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    Showed up a bit late to the 'cat on Saturday. Was greeted with beautiful skies through Franconia notch and some very good snow on the hill. Sunday was more of the same awesome. Black Cat was decently filled in- as was Feline and Hairball. Outstanding weekend after the mid week storm. Cannon was also blowing a butt ton of snow on Sunday. Cannon back there somewhere. Black Cat Franconia Notch
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    I'm not a lift mechanic or an electrician, but that whole squirrel story seems pretty bogus to me. You can't start your excuse by saying that your lifts "are designed to withstand that which Mother Nature throws at them". And then say it broke because a squirrel stepped on it. Sent from my XT1650 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    It was cold and a little snowy in KC last week and KC had no issues. so not so sure
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    Such a great place. 500 acres of tree skiing. Hardly anything on map. Cheap tickets. Everyone super friendly. Unbelievable conditions Ski on. Skis way bigger than trail map would suggest. A real gem that I'd encourage everyone to get to when they are fully open Was with my kids so only explored as much as my older son (age 5) ability allowed us. Can't wait for return trip Sunday 3/3 with @SkiBearded for some poking around! Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Yeti may be on to something on the battery idea. My Tundra was running really rough this Fall sporadically..it would drive fine and then all of a sudden had trouble shifting, the dash lights all lit up, 4x4 started flashing, 4 low flashing despite me being in 2wd. I un hooked both battery cables, & cleaned the terminals. They were pretty gunked up with corrosion and haven't had an issue since. The problem immediately went away once the computer "re-learned" what it was like to have a strong connection.
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    For the first time in forever I might actually plan on watching some football. I really want to see a Brady vs. Brees Superbowl.
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    Wednesday: Crotched (ARL) Saturday: Ragged Sunday: Ragged If Friday's snow event comes in stronger than it looks right now I may take PTO. If yes, I'll be at Ragged.
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    I'm starting to get excited. Friday looks like. Sunday looks like the main event. Still too far out for details, but a Chasing Snow post will be coming this week. But where do I go this weekend? So many options! Looking at my ticket supply and cross-correlating with blackouts... Black (NH) Sunday River Shawnee Peak Cranmore Crotched Attitash Wildcat Bretton Woods Cannon Middlebury Stowe Jay Peak Damn. Time to start burning tickets.
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    Few more pics. My only other day there was a few yrs ago and it was overcast and horrid conditions. Didn't get a good sense of the MTN. Yesterday showed me it's really a gorgeous hill and so unpretentious. Such a great spot to hit when other mtns are busy and the snow is good. Also,they now sell beer (in cans) in the lodge. Previously it was an alcohol free zone being part of the college campus Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    If Candyland was not to your liking, you're not really going to find much else at Cannon for trees that will be to your liking. I really don't even consider Candyland a glade. Though that area is better skied from the Skyline entrance. The T-bar entrance is just the consolation prize for exiting the trees above that cut in. That pitch can be ass more often than not. Banshee Glade are pretty low angle and mellow. Turnpike for what that thing is worth. The trees escalate quickly from there. Bretton is the way to go for learning to ski glades, they have lots of easier and wider options with less pitch.
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    As @Smellytele said, upper mountain glades are tight. Go Green is probably tightest & steepest so you didn't do yourself any favors there. Lost Boys is the easiest of the upper mtn glades but is still very tight by other mtn's standards. It's accessible off the left side of Upper Cannon. It's surprisingly far down the trail so you always feel like you missed it, but it's fairly obvious. You can see the top of the Peabody when you are at the entrance. They have cut a bunch of new stuff above that (Upper Lost boys??) that is also accessible off of Upper Cannon at ~ the 2nd turn. It's tighter than Lost Boys-proper so I don't recommend it if you aren't comfortable with the tighter stuff. Snowmaker's is accessed off of the beginning of Time Zone. There isn't a well defined entrance and has been recently obscured by race fencing. Today I went in a little high in order to avoid the fencing. It's a nice low-angle, well-spaced glade which makes it easier. However, it has a very boney base compared to other lower mtn glades. Where you might feel a bit of wood underneath on the other ones, Snowmaker's will have pointy granite! It can be a base killer and can trip you up pretty bad. I found untracked lines in there today, but I also hit a lot of stuff. Also, keep in mind that it dumps you out on the access road to Ernie's. It requires a skate or walk back to Zoomer. Nothing major, but it's not a direct-to-lift trail.

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