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    Speaking of which, today....
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    God. Dammit. Christ. That is all.
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    I have a new shirt Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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    9 runs on Lynx to open my season. Deepest coverage I've seen early season at Wildcat. Edge to edge with no signs of debris Very satisfying opening day at Wildcat Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Not really much of a story to tell, more just an update for people who are thinking about the weekend. Northern Vermont got the backend snow the past few days, NH didn't. It's all man-made and groomers here at Cannon. Within that reality it's not actually that bad. They have done a good job blowing snow the past few weeks. Last week they were just pouring it on everywhere. This week they are being strategic about the places that need it most. Today was refreshingly sunny. The next two days look like they might be the same but even warmer. I get bored pretty quickly on groomers, but some sun and mild temps can hold my interest for a while. Some pics from today. The guns strategically blazing, Parkway getting some tilling before shaping (?), and a rare view across the Notch.
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    Ugh! We'll be there (with the MLK masses) this weekend. Cannon in recovery state + crowds of people who don't ski very often = early days and lots of alcohol! Thanks for the report.
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    It's always kind of funny to me the way that Bretton Woods consistently scoops first to open in New Hampshire. The massive NH player, Loon, rarely ever tries to go early. Boyne gets their cred with Sunday River. Cannon is stuck in its state-run, fiscal-year, budget-plan, whatever. Wildcat, which should be the major player, hems and haws about getting it or not each year. So BW takes the honors again. And for free/charity. The noon opening saw about four rows of cars in the parking lot and a half full ski rack outside the lodge. Opening bell had about 30 people waiting for the chair to spin. I was maybe 8-10 chairs back but jumped up to the third when I realized that people were loading in 2s and 3s. Range View was the only open trail. Conditions felt like Mid-winter. Typical of BW, the center 3/4ths was groomed, with generous ungrounded on both sides. The 10 degree temps and blazing guns sent everyone inside quickly. It was ski-on by 2nd run. For me it was a great way to kick it off.
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    I was able to get a few picks of Xwhaler and MrsWeatherman. What a great day. Perfect ending of the season !!!
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    . Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Here's some footage from a few runs and bonus clip of @ABVat the end
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    Passed my Level 1 today; this is what my wife had waiting for me when I got home.
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    Spin off of @Cannonballer's thread about wind direction. Figured it might be helpful in the future to log when our mountains have wind holds so we have a database to reference back to. Please use the following template- Mountain: Lift(s) Impacted: Wind Speed: Wind Direction:
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    Burke on Saturday was quite amazing, tons of snow and very little wind . maybe 20 Kts north west and it blew up the lift line no effects at all, Biggest crown I ever saw there, lots of tickets dangling from jackets. most people I talked to on lift are new to Burke, a very good sign. they do have some good stay and ski packages at hotel but the crowd was way more than that. Deepest skiing I have seen in New England , I felt like I was out west !!!
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    Saturday, March 23 was probably the best powder day of the season at most places. Sunday, March 24 was one of the best bluebird days of the season at most places. Does that make this the best weekend of the 2018-2019 season?? It gets my vote. There *might* have been better individual days here and there throughout the season, but I don't think there was anything better back-to-back and on a weekend.
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    Cannon 2/16 Crowds: Yes, there were holiday crowds but actually less than MLK Sunday, and even less than the Sat after MLK. Crowds were felt more on the slopes then in the lines. Lines weren't terrible, but Joey-ville on the trails. Temp: it was about 20-25 degrees warmer than yesterday but felt about 10 degrees colder. The sun and lack of wind on Saturday made the single-digit temps comfortable. Today was cloudy, windy and raw. Conditions: still good stuff everywhere. Getting skied off in usual places mid-day. Goods in the woods.
