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    The forecast in the Sierra's looks nuts! They are getting 10-20% of their annual precipitation this week! An impromptu trip is mighty tempting...
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    It was open today. No increase in speed but the trails were great.
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    Saturday - Cannon Sunday - TBD (Cannon or Bretton Woods) Monday - Bretton Woods Tuesday - TBD (kids don't have school so taking a vacation day)
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    Showed up a bit late to the 'cat on Saturday. Was greeted with beautiful skies through Franconia notch and some very good snow on the hill. Sunday was more of the same awesome. Black Cat was decently filled in- as was Feline and Hairball. Outstanding weekend after the mid week storm. Cannon was also blowing a butt ton of snow on Sunday. Cannon back there somewhere. Black Cat Franconia Notch

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