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    After last week, a couple 2-4" events back to back will set things up very nicely. Should be some heavy wet stuff too. Won't get us back in the steep woods at Magic but will open most stuff up. Hoping the RGEM is off because Wednesday would mean an icy mess. Going to snow tonight until Thursday night lol Shave off 1/3 imo.
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    If this lift is replaced as a result of this, I expect a grass roots movement to have the squirrel sainted. It will have performed a veritable miracle in getting the lift replaced. #SaintSquirrel #TripleTrouble
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    I'm not sure how seriously I can take any forecast delivered by that haircut.
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    I'm likely out for 4/27 because I'll be working on getting the boat ready for the season. Ideally the inferno ends early and we meet up in C Lot afterwards! Definitely not ideal timing for me this yr Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    They have been informed. Feel free to like and retweet. Let's get #TripleTrouble trending.
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    Also here are some pictures from yesterday. It snowed 4 inches in the morning.
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    Wildcat was Awesome Both days, trees and ungroomed were all soft and fluffy ! Had a great Weekend !

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