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    Just so I stop seeing the picture of a broken toe on my phone I am uploading a random picture from Cannons website
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    I've experienced a few of these spots and posted photos below. I interpret this topic as more of: what are some of the most memorable places or runs you've experienced in the Northeast? THE OLYMPIC TRAILS AT WHITEFACE I'd agree that Whiteface is really special because of the big mountain feel of the place compared to a lot of eastern ski areas. THE SINGLE CHAIR, MAD RIVER GLEN Another good one. It's not just that the single chair is a cool antique, but THE TERRAIN it serves is challenging and beautiful, featuring some of the best tree skiing anywhere and fun, narrow, curvy trails. NIGHT SKIING AT MONT SAINTE-ANNE I only skied MSA in the day time. Night skiing there sounds like it would be a good way to get frostbite most of the winter🤪 But its a fine ski area and cool region to visit when you also check out Le Massif and tour the Old City of Quebec. SPRING SKIING IN KILLINGTON King of Spring, Killington, April 1976. I got my stretch pants, Elton John sunglasses, and Yamaha skis! Killington was the first New England mountain I fell in love with. Haven't been there in almost 20 years now. THE FRONT FOUR, STOWE Recent issue of Ski Magazine had Stowe rated as #18 resort in the East, just ahead of Wawa. That's nuts! Stowe is definitely one of the very top bucket list destinations for Eastern skiers. SUGARLOAF CAT SKIING I haven't done the cat there, but Brackett Basin, Burnt Mtn, and all that side country at Sugarloaf is really fun to explore. Great mountain. TUCKERMAN RAVINE I haven't done Tuckerman Ravine, but I'd say the view of it from Wildcat ski area on a pretty day is another Eastern bucket list item! When people ask me what's my favorite ski area in the East some of the big names come up, but I also always mention Wildcat. THE STRATTON 24 No photos from Stratton. I've skied there a few times, but it's been quite a while. Skiing there for 24 hours straight sounds like another good way to get frostbite unless it's a spring time event. Bonus items, with a few my own recommendations for a Northeastern snowrider's bucket list . LE MASSIF, QC Scenically, this place is unlike anywhere I've ever skied. Think Lord of the Rings. Pretty big mountain beside an ocean-like body of water. SADDLEBACK, ME This is why Saddleback must be resurrected. Super beautiful mtn with fun trails and trees. Best place I ever skied that went on the lost list, hopefully not for long. CANNON MOUNTAIN, NH A great and rugged New England mtn that should not be missed. Was there when Mittersill was hike-to only and that was fun too. Riding the tram and visiting the Ski Museum add to Cannon's unique appeal. SUGARBUSH, VT Gotta put Sugarbush on this list too. Big and burly enough to serve as a fine one-stop destination for a multi-day visit, except that it would be a crime not to also check out MRG for a day when in the vicinity.
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    Yes, half full Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    As a Sugarloaf Ambassador, I will be skiing there this weekend. Despite the recent rain, I know they got several inches of snow, have good snowmaking weather and a bit more falling tonight. This weekend the temps & weather will be excellent so I’m looking forward to it despite early season limited terrain. Take a look at their webcams if you’re on the fence. https://www.sugarloaf.com/conditions-and-cams
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    Even skiers that can ski Big Link with finesse often avoid it when it becomes a sheet of ice. Just because you can ski Big Link without issue doesn't make it any more enjoyable. 😂 I did that on Sunday... when I got tired of navigating Big Link, it didn't matter how good Vista and Tramway were skiing, it was time to avoid the upper mountain. Easy Link should be open by next weekend, though that suffers similar problems just on a smaller scale. You can stick to the other side of the Cannonball as well (Taft, Ravine, Skylight, etc.) to avoid the Links and have Spookie or Mid Ravine for the ski out. I can't speak towards how to level up a six year old that is scared of ice, that seems a rather valid concern for a young skier at Cannon! Encouraging skiing the edges of Big Link helps a lot. I like skier's left when there are some bumps. If skier's left is also iced, then turn into the elbow on skier's right. You still need to navigate some ice but you can find some soft mounds of snow to push through and use for speed control. Experience might help but learning good technique will help more. Then again, far more important to keep things fun for a six year old. Drilling technique is probably going to be worse than the ice itself. -- Glad to see some more natural snow falling at Cannon. Even if they didn't get the jackpot, the Front Five desperately needed a refresh. Avalanche was bone jarring on Sunday after all that wind came through the day before. Great base for the season, that is for sure.
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    Skied this morning with @hrstrat57 for 2 ½ hours. Great start to the season. Some lift issues at first, but the skiing was great.
