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    Old school for me means a few different things. A mountain doesn't necessarily have to hit all of them, but definitely some. Random smattering would be: - Trail layout - more of a classic NE feel without tons of wide boulevards - Base lodge area style/feel - not tons of restaurants fancy shops, etc (Wildcat lodge) - Lack of grooming I would say BW definitely does not fit this bill. The only thing you could argue for is the base area does not feel super resorty, as others have indicated. I personally would put Attitash and Waterville in the same category and that is a bit different than BW. BW is a bit more upscale, though in large part due to the hotel. Wildcat is definitely old school. Cannon too.
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    It did not sound on the up and up when this was originally announced.
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    ASC is commonly used to refer to Aspen. It also means American Ski Co. Context pretty clear here.

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