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    Friday: drinking in Berlin Saturday: travel day Sunday: St Anton
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    Heading there this afternoon I'll let ya know
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    I know the guy in question. He is a total asshole, and I don't know anybody from Stowe who knows him and isn't like "yeah, that makes sense."
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    I'll throw in a vote for Kinco 901 gloves. Hands down the warmest, most durable glove I have ever owned and only cost $23. Going on 3 years with my current pair with no signs of quitting.
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    Ever since the start of this thread I've probably watched 200 different manual instructional videos about 30x each. This is my favorite, because it separates the practical application from the 'trick'.
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    Ive only skied there 2 times this year on my Peaks pass, only negative as you mentioned is the lift. The trails are pretty good with a decent mix of steep groomers. They groom and make snow as good as anyone and can recover from the crap weather of last week pretty fast. I honestly think they are a great addition to the peaks pass for when the cat is on wind holds, they seem to be more protected. I liked it and will be going back for sure, they had some really good Hot Cocoa on Spillway Saturday !!
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    Someone needs to start a running 2018/19 Attitash thread. Just being honest and not being judgemental, that place has been 100% off my radar for about 25 years and I kind of assumed it was on it's way out considering the available options to the east and west. But all of a sudden there seems to be lots of reports and mentions popping up on this site. All of which are positive (except the triple chair issue). So I guess I'd just like to see more of the running hype/love/appeal of the place. Maybe change my preconceived and uninformed perceptions.
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    Friday wildcat Saturday wildcat Sunday Attitash

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