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    All the low angle stuff was incredi-balls. Got first tracks on Pixie, HOM, lower Red Line, and fresh tracks seemingly everywhere. Only about 50 people on the hill so still plenty of untouched until the afternoon. A little crusty/hard under some of the steeper terrain (Tali, Trick, HOM) but Up Your Sleeve, Medium, left side of Black Line, upper half of Broomstick, and lower section of Red Line were worth repeating (think I hit Up Your Sleeve 3-4 times). Could absolutely bomb down with no worries.
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    It was a good day.
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    Cat on Sat. Skiing and doing some snow shoeing. Cat on Sun. Skiing and barstool skiing.
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    Quick video edit of the first 2hrs. After that things got 'woodsy' and the cam didn't come out. Something messed up with the audio and I don't have the time or patience to fix it. Hum your favorite song.... Edit: Audio repaired, new link. Not sure how much it adds to the experience, you still may want to hum your favorite song....
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    Anyone who says it is time to move on to spring in January should be ignored.
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    @fcksummer first tracks.. Obviously very deep.... Traffic Jam....
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    Shawnee Peak sat and Sunday.
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    That looks fantastic!! Me and the boy hit Black today, had a blast. Unfortunately my daughter decided to go figure skating on Monday night and no owns a left wrist buckle fracture and is down for the next 3 weeks minimally. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    So we are not seeing you at Cannon this weekend.
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    Great day and great turns. Best day of 2019 at Cannon. Lifty Shot, Gunsight and Obvious. All awesome. Lost Boys and Go Green were awesome. First tracks in Echo. Too much to think about which one was best.
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    Friday: drinking in Berlin Saturday: travel day Sunday: St Anton
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    Bretton Woods: Sat & Sun (we've got family visiting with a big mix of skill level)
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    I know the guy in question. He is a total asshole, and I don't know anybody from Stowe who knows him and isn't like "yeah, that makes sense."
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    He has moved on to better things. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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    Friday wildcat Saturday wildcat Sunday Attitash

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