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    Mountain is in incredible shape. Did some treks with Rusty and the wife this weekend. Saturday was super soft. Today was more like styrofoam. Mountain has a solid 6-8" base. Never bottomed out or saw bare ground in the tracks. Zeke will be on the couch until tomorrow afternoon.
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    Some pics Sent from my XT1650 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Stop me if you've heard this before... we're looking at another great weekend of skiing. And it's only mid-November! Thursday night into Friday will bring the third snow storm in a week to much of ski country. This is the part of the discussion where I'd typically show you the model forecast maps for snowfall accumulation. I'll do that this time but please be aware that I think they're all crazy. Seriously the simple snowfall algorithms are not handling this well. They are either crazy high in the Mid-Atlantic or really underplaying it in the mountains. Let's jump in and have a look. Using a simple 10:1 snowfall ratio: No. Just no. That's crazy town in the Mid-Atlantic into southern New England. To be fair to the modelers, there are more complicated snowfall schemes. So using that same model run and a more advanced microphysics scheme... This lays out much more reasonable numbers in southern regions, though the mountain accumulations are under-done. The real story in much of southern New England (hi Wachusett!), is going to be icing. That very well may be the headline issue across the region. I'm a little concerned about power outages as a result, but not ready to broadcast that too loudly, especially considering that winds will not be an issue. A look at the Worcester precipitation breakdown is showing a whole lot of ice though. So where should we be skiing this weekend? Smart money is on Wildcat or Sugarloaf. Both already have a base on the ground and off-piste skiing should be in play. Look for around 8" at both mountains out of this storm. Vermont ski areas should see a widespread 6". Snow will start late Thursday night and last until early afternoon Friday. A closer look at the envelope of snowfall forecasts for Rumford, ME will serve as our proxy for both mountains. The high-resolution guidance envelope is squarely in the 5-6" range, but mountain enhancement will get you to the 8"
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    For all on the fence, turned to snow about ten minutes ago in bartlett and it is hammering
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    Nice - way to get after it! Sent from my SM-G930V using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Hopefully, the Zoomer Bar will operational.
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    Good deal! 90% sure that we'll be at Cannon that weekend. So keep me posted if you go for it.
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    I am going to work on a new blog post tonight. Models are out to lunch. Going to be a good weekend!
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    Sure. At Wildcat we already had one of those. ?
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    11/17 opening date posted on the website!
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    Wachusett snowmaking has started!
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    View this giveaway Giveaway: Icelantic Oracle 88 skis Step up, ladies. This giveaway is for you. Icelantic Oracle 88 skis, 162 cm length. According to Icelantic: Rules: minimum of 10 posts to enter the giveaway. Get those posts in if you need them to enter. Raffle closes 12/15/18. Submitter Weatherman Expiration Date 2 months and 2 hours Submitted 10/15/2018 Category Skiing and Snowboarding Giveaways  
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    We didn’t have time to diverge up to Alchemist, so we stopped at the CBC in Waterbury. This austere little Farnum SIPA is dry and grapefruity (Vic Secret, Citra, & Galaxy), a clean and refreshing ale.
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    This just seems appropriate
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    Get there early and there will be a line for the first lift and then skiing will be good for at least an hour and a half or two. After that it could go either way, but since it's supposed to be extremely cold Friday morning I would think it would be less crowded than it could be. Afternoon I don't know as I leave before then, but I'd assume it will be busy. It wasn't overly crowded this weekend, but I was surprised at all the families with kids, even lessons going on. The sport is thriving.
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    Definitely. I don't know the conditions but that's a really good guess. Rock skies necessary is no reason to close a trail at Sugarbush and some trails like Paradice, and lower Birdland usually has a few exposed rocks. I think Steins is really rocky but has snowmaking so usually does not matter.
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    Loon claims they will be open full time as of now. It was pretty great today. Sent from my XT1650 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    I highly doubt Wa will stiff their loyal holders of bronze pass by not being open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Would be extremely bad form. Every expectation I'll be heading up on a chair Monday around 0900
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    Actually 2 so far !
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    Adventurema, I would never mind anyone joining my group. If your 2 and Ski-Kiki join buy passes, then we're 1 away from the next incentive which I will try to sell and I'll split the proceeds with the new members. Update, just got an email from my ex-neighbor. Sounds like he's going to get a pass, so that will get us above the next incentive. Sorry to all that this has turned into 'Cennedy' GPS club thread! Can't wait to ski Wawa on Saturday!
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    Wildcat on Saturday Perhaps Bretton Woods on Sunday? Looks like the Cat will have both Lynx and Polecat top-to-bottom, and everything else will likely be poachable. Ropes should be dropping -- because Wildcat.
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    Thanks MassNerd, I joined your group and really appreciate you sharing the coordinator perks with us, made my pass even cheaper. Good man, you didn't need to do that!
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    Pretty cool...these drone racers always amaze me with their ability to pilot these things..

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