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    Wish I could change my username to Cannonballerr post weird posts. But can't.
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    The use of a picture that is not from Tenney (or anywhere else in the northeastern USA for that matter) for a Tenney season pass is really suspect, IMO. Kinda says to me that they aren't proud enough of their offering to show it in their sales pitch.
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    Wildcat was pretty satisfying Sunday. Heavy constant snow from 10-3, moderate wind and very light crowds. Runs were refreshed with windbuff and the troughs of bumps refilled almost all day. Top of lift lion at the end of the day: Almost decided to hit cannon instead but got lucky, cannon was wind closed all day.
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    Follow up. Behind the scenes. In some ways this is actually more impressive than the final product....
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    Candide is the best. Love his stuff and he's an incredible skier. I have no doubt the skiing is real. Is it staged? Of course. There are even a few CGI enhancement for scenery but you can't deny its awesome "skiing" (can you call it that without snow?).

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