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    Cannon is currently DEEP. @fcksummer found it
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    Going to post the snowcasts from STE here just to add a little activity. Few days old and not much to look forward to but nice to hear we could end the month with some snow
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    Ok, this is a 100% cross-post from another forum. I wouldn't normally do that, but it is relevant to both for different reasons. So here you go.... This isn't worthy of a trip report. It's just a random data point from a single place on a single date. Do with it what you like. In Lincoln, NH at 7am it was 34 degrees. Route 93 North was well salted and generally good driving, Main Street in Lincoln and the parking lots of the businesses along it were a skating rink. Very hard to walk from the truck in back without taking a fall. Throughout the rest of the day the temps were in the mid 30s with heavily overcast skies. Although the temp allowed for some melting, the lack of sun really didn't. As a result everything remained mostly on the line of soggy and frozen. The slippery factor only increased as light melting occurred on fully frozen surfaces. By 2pm I discarded all plans to ski. Instead I went for a walk in the woods of Woodstock with the dog. Despite everything mentioned above, and the doom-and-gloom reports everywhere, there is a ton of snow! Snowpack in the woods is consistent 2-ft All this snow made me reconsider the slopes. We (the dog and I) literally ran back to the truck. I threw on my snowboard boots and helmet, threw a board in the back and raced over to Loon. By the time I got there it was raining but I went for it anyway. At South Peak it was raining for the bottom 1/2 and snowing on the upper 1/2. The snow was very soft from top to bottom. The coverage was exceptional from top to bottom. I only stayed for a couple of runs. I got soaked. I also got rejuvenated mentally about the snowpack, conditions, and potential for the rest of the season.
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    I have been talking about this for several years, skiing 5 ski hills in one day. This past Monday I made this dream a reality. Unfortunately the only day I could get this to work was a Monday which meant more driving to accommodate the hours of each hill. After I dropped my kids at school I headed to Suicide Six. Luckily for me S6 got 10” of fresh and it was pretty sweet skiing. After skiing 7 fast runs at mighty S6 I drove to my next destination, Dartmouth Skiway. Skiway was extremely dead, and did not get much snow from the storm. I fact they got mostly rain. On top of this they didn’t have Holts ledge open. I made the most of it though and did 6 runs. Fast groomers and some racers! After this was a long drive to the mightiest ski area in the world. McIntyre! Nothing says chaos like a 150 vert hill with 8 million School children. 6 painful runs later. Yes On to bigger(obviously) and better things. Pats peaks! Also very icy and fast, pats provided me with fast laps off the vortex lift. Skiing was fast and fun. Had a nice dinner of beef stew and baked lays. It was glorious! The day was capped off with a few uneventful runs down Crotched mountain. Which was also icy and fast. At this point I was ready to pass out. I left my phone in the car but got some awesome shots of the mountain from the lot as I left! Over all is skied 5 ski hills in two states. 340 miles of driving. About 18,000 vertical feet skied. (I did 10 runs at Wildcat the next day, 21,000 vert). But it was an experience of a life time. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Great to meet you today. Will be back tomorrow and will try not to say inappropriate things to your teen.
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    It’s pretty amazing here. Lots of snow, no ice and plenty of sun. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    More pics from after lunch Worked the Gad 2 pod quite a bit. Steep tree skiing over there Sent from my XT1254 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Last week I received an inquiry from snowpak.com asking for our help compiling a list of the best ski resorts in Vermont. What say you all? Think we can put this together?
