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  1. Yeah that's my mistake. I got the article in a text thread on Sunday morning and didn't read it well enough and assumed it was from Saturday. And if the kids hiked up instead of taking a lift then that's definitely their own fault but that wasn't mentioned in the article so... My original point was about the snowmaking haze/fog that these new High E guns at Cannon can cause at times. I'm not talking about cloud cover or even the traditional gun spray that freezes on your goggles as you ride past. The fog/haze that these guns create is very distinct and if I had to guess, it probabl
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  2. Im seeing more day tickets than ever before, day tickets are obviously the people going off the trail and or doing yardsales on easy link ! the kid that went off on Paulies was like well there wasnt a slow sign !!! LOL Go back to Loon !
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  3. Expectations were low again as the mountain was socked in from the house. I arrived and met up with Fcksummer and ABV. It was race day also. The usual parking was already crowded. We skied the tour of the front five in a reverse direction. Snowmaking and the cap clouds were making for the worse visibility of the week. We decided to go up high around 10 or and it was Braille like conditions. Snow on Tramway felt good. There were a ton of people on the runs since no one was up high. Lines were long. We saw a kid fly off the side of the trial on the Paulie’s entrance at a good clip. I thoug
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  4. Did JD approve your new tagline? "Cannon: HUNDREDS of drunk college students on the mountain every day"!
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