... I promised myself I wouldn't cry...
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    Do you have his contact info? Think he'd be interested in participating in an Ask Me Anything series?
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    It's called winter. I checked the analytics report. No one dominant source. It's a healthy balance of traffic growth. If you build it, he will come.
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    Go for it. I was hesitant to get out last Sunday, just with it being so early in the season, but my wife encouraged me to go, and I'm really happy I did. Even if you get up there and it's pouring rain, the conditions at the bar will be good. I always feel happier and more relaxed in the mountains, so that might be where I'm coming from on this.
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    I updated the calendar with some AttiCat, Cranmore, and MRG discount days. Please make sure to add any and all daily deals to the "Skiing on the Cheap" calendar.
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    Hey kdaffy, thanks for starting this thread. I was the OP of the original thread on epic and along with hrstrat57 kept it alive for as you say 10 years plus. Living 15 minutes from the mountain makes it a no brainer for me to ski there during the week. I go early and leave before noon so I can be home to work. Weekends I ski and teach at Berkshire East. I'm looking forward to meeting with and skiing with you and other members of this forum. Yesterday was a good day. As I'd projected the day after Thanksgiving as opening day, it now looks like i'm going to get a number of days in before I even thought I'd start. Conifer was pretty bad on Sunday, but not too bad yesterday, but as hrstrat said Challenger was fantastic yesterday. Sweet soft snow. I plan on being there today and if my septic tank guy shows up in the morning tomorrow, I'll be there then too. Look for my blue coat as seen in my avatar.
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    Ahh easy peazy!! fellow wa regular Lisa on the left tearing it up.
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    Wow what an awesome day 1 for me! Conditions were amazing especially on Challenger! Best day one ever. I even made the daily photo on the Wa IG Page. No time at the moment to figure out how to linky screenshot and day 1 staged photo here..... Huge thanks to the Crowley crew for deciding to run the lifts this week and creating such an awesome playground!! Looking forward to a huge season. Should still be great tomorrow. Go get some! Same deal lifts turn at noon.
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    Well done! I really like this as it means I don't have to individually go into multiple sub forums to find the latest content. NMS continues to be innovative and tweaking the user interface to serve the collective members. Nice job Weatherman.
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    Well here we go folks!! To my surprise as a passholder I was not notified of the opening but made it anyway with my son. We had a blast! Very limited terrain open with monadnock and conifer being the only options but decent coverage. I can't remember the Wa being open this early but I'm glad they made the effort! I should've checked in here but I am partially still in fall mode and have been away from the forums. @hrstrat57 happy you found this thread. Hoping we can get traction going here! I'm in again with the bronze so hoping to meet up finally!
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    New Player in the Game! Wachusett to open Sunday 8A - 8P: https://wachusett.com/TheMountain/AboutWachusett/SnowReport/tabid/456/Default.aspx That may be where you'll find me.
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    Good coverage on Rime and Reason. Quite a crowd to start at K-1 corral. Lines were only 7 minutes at opening and then dropped quickly. Bumps formed under the chair after GN. 10 runs and went to stairway to heaven and free lunch.
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    I see you women's pole vaulting!!!!
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    Bretton Woods is blowing on both Range View and Big Ben. Sunday River blowing all the way to the base of Barker.
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    Live in Gods country along the St Lawrence River an hr south of Ottawa , My boy Puck it is a native too but dude split to chase a career 😎' BUT at heart ole PUCKSTER. Is still a homie ski the Daks ( Whiteface , Gore. And our localized speedbumps Titus , Tupper. And Snow Ridge ) Tremblant and ocasionally stuff. In NE have family around 495 land Older than dirt , always up for fun , loose as a swoose , irreverent , opinionated and a fun loving PIA. Minor vices : skiing , biking, working out , golf and a serious metal head axeman ( guitars) . Retired College President did the higher education thing and also had a parallel career owning a consulting business in executive leadership development for over three plus decades . Retired early in my early fifties to pursue my minor vices 😎 And got busy making a life not just a living . Blessed with a fantastic wife who puts me to shame in terms of physical fitness and lets me be me , a great son and daughter and four college aged grandkids . And yeah the whole clan skis . My philosophy : Life ain't a dress rehersal get busy making a life , collect people not stuff and lose negative nuts , life. Is a banquet not a piss n ' moan fest oh yeah on AZ , NYS ski blog/forums , Pugski and Epic before it tanked , Told ya i was an old bastage
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    Ok as the resident old fart here i have had to overcome a bunch of shit to still be able to get out there . At 75. In May of 18 i have rehabbed from Opn Heart. Surgery 9 yrs ago , an " A ". Flutter arrhythymia situation last yr. and now i am recovering form a Hip rconstruction surgery. This past March ( had one hip done in '15. Damn thing was too short by about 10mm and loosened up and required reconstructive surgery with a longer device . So i was out of commission for the last TWO EFFIN seasons . I But i am chill right now and good to go . It s been a bitch last two yrs , the open heart recovery was a piece of cake i sailed thhru that cuz i have always been a gym rat and was in great shape for an old fart ,. But this hip fiasco was nasty , but i got a super doc. He is. A serious skier that specialized in reconstructive surgery and things are brighter . Being severely limited in mobility for two yrs cost me conditioning and i am living in the gym 3 days a week and doing. Stuff. At home to build up again . Having been out of the game for 2 yrs will be a serious MENTAL challenge at my age but those of you who know me from other forums know i am motivated . I will Start all over again . The skills are there , the desire is there , now i have to get my head back in the game . But life is good , you guys know i ahve great support from the Queen of the Hop and my sons and grandsons will no doubt spur the old man on
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    More time watching tv means less time to ski, bike and hike.
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    Snowmaking ponds getting a good refresh right now, that will eventually be good for something right? Lol Sent from my XT1565 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    I would argue that Ragged competes head to head with Sunapee and Gunstock both geographically and size of the mtn. They have far more terrain and offer a solid mid mtn skiing experience vs Pats and CM in my mind. I'm not sure anyone skis a full day at CM or Pats whereas if the snow is good and Ragged is 100% open there is plenty to entertain for a full day.

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