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    Let's get this place open again. One of the very best in the East https://www.sunjournal.com/2019/03/15/boston-investment-firm-offers-to-buy-saddleback/?utm_content=buffer1a40a&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    I think a LOT of the BW crowd are people without passes. They have done a great job increasing traffic with their "seasonal rental program" with local ski shops. Kids rent skis for the season (<$150) and it comes with a free BW pass. Parents then do trips up there a few weekends/year. Based on the crowds there on the weekends and holiday weeks, I don't see there being an incentive to participate in a bigger collective. My family does the WMSP because we have a place in Lisbon and Cannon conditions can sometimes suck (ice, wind, etc), so having BW as an option is worth the extra $300. I also suck in the trees so I like the BW glades ☺️
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    I'm hopeful that this news pushed more of the independents to rally together. For next yr I'm buying an Indy Pass as well as a bunch of vouchers through various means. Will not have a traditional season pass but rather chase variety/snow as I like crowd avoidance and being able to ski different mtns with my 2 young boys. With a young family we place a premium on having uncrowded lodges, low/zero lift lines, and parking that doesn't require a shuttle bus. This is a pretty nice little collection that I'm hoping grows by another mtn or 2 for New England. I can definitely see myself getting 2 days in at Pats/Magic/S6/Bolton at minimum with a possible Berkshire East/Catamount trip as well. I'd like to see Black NH/Tenney/Middlebury/Granite Gorge consider jumping on this pass...they could raise the price up to $399 and add more mtns and I think it could be fairly popular. http://www.indyskipass.com/
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    Most likely my last day. Been an awful spring but today was pretty awesome. Down to just Superstar unless you're fine with walking.
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    Seventieth day today was a memorable one. Bagged out Friday due to rain, was awoken by the sound of sleet on the skylight around 6:00 today. By the time I checked outside it had changed to snow. Several inches had accumulated when I got to kbl around 8:00. Early runs on ovation were spectacular, not many pictures - only had a few hours and it was so good I didnt want to stop and get the phone out.
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    Here are some more: Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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    The Cat is 100% Open again !
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    @cannonballer awesome pics[emoji106]
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    HG opened a bit before lunch (just after 11:30). This pic was taken at 11:46: Yea...those were definitely the worst lines I can ever remember seeing. ME being nearly completely on windhold makes a bit difference. The skiing itself was excellent though. Just had to think carefully about which run to take as you weren't going to get a lot of them in with those crowds.
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    Don't piss off JimG.
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    Attitash had a quote to put a new lift up the old top notch double chair line 4 or 5 years ago for 4 Mil, how foolish were they to pass on that, Peaks resort needs someone that has some vision, or gives a crap about skiing to turn the ship at Attitash. If they don't NH will need to widen 302 to handle the additional traffic to BW
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    Problem addressed going forward....
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    I'm personally of the opinion that having a HSQ to the summit of Attitash would neither attract nor detract customer demand. I think the primary client of Attitash is there because it is close to N Conway, has slopeside lodging (something not common in the MWV) and is generally a good place to bring a family due to having terrain for all ability levels . Also, it's less crowded than Loon with more amenities than Wildcat while being larger than Cranmore so there is going to naturally be some demand for that. As a standalone mtn I think not having the HSQ would hurt them more than being tied in with Wildcat. I'd guess that most of the Peaks passholders in the area are buying passes primarily to ski Wildcat. The day trip/week long ski and stay patron is keeping Attitash afloat (in addition to their summer operation) Not having a HSQ to one of their peaks I don't think keeps that family from coming to Tash. They can look and say we can get to the top of Bear Peak on a fast lift. I'm not sure the Wildcat skier has many other options as well and Peaks knows this so they wont really lose a significant # of passes just because the summit triple is old and slow at Attitash. I also don't think for the advanced/expert day tripper that having a fast sumitt lift would make folks spend their $ at Attitash over a different mtn (say Cannon) The terrain off the sumitt (wilfred's gawm) and just below (tim's trauma, idiot's option) is a lot of fun but I know I personally wouldn;t go there just for that (HSQ or not) I enjoy Attitash/Bear Peak (my family owned a condo nearby for 8 yrs and I have hundreds of days there) However until/unless they get split up from Wildcat I don;t think peaks has any real incentive to change anything up. Back in the ASC days attitash had to and did try harder. just my $.02
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    I got just as much sun today at Cannon. 🌞 👍
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    My Cannon Report: The delayed lifts on Saturday made things less pleasant, but the lines weren't bad after 10/10:30 when they got the peabody open. We did a few laps on the Eagle, one on Zoomer (and realized our mistake there), and then headed over to Mittersill. Mittersill was really nice, with tons of powder on lift line, and enough snow on the groomed trails to keep from slipping (though there was still a surprising amount of ice!). After lunch all the lines died down and we could everything without a wait, but were surprised by the number of closed trails! On Saturday Profile was about as nice as I've ever skied it, but by Sunday it had gotten pretty hard and there were a lot more whales. Sunday was beautiful weather-wise. It was cold but the sun was shining and felt much warmer than Saturday. The (open) groomed trails were still in decent shape, but the natural stuff was...not. We still had a great time, and my kids were happy just lapping Avalanche and Parkway all afternoon. We're heading out to Big Sky this coming weekend, so I'm looking forward to a different experience out there!