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    Big sky mini - TR: 2/9/18-2/11/18Just back from 3 days at the big. Fri and sat, snowing all day...depending on where you were on the mountain, snow depths from 4-8+". Back side of lone peak was mint! Boot deep pow+ on marx, lenin, and all their other dictator cronies...liberty bowl was very nice as well. Big couloir was a big scratchy first few turns, but then real soft with decent pow. North summit snowfield was scratchy/super hard pack, and the only way out was great falls, which was equally meh in terms of snow. Below that through the trees was superb...actually all gladed runs that i went on were amazing, with great snow.First time here, and I had a great time...a trip for the memory books. I would be hard pressed to find better skiing in the US right now with few exceptions IMHO.Didnt take many pictures but here are a few...Friday morning looking up Lone Peak from Andesite. The woods between ramcharger and thunderwolf chairs were mint that morning. I think on Friday I experienced no less than 5 different weather events, from bluebird, to dumping, to windy as F, to light snow and sun, to cloudy and c-c-c-c-coldEnded the day on Friday with a Yeti dog...highly recommend! Saturday our group did the first tracks guided experience. Although pricey, definitely worth it alone for lift priority along with following behind someone with serious knowledge of the mountain. I dont think I wouldve done the Couloir or snowfield had I not been with the guide.View up the mountain from the madison base after skiing 4000 vert: snowfield -> great falls -> unknown glades (untracked turns the whole way down through some tight trees) - these glades were incredible! View into the bowl from the top of the tram. Lines were from 45 min - 1hr+...so happy we had the guide as we did 5 laps of the tram on sat and never had to wait! My buddy and I after skiing the Big Couloir: Guide said that the top 2/3 of the couloir (lookers left in the pic) is 50 - 53 degrees. I believe him. Lookers right is little couloir, even steeper (up to 60 degrees) and apparantly only skiable once every 5 years! Definitely a leg burner at around 1400 vert or so... Heres a view from the top of the couloir: They had their annual bluegrass festival (Big Grass) this weekend. Great times and great music! This place is HUGE, and three days is not enough, but I got a great sampling of what the mountain(s) have to offer. Overall, I highly recommend, especially this year when the lower rockies are pretty low on pow...Looks like some snow potentially coming this weekend.
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    I think we should make the list for ourselves. No reason to cater our opinions towards another website.
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    Not sure if we have a dog thread yet. Her name is Alta, best guess is a lab/pit mix, great family dog. We got her from a rescue in Maine, apparently she was running alongside the interstate in Georgia, heartworm positive. She loves that stove.
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    I've continued to ski Park City over the last week and here are a few more photos of our activities. Ate dinner one night at the High West Distillery in Park City. $18 burger, $25 chicken schnitzel, $9 manhattan. These prices actually aren't too outrageous for downtown PC. Bad news is the snow is a little thin, good news is the crowds are thin too 9990 lift line, fright gully to right was good, but had some thin/rocky coverage at points. Top of 9990 chair (highest lift served elevation on the Canyons side of the resort) looking north towards Red Pine Bowl rope tow nostalgia, connector lift out of Super Condor area Mike/skiNEwhere high up in Red Pine Bowl, best snow in the whole ski area this week. again they call this Red Pine Chutes again view from a groomer off the Super Condor lift. snowshoeing near Deer Valley at about elev 6K. Minimal natural snow base down here, but they pack/groom snow over here for free snowshoeing/XC, etc.
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    The two mountains couldn't be more different, which make them an incredible pair to have on the same pass. Gore is wide, Whiteface is tall. Gore has the most acreage in NY, Whiteface has the most vert in the east. When Gore is 100% open you can't ski it in one day. I'd say the same is true of Whiteface only if the Slides are open or you are willing to ski below mid-station. Gore's most amazing feature for an expert is trees. There are probably 20 runs on the map and another 20 off. Whiteface is known for steep terrain and the Slides. There is NOTHING in NY like the Slides. Lift served (some hiking) side country that is awesome. It is very unlikely they will be open in the next week. Gore's weakness: some skating is required to get between pods. This doesn't bother me at all. It leaves certain very cool lines fresh or untracked. Whiteface's weakness: wind. After big storms windhold can be an issue. Gore vs Whiteface is a constant "theme" at NYSkiBlog so I wrote this piece: http://nyskiblog.com/gore-vs-whiteface/ And here is the front page of our guide to the Slides (6 pages in total): http://nyskiblog.com/whiteface-slides/ Admin I hope it is ok that I posted these links. If not LMK I will remove.
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    It’s a Hi Def type of night !! Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    I’d upload more but this app makes picture uploading a total pain in the ass. It’s spring conditions here but the snow is deep. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    We are staying at Snowbird so did the gate access to ski back in the afternoon via Mineral Basin and then off the top. Kind of cool we didn't have to ride shuttle back. Did some apres at goldminers daughter and one quick beer at the Peruvian Lodge. Altitude was an issue for me today getting my wind and also still have a nagging headache. Hopefully better acclimated tomorrow. Sent from my XT1254 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    ~9AM 1/27. Fcksummer was reading a breakfast beer can of IPA and trying to find out if it met ABV standards. ABV replies "It has a skull and crossbones. It has to be good!!!!!"
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    Fuck, that's why they make Fresh Cut and Founders All Day IPA!! Session beers FTW Sent from my [device_name] using http://Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    So long suckers. I'm heading eastward to the Dolomites on Friday. Enjoy whatever the next two weekends brings. Cortina is forecast to see a couple of feet of snow this weekend.
