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    Definitely. I don't know the conditions but that's a really good guess. Rock skies necessary is no reason to close a trail at Sugarbush and some trails like Paradice, and lower Birdland usually has a few exposed rocks. I think Steins is really rocky but has snowmaking so usually does not matter.
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    Loon claims they will be open full time as of now. It was pretty great today. Sent from my XT1650 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    I just looked at Sugarbush which is only just opening up, and already has 9 trails with Just the Valley house. Most are NATURAL. I expect most of all of Heaven's Gate to open tomorrow and probably some trials under Super Bravo.
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    Loon had a little bit of trouble in takeoff, but once they were in the air it was a terrific opening day. They started off first thing with a wind hold on the gondola (legitimately so because it was honking in the early morning). This obviously caught them off guard and it took a minute to fire up 7 Brothers. We got there around 10 and they were just switching back to the gondola and turning people away from 7 Brothers. That transition, plus running the gondi slow for awhile, backed up a pretty sizeable line and there was a fair amount of grumbling. There were a bunch of other minor things that showed they really weren't prepared for an opening. But.... So what, conditions were great!! The man-made combined with Tuesday's storm made a nice base for the 3-5" that came last night and throughout the day. The vibe was very good, and it pretty much felt like a mid-season day. I'll be feeling it tomorrow! Sent from my XT1650 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app

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