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    Ugh! We'll be there (with the MLK masses) this weekend. Cannon in recovery state + crowds of people who don't ski very often = early days and lots of alcohol! Thanks for the report.
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    Just so I stop seeing the picture of a broken toe on my phone I am uploading a random picture from Cannons website
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    I've experienced a few of these spots and posted photos below. I interpret this topic as more of: what are some of the most memorable places or runs you've experienced in the Northeast? THE OLYMPIC TRAILS AT WHITEFACE I'd agree that Whiteface is really special because of the big mountain feel of the place compared to a lot of eastern ski areas. THE SINGLE CHAIR, MAD RIVER GLEN Another good one. It's not just that the single chair is a cool antique, but THE TERRAIN it serves is challenging and beautiful, featuring some of the best tree skiing anywhere and fun, narrow, curvy trails. NIGHT SKIING AT MONT SAINTE-ANNE I only skied MSA in the day time. Night skiing there sounds like it would be a good way to get frostbite most of the winter🤪 But its a fine ski area and cool region to visit when you also check out Le Massif and tour the Old City of Quebec. SPRING SKIING IN KILLINGTON King of Spring, Killington, April 1976. I got my stretch pants, Elton John sunglasses, and Yamaha skis! Killington was the first New England mountain I fell in love with. Haven't been there in almost 20 years now. THE FRONT FOUR, STOWE Recent issue of Ski Magazine had Stowe rated as #18 resort in the East, just ahead of Wawa. That's nuts! Stowe is definitely one of the very top bucket list destinations for Eastern skiers. SUGARLOAF CAT SKIING I haven't done the cat there, but Brackett Basin, Burnt Mtn, and all that side country at Sugarloaf is really fun to explore. Great mountain. TUCKERMAN RAVINE I haven't done Tuckerman Ravine, but I'd say the view of it from Wildcat ski area on a pretty day is another Eastern bucket list item! When people ask me what's my favorite ski area in the East some of the big names come up, but I also always mention Wildcat. THE STRATTON 24 No photos from Stratton. I've skied there a few times, but it's been quite a while. Skiing there for 24 hours straight sounds like another good way to get frostbite unless it's a spring time event. Bonus items, with a few my own recommendations for a Northeastern snowrider's bucket list . LE MASSIF, QC Scenically, this place is unlike anywhere I've ever skied. Think Lord of the Rings. Pretty big mountain beside an ocean-like body of water. SADDLEBACK, ME This is why Saddleback must be resurrected. Super beautiful mtn with fun trails and trees. Best place I ever skied that went on the lost list, hopefully not for long. CANNON MOUNTAIN, NH A great and rugged New England mtn that should not be missed. Was there when Mittersill was hike-to only and that was fun too. Riding the tram and visiting the Ski Museum add to Cannon's unique appeal. SUGARBUSH, VT Gotta put Sugarbush on this list too. Big and burly enough to serve as a fine one-stop destination for a multi-day visit, except that it would be a crime not to also check out MRG for a day when in the vicinity.
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    It was one of the busier days I’ve seen at Cannon since it became our home mountain 2.5 years ago. The lines were long (for Cannon), but cleared out significantly after lunch. The heavily trafficked areas were a shitshow, but Upper/Middle Hardscrabble were packed with powder and tons of fun. I just kept reminding myself that the few crowded days at Cannon keep the mountain open for us to enjoy the rest of the season! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    this looks interesting Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Josh Fox says 4-8 tomorrow into tomorrow night and another storm or early next week
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    Cannon was really good today for 1/1/20 $29 NH Resident Wednesday and 4" on a holiday where there are very few lines?! I'll take it. Always great to make some turns with@fcksummer,@ABV, @PuckIt My kids (4 and 6) had fun as well. Basing out of the tram was a smart call for us...kids had fun riding up the tram! Thanks Cannon rental shop for the loaner poles! My 6 yr old was not happy when I realized I forgot them this AM! Upper mtn and zoomer were really good. Took final run down about 2 top to bottom and other than the typical bypass/link mess it was really sweet. Soft, fluffy turns with some drifts ankle or so deep which we haven't felt in a while. Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Jay just opened the face chutes and look to be around 85% open including most glades, not bad. Unfortunately, my Jay vouchers are blacked out today due to the holiday so I just went to Cannon instead. Cannon was nice today. Another foot will get some glades, natural snow trails, and Mittersill open. Speaking of which, Taft Race Course, Cannonball and Candyland were quite nice today. Undulating and thin but definitely worth the hike over. Not enough snow to take a pounding but quite good with a limited number of adventurous skiers. Obviously, more snow would have been a lot better. But the mountain is night and day better since this past Saturday. Except the intersection of Spookie, Middle Cannon, and Rock Garden. My goodness was that intersection awful.