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    We were at Sugarloaf for the weekend, probably the only weekend we'll spend there this year. With the IKON pass, we had days to use for free, so although the mountain report looked questionable (it said to have an extra cup of coffee and some pancakes...), we decided to give it a go (albeit a little later than normal). We got on the slopes just as they were opening the SuperQuad, and did 5-ish laps on that. People were saying the top was pretty knarly, so we stayed lower on the mountain. Conditions were pretty good with warm temps and 2-3" of wet snow. There was no ice, but the kids' legs were tired from pushing around the heavy snow (and mine too, if I'm being honest). We had an early lunch and headed up to the King pine chair afterwards. The temps were starting to drop and things were firming up. Everything skied REALLY nicely after lunch, and we got in another 5-ish runs before calling it a day to make the 4-hour trek back home. Overall, it was a great weekend with MUCH better conditions on Sunday than I had anticipated!
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    It was one of the busier days I’ve seen at Cannon since it became our home mountain 2.5 years ago. The lines were long (for Cannon), but cleared out significantly after lunch. The heavily trafficked areas were a shitshow, but Upper/Middle Hardscrabble were packed with powder and tons of fun. I just kept reminding myself that the few crowded days at Cannon keep the mountain open for us to enjoy the rest of the season! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Jay just opened the face chutes and look to be around 85% open including most glades, not bad. Unfortunately, my Jay vouchers are blacked out today due to the holiday so I just went to Cannon instead. Cannon was nice today. Another foot will get some glades, natural snow trails, and Mittersill open. Speaking of which, Taft Race Course, Cannonball and Candyland were quite nice today. Undulating and thin but definitely worth the hike over. Not enough snow to take a pounding but quite good with a limited number of adventurous skiers. Obviously, more snow would have been a lot better. But the mountain is night and day better since this past Saturday. Except the intersection of Spookie, Middle Cannon, and Rock Garden. My goodness was that intersection awful.
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    Pass is now sold (and for only $300). What a deal!
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    Thank you Jake. Even though I don't snow board, you changed snow sports for the better.
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    Traded in the RAV4 last month on a 2017 Tacoma Double Cab. I just can't survive without a truck with having a home no matter what I tell myself [emoji57] Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    "Sorry, our east coast resorts are broken. Here's a 20% off voucher for lodging at any of our west coast / Rockies properties. Good this week only."
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    Above average for me. Probably 2nd best in the past 10 years (coming in behind 2010-2011). Part off that had to do with my light work schedule. That let me take advantage of some of the best days of the season which seemed to be mostly mid-week this year. I know from reading other reports and forums that there were 2 important attributes of this season that impacted whether you got the goods or not: 1) there was a big difference from North to South. Southern areas had a crappy year, while north had above average snowpack all season. 2) mid-week snow followed by weekend rain or cold. If you couldn't get out mid-week you may not have loved the season. I wrote some of these observations on another forum earlier in the season. I'll plagiarize myself: Some of the earliest openings ever for places like Wildcat etc. Got the season off to special start. Powder for Thanksgiving weekend brought some of the biggest opening weekend crowds I can recall. Powder continued till Dec 1st. Hardpack in most places throughout December, but N.VT getting refreshers all month. Despite the lack of snow, the base held up pretty well throughout December. So when the powder days started right back up at the beginning of 2019 everything became accessible very quickly. This continued to be a trend all season. We really kept a lot of snow and just continued to pile up. Tree skiing got difficult because you were up in the untrimmed branches. Sunday of MLK weekend was one of the busiest days I have ever seen at both Cannon and Loon. Pictures from around the internet showed absolutely insane lift lines at most New England ski areas. The timing of the well-forecasted storm on Sunday meant that it was easy for people to plan to come up for the weekend. Mid through late January was excellent. Several big storms on Wednesdays. Wednesday 1/9 was incredible with >14" at most areas. Wednesday 1/30 was one of the best powder days in memory across all of Northern New England. Feb wasn't amazing but there were some decent days. March 23rd was 20"-30" across Northern NH, VT, and ME. Absolutely bonkers powder day. Followed by bluebird Sunday on 3/24. Now we've finally managed to finally get a few spring days. I expect more considering how deep the base is still.
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    The Answer to your question will be found at the Cat on Saturday
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    Is the kick in the junk free, or an extra $75?
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    Why don't you broadcast the Bretton Woods off map stuff instead!
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    I'm a very serious person. And frankly weather forecasting and skiing leave no room for anything but grave seriousness. It's not like we're talking about something frivolous like golf.

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