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    I'm surprised by the lack of Olympics discussion on this forum. Temped to start a half dozen threads. Maybe later. For now I'm watching the Men's combined. The action has been been good, but I'm especially impressed by Bode's commentary. Very calm, very technical, very insightful. So much of sports commentary is absolutely intolerable, but his is actually enjoyable.
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    Sugarbush is the best in VT by a lot! Crap that's only 9 words. I'll have to work on 41 other superlatives.
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    We had quite the crew at Cannon today, with a solid group of 13. Some demographics: - Ages: Teens x4, 20s x4, 30s x1, 40s x2, 50s x2 - Gender: M x10, F x3 - Gear: Skis x4, snowboard x9 - NMS representation: @puckit@ABV@fcksummer Coverage: very good across all trails and woods. Unfortunately too firm to get off of the groomers. Range of opinions about conditions:. “it's not that great” to “it's not that bad” to “it’s pretty good” Early morning conditions: 15-18 degrees. Clear and sunny. No wind. Well groomed everywhere. Very fast! Fun to carve the wide open groomers. Late morning conditions: low 20s. Clear and sunny. Conditions starting to soften. Still dominated by grooming, but some looser snow available on the edges. Afternoon conditions: low 20s. Thin overcast. Conditions firmed up with lack of sun. Hard pack, ice showing through. Increasingly sketchy. Overall a fun, fast day. Good company made it a longer day than I would have stuck with if I were solo. Grill, beer, etc were at least as good as the skiing. New snow could quickly change it from OK to Great! Loss of snow could quickly change it from OK to awful. Looking at 2-4” by tomorrow morning that could be a nice game changer.
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    Did the same thing last year in Feb, followed by a couple of good storms in March plus a foot on April's fools. Let's hope.
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    A few photos from Alta today. It was good. They got about 8-12" Thursday night into Friday. I was a day late, but not bad! My buddy and my son goofing around: tres amigos piss pass scenic beginner chair my niece in white
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    Heading to SL tomorrow morning for 5 days of skiing. Snow starts tomorrow @ 10:00am. Thank you Mother Nature! ❄️
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    I know that January was less than favorable for snow storms, which is why you didn't see a lot from me. Plus I was on vacation for the last ten days in the Dolomites and Venice, but I'm back now! I'm still trying to work through my backlog, but fortunately tomorrow's upcoming storm is a simple story. In short, there is a progressive wave coming through tomorrow (Wednesday) that will drop a quick 8-12" of snow across northern New England. As the center of the low will pass over southern New England, accumulations will taper off across the seacoast of NH and most of MA. The snow should start in the morning and taper off in the evening and be done by midnight across New England. Like most coastal lows, expect New Hampshire and Maine to do better than Vermont, though nobody should be disappointed. I've left out any specific model forecast maps, because I don't want to get too focused on where the exact rain / snow transition line sets up in any one forecast. Also given the nature of this system (a progressive wave), I don't expect orographic enhancement to be as big a factor as we would see with a closed coastal low (your traditional Nor'Easter). The thermal profile still appears uncertain over southern New England, so I'm not showing a track for the low. Look for it to pass somewhere between southeastern NH and southeast MA. The result is relatively uncertain accumulations, with 2-8" expected in the transition region around the Merrimack Valley. After the storm, cooler but still seasonable temperature return. It will be a chilly but tolerable late week for skiing, and then will moderate toward the weekend. A weaker wave of disturbed warmer weather approaches for this weekend. Enjoy the soft snow on Friday and Saturday, because the passing of Sunday's weather could lead to a wetter snowpack firming up on the back side. Next week's weather looks at best seasonable, with a lack of any sustained cold air.
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    Worst Grooming - Cannon Flattest Pitch - Bretton Woods Worst Drivers - Loon Highest Concentration of Joeys - Killington add on....
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    Thanks to everyone who gave great recommendations in this thread. Some of you put some significant effort into it (looking at you @Jully and @WJenness). Unfortunately I got my ass handed to me by the flu a few days before we were set to go. I ended up bailing on the trip. But I did pass along these recommendations to my friends who still went. They appreciated it big time and said that although conditions aren't great they are having a blast. I'm bookmarking this thread because I still plan to get out there before too long. Thanks again!
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    I skied Park City today. It was about 45 degs, but it felt like about 55, which is a common feeling I get out here. Contrary to reports of Utah's demise, things aren't terrible out here. Most of the designated trails are open and skiing decently, if a little thin. Some trees are in play, but a lot of the offpiste is off limits. Here are a few photos from today. In the morning my wife and I went hiking on some XC trails near Deer Valley. Kind of wild to see skiing among sagebrush. Then I went skiing from noon to 4pm McConkey Chair View of some of The Canyons terrain from the Super Condor Express Chair. McConkey's Bowl features one of the biggest mogul fields at Park City.