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    Pass is now sold (and for only $300). What a deal!
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    Thursday: Crotched (ARL) Friday: Magic Saturday: Pico
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    As promised, I'm reporting back on how things are looking post-meltdown. The bad news: All natural snow is gone. Here are pics of Zoomer base area, Zoomer trail, and Parkway. The snow that is there is only a dusting from yesterday. The good news: The man-made trails held up. The base depth of those trails varies from 1/2" to about a foot. The groomers were skiing fairly well on loose granular. Although there were also plenty of death cookies and glacial ice. They are also cranking out snow strategically in all the important spots. Recover could be quick if we really get the snow that is forecasted.
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    Currently 35* and a nasty rain at my place in between the lakes and the whites. Here is the report from Cannon: "The forecast is calling for a weather event to hit us tonight with some snow and some rain. Wind could also be a factor in the early morning tomorrow..." That is definitely a stay-away type reporting from Cannon. If you guys hit it up, I'm interested in a damage report but not interested enough to drive up to inspect in person.
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    Thursday - Crotched race league Saturday - Attitash race Sunday - ??? open to suggestions in the MWV. Thinking about Bretton Woods
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    Skied a smaller Northern Virginia ski area today, 1/21/20 called Bryce, about 100 miles west of Wash DC. It's been around since the early '60s and is proof that a small mtn can succeed in this day and age and climate. This is a really well run mtn. It has only about 500' vertical, but is never crowded. Very light traffic on weekdays and affordable. We finally got good streak of cold weather and Bryce has pole mounted guns about every 50 feet all over every run (about 9 runs total) that can cover the whole place in two or three nights. This last photo is Whitetail ski area in PA.
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    Holy shitballs. I've never seen the Wildcat parking lot fill up so quickly! I was there early and got one of the first spots in B lot. The parking team did a phenomenal job of getting folks tidily into the lot and managing the crowd, but MAN was it busy. I bailed at 10:30 after 6/7 runs. A quick peek around Bookface showed a similar story at just about every other mountain. Anyone have any stories to share?
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    Sat & Sun: Sugarloaf And maybe Monday too if the storm is big enough...
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    Saturday didn't get bad until the afternoon. Even then it was manageable. Sunday was a shitshow, all parking lots full and they stopped selling tickets at ~5k. Monday was a ghost town.
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    Best day of the season so far Edit: More accurately: best conditions of the season. Crowds were a negative.
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    Any updates from today, I'm stuck at work daydreaming of pow turns! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    I've been listening to that! I actually learned of his passing when they played 'The Necromancer' last Tuesday
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    Deep Tracks on SXM has been all Rush all day. I've been to every show in the area since Power Windows! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Totally. Was surprised at the consistency this morning. Hopefully my toe is healed enough to ski on Sunday.
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    Looking forward to your report tomorrow. Cannon has perhaps the worst snow reporting in the business right now. Which is sad because they had some of the best and most accurate online reporting in the early 2000s. They took a page out of Jay Peak's marketing plan by substituting "The Cannon Effect" for "The Jay Cloud" (which is just silly, Cannon is one of the least orthographically weather enhanced areas around). They should also take a page out of Jay's honest snow reporting. Steve Wright personally penned a suggestion that people avoid the mountain this past weekend. That earns respect and loyalty. With Cannon, if the report isn't raving about the conditions and just sounds like an "average" report, you know to raise a weary eyebrow and stay far, far away. Interesting that things were that bad at Cannon on Sunday and so different than further south. Then again, southern winds destroy the place. Trail report looks pretty good today. Of course, it is probably a sheet of ice and death cookies.
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    I hope you're right (but I'm skeptical). I bailed from NH midday Saturday in order to get some bad-weather tasks done (AKA work!). Reports I heard from Franconia on Sunday were pretty dismal. Pouring rain most of the morning. It sounds like Cannon may have been hit worse than almost anyone. Even Lincoln and where you are seem to have fared better. The fact that Cannon couldn't open at all on Sunday and only had Zoomer and Tuckerbrook open on Monday is not a good sign. Cannon's Monday report was frankly total marketing BS. I'm planning to assess it tomorrow and will report back. Hopefully enough of the base was spared that the next few weeks will get us back on track.
