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    Great day once I got there with 2 of my sons and 1 of their friends. The drive was slow above exit 23. Started skiing around 9:20. Snow came down all day. Started at the top and got fresh on Profile. Hit vista way next and that was great as well. Skied upper Cannon and also lost boy glade and go green which both skied very well. Taft was in great shape in the morning as well. From Taft hit Hard scrabble which had some obstacles under the snow but mostly was fine. Back up the detachable skied the old lift line to skirt over to the front five. The snow on the front five was a little sticky in the morning so after taking only a couple of runs (zoomer lift line and zoomer) met up with some friends and headed over to Mittersill and ducked ropes to ski a powdery Cannonball but then made a mistake and went into the Golden Birches Glade which was very thin. No damage done. Skied Baron's and then had lunch. After Lunch went back to the top. The wind had picked up and visibility decrease so headed into Lost Boys and another run through Go Green to get out of the wind. Back to the front five and the snow had dried out as it had gotten colder. No ice but it got more powdery. Skied Whiskey towne and Echo glades the latter being the nicer of the 2. Was going to go back to the top for a top to bottom run to end the day but the cannonball was by then (3:15) was on windhold so ended up ending on lower hardscrabble into The Creek glade which skied nice onto Middle and out on Red Ball. A beer in the bar and then home to take my 2 race runs at Crotched.
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    Magic was stellar today. Still skiing untracked at 3pm. All the low angle woods are back in play with not many worries. A few waterbars to watch on Heart of the Magician to watch for as always. Left side of Black Line was amaze-balls. Lower sections of Red Line and Sorcerer were memorable. Glad winter is back.
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    Firm and fast was the story of our opening night. Decent course setup. Lighting is at least improved at CM this yr. Was a real safety issue in spots last season. Our NMS team finished 3rd on the night, just out of 2nd but we were missing a couple guys and we'll all improve as we get re acclimated to gate racing. Great to see everyone on the team and share some beers afterwards! Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Also. One picture of a small bump line they have on skiers right on UFO! Didn't sample as looked like an icy mess! Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    I think I'll be going with a some combination of my sons on Saturday. Wind looks high with a high of 7 so I'll keep an eye on that before making my final decision. Sunday supposed to be x-country skiing with the wife at Waterville.
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    I heard that too, but it was roped of when I got there. Did not try it. Sent from my XT1650 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Update from 1/9 conditions: Loon in the AM: 8-10" of extremely dense snow. Then intermittent rain/snow. I was glad to be back on a board, most skiers were really struggling. I was pretty soaked bt 11 so I bailed for Cannon. Cannon in the PM: After getting stuck behind an accident in the Notch for 45min I finally got to Cannon. Completely different world than Loon. 6-8" at the base. 12"+ at the summit. Super fluffy. Howling winds made for a whiteout and massive drifts. People (including me) were falling all over the place as they crashed into or fell over giant drifts that they could see coming. It was insanely good though!! Trees were the best bet to deal with the wind and visibility problems, Pretty much everything back in play!
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    1/8/2019: 3-4" on top of Loon's standard super-groom. While other local areas (Cannon) had wind issues, Loon had light winds and all lifts running. Crowds were minimal. South Peak and North Peak were ski-on, while the Gondola line extended barely outside the building. It continued to snow lightly throughout the entire although additional accumulation was only a trace. Everything was is terrific shape. There is some blue ice under the fresh snow, but except for the steepest trails (Ripsaw, etc) there was rarely a reason to turn hard enough to get into anything firm. The biggest challenge of the day was a light icing on the goggles near the summit. I covered my goggles during lift rides and found that to help on the descents. 1/9 should be pretty amazing with any amount of new accumulation. I only took 2 pics (and they are more for me than you). As a 90% snowboarder I was extremely happy with Big Stix 110mm/186cm during the untracked morning, and Big Stix 100/176cm in the chopped up afternoon. Skiing is HARD WORK!! I'll be back on the board tomorrow....if I can walk. Oh wait....I forgot that I took this pic too. Best gondola share I've ever had....

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