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    We passed on Cannon this weekend because of the wind on Saturday, but also because we assumed it would be an ice rink after the thaw/rain/freeze. We headed to BW with low expectations because it had been such a rough week, but we were very pleasantly surprised! Granted, I have young kids, and the 5-year-old loves BW because he can feel like a rockstar there, but we skied all weekend and never saw boilerplate. By the end of the day there were some icy spots, but you could just ski over them. On Saturday the lifts were running slow, but they were all running and surprisingly, the lift lines weren’t too bad. Sunday the conditions were even better. Yes, the terrain is a bit dull, especially when the trees are not in play, but my family and I managed to have a great time there this weekend, and I doubt we could have had a better time at any other mountain in the area after the weather last week! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Absolutely pointless unless Cannon is planning to run the tram summer only and not in winter in which case it might make a little bit of sense. Just what Cannon needs... more high intensity traffic being placed right above the Links and hitting the Avalanche to Banshee ice shelf. Good grief.
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    Tram makes more money in the summer than winter. The overall park does.
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    That would be pretty cool running up and over the cliff. Where I would love to see a lift is from red ball up to the top of mittersill. Then have trails cut down from the top. I know it won’t happen but can dream Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports

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