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    I think it's safe to say MR-87 can also be considered as a women daily driver skis as well @MarzNC
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    I hope so these tunaspeed runs are going to kill me.
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    Last day and we were pretty tired and not overly inspired to ski all day on groomers. Made some good turns first thing off the Supreme lift. Sugarloaf was more wind blown. Fun 4 days. Wish it was fresh powder of course but still made some great turns. Both Snowbird and Alta are impressive mtns. Can see why so popular. Off to the airport back home to Manchester Sent from my XT1254 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Heres my jerk-dog. Cassie is a husky and great pyrenees mix with the don't give a F attitude of both. Sheds everywhere, kills everything in the yard without mercy, doesn't like to play unless its out in the snow, and generally hates everything except for cheese and walk time. She's a'ight though and doesn't eat people, which is good since shes soft and everyone always wants to pet her.
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    Big Sky was pretty awesome last week on the MAX Pass. IKON is interesting, I'm waiting to complain until I hear the details - price and # of days makes a huge difference.
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    Went to Berkshire East yesterday for the first time. Trails were in great shape considering the recent weather and there were little to no lift lines the whole time we were there. Definitely will be making more trips there in the future.
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    Saturday: Crotched Sunday thru Wednesday: Alta & Snowbird Sent from my XT1254 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Good discussion and good comparison of resorts slope pitches (including White Heat). It's worth reading the whole article http://www.skibum.net/do-it-up/comparing-steepness-of-ski-trails/ but here's the list for reference.... Relevant to this thread, they show White Heat at 27, while Avalanche at Cannon is 31. They don't have any data from Wildcat. Below: Minimum section length 2000′ Ski Area Trail Name Angle (Degrees) Length of Measurement Vertical Drop of Measured Length Notes Arapahoe Basin, CO Pallavicini 32° 2152′ 1113′ virtually entire length Taos, NM Al’s Run 31.4° 2841′ 1481′ virtually entire length Stowe, VT Lookout 29.6° 2148′ 1062′ entire upper section Sugarloaf USA, ME Gondy Line 29.6° 2027′ 1001′ Snowfield & entire upper section Killington, VT Outer Limits 29.5° 2241.5′ 1105′ virtually entire length Sun Valley, ID Limelight 29.2° 2607′ 1273′ upper & middle section Jay Peak, VT Can Am 25.7° 2006′ 870′ avg of upper & middle section Plattekill, NY Freefall 21.7° 2144′ 791′ virtually entire length Below: Minimum section length 1000′ Ski Area Trail Name Angle (Degrees) Length of Measurement Vertical Drop of Measured Length Notes Crested Butte, CO Banana Chute 39.5° 1723′ 1096′ avg overall; 1st 1k is 40.9° Squaw Valley, CA KT-22 38.3° 1367′ 847′ 75 Chute Alta, UT Alf’s High Rustler 36.5° 1606′ 955′ top to cat track Smugglers Notch, VT Black Hole 35° 1013′ 586′ virtually entire length Cannon, NH DJ’s Tramline 34.1° 1035′ 581′ below Middle Cannon Hunter Mt, NY Westway 34° 1307′ 738′ 2/3 of length Sun Valley, ID Exhibition 32.5° 1279′ 688′ from dogleg left turn to bottom Whiteface, NY The Slides 32° 1441′ 758′ Slide 1 Killington, VT Double Dipper 31° 1207′ 625′ from drop off point to bottom Snowbird, UT Mach Shnell 29° 1404′ 671′ from drop off point to bottom Whiteface, NY Upper Northway 28° 1035′ 483′ main pitch Sunday River, ME White Heat 27° 1635′ 742′ snowfield section Jay Peak, VT Haynes 27° 1319′ 602′ upper section Whiteface, NY Mountain Run 26° 1384′ 620′ the steep part Whiteface, NY Upper Skyward 26° 1708′ 737′ Approx. 