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    The GFS model looks nice for MLK weekend: http://coolwx.com/cgi-bin/getptype.cgi?region=ne&model=gfs&run=18&fhr=52&field=acctype
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    The skiing was fantastic on Saturday. Spent the day at Cannon, and while the upper mountain lifts were closed all day due to wind, everything open on the lower mountain was really nice! We were planning to brave the rain on Sunday, but the wind and warmth was too much for the mountain and they never even opened. I know it’s early, but it looks like Mother Nature may help us out for next weekend...fingers crossed!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I skied Whitetail Resort in southern PA on 1/10/20. I know it's pathetic, but this was my first time out this season! Got a lot of making up to do. Only a few trails were open, but one had 935' vertical and I skied it about 30 times. Legs felt it, but you know what they say - no pain, no gain
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    Glass is now empty, and shattered, and I may cut myself with the broken shards
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    Local guys in Springfield, NH are making some pretty good stuff.
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    Mix of everything at Cannon today (except for clear skies). Some rain, snow, fog, hero slush, ice. Overall good snow with tough visibility.
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    Never seen this site before but they just posted this article https://www.icecoastmag.com/post/the-ice-coast-bucket-list THE OLYMPIC TRAILS AT WHITEFACE THE SINGLE CHAIR, MAD RIVER GLEN NIGHT SKIING AT MONT SAINTE-ANNE SPRING SKIING IN KILLINGTON THE FRONT FOUR, STOWE SUGARLOAF CAT SKIING TUCKERMAN RAVINE THE STRATTON 24 I've only done #4 & #5 and I didn't do the entire Front Four as the conditions weren't great. Fck #2 and #8 doesn't interest me much.
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    1,2,4,5,7 for me from that list. Everyone should have their own list. My list involved getting to a lot of mid-sized areas and getting north of the boarder to ski new places, still working on that last part. I've skied almost every non-local/feeder area in VT, NH, and ME. Obviously, snowboarders cannot ride the Single right now so that is not applicable to a significant number of folks. Not really sure what the appeal of night skiing at MSA is? I did enough night skiing at the local bump when I was in high school, hard pass. I do want to get up to MSA and ski it in the day time at some point, though. I'd suggest the Slides instead of the trails at Whiteface, but someone not into trees/bumps/terrain isn't going to bucket list the Slides. But the Slides are far more of a unique northeast experience than a couple of groomers, regardless of historical significance. Two of the Stowe front four are just wide groomers and only one short pitch at the top of National, a bit overrated as a group. Spring skiing at K after all other resorts have closed is worthy of such a list, it is a party and a great experience and sometimes the skiing is even pretty good, too. Tuckerman depends on skill and fitness level, certainly a great aspirational goal for someone while they are fit enough to go for it! I'd hike for the BB stuff at SL, no interest in the cat, but I get the appeal. Hiking sidecountry at any area with significant options could be a good bucket list item for those looking to broaden their horizons. No opinion on the Stratton24, certainly a unique event, but not one that I have any interest in doing.
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    Head Kore 99 or Nordica Enforcer 93 or 100 are my choices
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    Not lying about Sunday River...looks like they did great
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    Ive done 4, thats it ! Spring skiing at Killington is Fun ! would love to do 6 this season some time !
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    What even is the Statton 24? I can’t imagine anything exciting about Stratton other than getting to meet the worst of skiers in Vermont. Why is Mont Saints Anne on the list? I don’t know much about it. The Single chair should definitely be on there. It’s all around, excellent. I think skiing a hill under 1000 vertical feet should be on there. So many tiny ski areas in New England to check out.
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    Good to see you guys! Have to do it again soon. Definitely a good day minus the visibility issues.
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    Sugarbush got 8 inches. So pretty good. It opened up a lot of the mountain. But the Mt Ellen summit is still closed.
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    Flop at Cannon for sure. But MWV areas all reporting a foot plus.
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    FWIW, Hourly snowfalls for Lincoln, NH via Windy add up to >12”
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    US National Weather Service Caribou ME ❄ Plowable Snow Likely Tuesday/Tuesday Night for Northern/Eastern Maine ❄ * It's been quite the snow drought, especially in Northern Maine. Finally, however, a decent snow event appears to be on the way. While it's too early to nail down amounts, the potential is there for greater than 6" of snow Tuesday/Tuesday night. For Downeast, mixed precipitation is possible which could limit accumulations, but areas from Dover-Foxcroft and Millinocket north should safely be all snow. * Also very important to note, if you have travel plans southwest of the area, a potentially significant icing event is in store for Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire/Vermont, and Upstate New York from Sunday night into early Tuesday. In addition, snow will make it to SW Maine much earlier than Eastern Maine, and could begin as early as early Monday from Portland west.
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    Utah, 28 Dec 2019, not me, posting for a friend😥
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    I'm not at work today... so that's a win! But I am working from the ski club. Woke up to a deck covered in glass today. Decided that did not need to be skied.
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    Love the ending Baby! @ABV

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