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    I find it a smart reason from a corporate standpoint, employer standpoint, and my own personal planning standpoint. As a corporation you can save money, avoid potentially dangerous conditions and insurance issues. As an employer, the ski resort gives advance notice to employees which many may appreciate and much more importantly doesn't put its workers in dangerous and extremely unpleasant conditions. As a skier I'm glad because I won't be sitting in the base lodge waiting for the Snowcat and Tomcat lifts to spin for 30 minutes then shut again. I do wonder if Peaks would play this different if attitash wasn't down the road. I bet they would because otherwise they'd have to refund everyone's tickets. The shared ticket is a great tool they use frequently.
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    Wildcat just announced that they won't be opening tomorrow due to forecasted winds and temps. They have done that several (3-5?) times this season already. Before any of the Wildcat regulars get their fur up, I'm not saying that this is a bad call and am not being critical at all. Just a topic for conversation during crap weather! This is fairly unusual, but is it a good thing or bad? Would you rather know in advance to not bother making the drive to your favorite resort? Or would you rather hope that they would leave the door open for a change in conditions? It seems obvious that Wildcat is quicker to make this decision since they can offer another nearby product at Attitash. Would you rather your home mountain have a plan B even if means that they are quicker to cancel on Plan A? I've never been in that situation, so it's a tough call for me. The only multi-mountain passes I've had are like the White Mtn Superpass. With that pass I liked the fact that if Cannon was on windhold I could go to Bretton Woods. But it's a different scenario because the 2 resorts made their decisions independently of each other. I'm not sure I'd be happy with Cannon being quick to pull the plug because they knew their passholders could go to Bretton Woods. On the other hand, I've wasted a lot of good mornings waiting to find out if Cannon would open only to find out that they didn't. What other resorts have this same decision-making process? During early-season Peaks does this to favor Wildcat over Attitash, and Boyne does it to favor SR over Loon, but I can't think of other mid-winter examples. Edit: I should point out that tomorrow is not the best example of this conundrum since it is so clearly going to be garbage. But the theory still applies....
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    The correct answer is an honest prediction on the afternoon and early morning report. "We're expecting heavy winds and may not be able to run lifts but will make every attempt to open" or something along those lines. Throwing in the towel a day ahead seems kinda odd. What if winds aren't as bad as forecasted?
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    All of the above basically, having options based on weather, conditions and or grooming. Just having different terrain, learning new mountains.
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    Post below mine is irrelevant. He's going to Florida. I didn't ask "what would Matlock do??"
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    Let's just wait and see what lifts Cannon spins tomorrow...
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    There's a reason they named themselves after a cat
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    I went in late January and it was indeed very convenient. The one downside is the airport feels like it is well over its intended capacity. Getting bags, checking in, etc. was a complete mob scene. Hopefully there are plans to expand the airport if airlines keep sending larger jets there! Steamboat itself was great. Like Jim said Steamboat is not super challenging, but Storm Peak reminds me a lot of Wildcat. Mostly ungroomed with nothing scary steep, but a lot of very interesting and long tree runs. Don't go there if you're looking for scary bowls and rocky chutes, but tight trees, open trees, bump runs, it was all there. Very interesting skiing for the four days I skied there. I am not sure if I'd want to ski there 7 days straight though. I still like eastern trees the best though.
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    My buddy who originally clued me in to this deal back in December leaves for Steamboat tomorrow. Back in December I didn't want to commit because I didn't know what my work schedule and eastern conditions would be. My work schedule is non-existent (thanks gov shutdown!) and eastern ski conditions are shite. I will not make that mistake again!
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    Attitash on Sat if Cat is closed due to wind.
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    Cannon was horrible yesterday. Can't imagine what it will be like on Saturday.

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