1/2 of trail Beaver Creek, CO Ripsaw 26° 1169′ 519′ most of trail Gore, NY The Rumor 25° 1335′ 566′ entire route Beaver Creek, CO Birds of Prey 24.4° 1108′ 458′ Pete’s Arena Beaver Creek, CO Cataract 23.7° 1079′ 434′ most of trail Snowshoe, WV Shay’s Revenge 23° 1172′ 455′ headwall Copper, CO Sawtooth 22.5° 1535′ 588′ lower half Beaver Creek, CO Birds of Prey 20.4° 1213′ 423′ Golden Eagle & Abyss Sundown, CT Gunbarrel 19° 1014′ 332′ upper 3/4 of trail Seven Springs, PA Avalanche 18.8° 1098′ 353′ most of trail Below: Minimum section length 500′ Ski Area Trail Name Angle (Degrees) Length of Measurement Vertical Drop of Measured Length Notes Squaw Valley, CA KT-22 43° 790′ 540′ Johnny Moseley’s Run Squaw Valley, CA KT-22 42° 709′ 475′ GS Bowl Arapahoe Basin, CO Pallavicini 40° 706′ 453′ Pally Face Stowe, VT Upper Starr 38.7° 512′ 320′ headwall from top Alta, UT Alf’s High Rustler 38° 795′ 491′ Upper half Jay Peak, VT Can Am 32° 740′ 390′ top section only Cannon, NH Avalanche 31° 545′ 281′ Banshee Cut to Banshee section Sugarloaf USA, ME Gondy Line Extension 31° 537′ 275′ snowfield section Breckenridge, CO Mach One 30.8° 686′ 351′ from drop approx 150′ down trail Whiteface, NY Upper Skyward 30° 806′ 406′ topmost section Blue Knob, PA Extrovert 29.9° 909′ 453′ top to dogleg right Mountain Creek, NJ Pipeline 28.6° 607′ 291′ headwall to old Fitz’ Folly trail Vail, CO Riva Ridge 28.4° 517′ 246′ Tourist Trap headwall Gore, NY The Rumor 28° 615′ 284′ top half Whiteface, NY Cloudspin 26° 933′ 414′ from a bit below the top Beaver Creek, CO Birds of Prey 26° 866′ 383′ The Flyway Wengen, SWITZ Lauberhorn 22.6° 828′ 318′ Hanneggschuss Seven Springs, PA Goosebumps 20.7° 634′ 224′ most of slope Massanutten, VA Mak Attack 19.4° 628′ 209′ drop off to Showtime connection Below: Minimum section length 300′ Ski Area Trail Name Angle (Degrees) Length of Measurement Vertical Drop of Measured Length Notes Jackson Hole, WY Corbet’s Couloir 53° 350′ 280′ average of drop + chute Jay Peak, VT Green Beret 38° 361′ 223′ headwall Jay Peak, VT Face Chutes 37° 352′ 212′ with trees Arapahoe Basin, CO Pallavicini 36° 465′ 275′ Pally Main Street Jay Peak, VT Tuckerman’s Chute 36° 400′ 240′ with trees Mount Snow, VT Ripcord 35° 437′ 235′ headwall only Montage, PA White Lightning 32° 400′ 213′ headwall only Belleayre, NY Upper Yahoo 30° 300′ 151′ headwall only Attitash, NH Middle Ptarmigan 26° 332′ 145′ section between cross trails Blue Knob, PA Stembogen Bowl 22.7° 329′ 127′ skier’s left into funnel Seven Springs, PA North Face Slope 18° 327′ 100′ headwall
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    New to me Sent from my XT1254 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Worst Trail Rating: Candyland at Cannon (a blue square for a narrow glade that has segments less than ten feet wide, all natural conditions and bumped, plus an entry way that requires straight lining while ducking through a twenty foot long rabbit hole, genius! or the lower/side entrance which is a sometimes sporty somewhat narrow-ish bumped up chute . Further (!!!), from the rabbit hole entrance, you need to ski Skyline, a mellow trail which is rated a black diamond to get to it. If you don't go down the rabbit hole, you could instead opt to ski Ridge Run, rated a black diamond even though it is a traverse! It is obvious to me that the person that made the trail map has never skied any of those trails and definitely hasn't skied Candyland. Good grief. Used to be one of my favorite lines before it was put on the map. Blue square rating is absolutely ludicrous. Zoomalanche for worst trail name gets a second from me.
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    Worst value for money, Gunstock.
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    Worst parking lot setup: Waterville Valley
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    You think reading its funny try being there !!! I was sore from laughing !
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    Flying to SLC on Saturday...I'll send pics from Snowbird/Alta next week
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    Do It !! Either way it will be a Win for you or us.......someone wins ! Take one for the team !
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    I thought this had good potential for discussion. I started with "I couldn't tell if it was all real. Some of it looks fake." you followed up with "You guys are kidding right?". I was leaving room for discussion, you were shutting down the discussion with ridicule.
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    Another from today: Hey ABV, I brought a growler of 9% IPA. Want some? ABV replies Oooooooh, yeahhhhhhhhhh

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