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    Burke is gamble. With all the changes and the whole receivership thing it's not easy to look back and use the past as any indication of this coming season. Who knows what they will do in terms of snowmaking and trail openings. If the conditions are poor there isn't much else in the area to keep the family occupied with. You'll end up driving an hour North or South to find other choices. As you mentioned, there are a lot more options in North Conway (both skiing and non-skiing).
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    Late December is a crap shoot when it comes to conditions any place in the northeast. Also if not much terrain is open it tends to be crowded. Burke would be the least crowded but could have the least open as well...
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    nothing more to say new MR95 and MR 107 finished and almost ready for snow.
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    I wasn’t able to make it out this past weekend so I started my season with a nice 2100’ skin and ski of Wildcat. Trip up was pretty easy up polecat. The ski down was a lot of fun. Nice soft spring skiing down lynx. Felt like a day in mid April. Natural was pretty deep in places. Great way to start the season for me. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports

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