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    Jully, check out the SR Community page. Shockwave apparently opened at 920am to a pack of charging skiers. Apparently someone cut across one of the steep pitched sections and about a 1/3 of the slope released and slid several hundred feet, taking at least one skier with it. Luckily not badly hurt, but a rare event for an inbounds slide (nee, avalanche) on an Eastern trail. Sounds like it exposed the glare ice beneath, so not surprising they closed it again after that event with the ice above and a debris field below. Sounds like it needed a winch cat and looking at today's trail report, looks like it got it and is open today.
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    Nice! Will attempt a Cannon report too, but basically the same story... questionable start leading into amazing day.
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    Got on the mountain at about 9:05. The mountain was reporting 12" of snow from the get go, but it felt more like 8-10." It unfortunately started sleeting almost as soon as the mountain opened and the powder was quickly covered with a thin, but nevertheless annoying crust. What was underneath the crust was actually quite light at first though. After about an hour of sleet, it changed back to snow at 10ish and snowed pretty consistently until about noontime when the sun came out. The afternoon had some snow melt in the sun, but stayed super comfortable. The crust all but disappeared once the sun came out or a few skiers went down a trail, so it had very minimal impact on my day. The snow in Jordan was the best. Skied Caramba, Wizards Gulch, Poppy Fields, Flying Monkey, Ruby Palace, and skier's right of Tin Woodsman. As the sun came out in the afternoon, I went back east to hit up Barker, Spruce, and eventually White Cap. Pretty much everything was skiable, though Shockwave never officially opened and Agony occasionally had some nasty ice mounds about the size of a go kart. Runs of the day were an early morning Caramba, Celestial, the top half of Spruce Cliffs (the bottom was the usual mess), and Aftershock (i.e. anything up high). Overall I hit almost no rocks or even stumps. Any scraping sound was some nasty glare ice on top of a rock, but even that was few and far between except in the obvious places. Barring a huge meltdown, they'll have excellent coverage for weeks to come. North Woods: Top of Spruce Cliffs Bottom of Spruce Cliffs A random smattering of Barker glades:
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    Actually over the mlk weekend the cannonball was down but the tram was running. They even ran it that Tuesday when wind closed the cannonball. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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    That's when you ski it anyway and if patrol gives you crap refer to what is listed as open on the report. It got me out of a few questions lol
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    I find it a smart reason from a corporate standpoint, employer standpoint, and my own personal planning standpoint. As a corporation you can save money, avoid potentially dangerous conditions and insurance issues. As an employer, the ski resort gives advance notice to employees which many may appreciate and much more importantly doesn't put its workers in dangerous and extremely unpleasant conditions. As a skier I'm glad because I won't be sitting in the base lodge waiting for the Snowcat and Tomcat lifts to spin for 30 minutes then shut again. I do wonder if Peaks would play this different if attitash wasn't down the road. I bet they would because otherwise they'd have to refund everyone's tickets. The shared ticket is a great tool they use frequently.

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