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    With the warm weather and lack of crowds I decided to take our 6-month old out for a little sliding yesterday. Have an pretty amazing carrier system I have been waiting to use. Clearly I was not going to go stomping moguls and she has been supporting her head since day 1. Took about 1:10 to skin to the top of Magic via Carpet-Sleeve and was brutal with an extra 30 pounds on the back plus my first real skinning trip of the year. She slept the entire way up. Then did some soft, easy turns down Trick to Wishbone, Wand, and lower Red Line. Did a couple other laps (Magician to Black Line) and Twilight. Magician and Twi were still hard pack. Even with the warmth today the lack of sun and freezing temps should keep some natural stuff for next weekend.She had a blast. However, either day light savings or the skiing had her up all last night chatting. video-1583758751.mp4
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    Nice low key morning at Suicide 6 for the family $5 tickets thru Ace Ski Club was a no brainer Our 2nd visit here but like last March not much open. I'm sorta surprised a smaller hill with the apparent $$ resources that S6 has (owned by Woodstock Inn/Resort) would not have closer to 100% snowmaking The terrain we have skied in our 2 Vista has been fun but you can tell it's a rowdy little hill at 100% open. The tree skiing for a 650 vert hill looks pretty expansive. They run a mtn biking operation in the summer so the woods are well maintained Today was a mix of firm groomers and then by noon when we left it was starting to corn up It reminds me of a well funded version of Whaleback.... similar terrain feel with similar low snowmaking Both hills are steep with no run out so they make the absolute most of their limited vertical! /natural Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    I may have to go up north. I need to give the liver sometime social distancing from the beers in the house.
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    Since there are no trip reports coming in for the rest of the season, let's just turn this into some 'best of' reports. Here's a day I hit Cannon for some freshies then headed over to Bretton Woods to catch @ABV for even more freshies. 2015 so it pre-dates this forum enough that I'm sure it hasn't been posted before.
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    So much has happened since I last posted in this thread! In early March 2020 I got in some good skiing at Snowbird, UT: I also met some friends at Brighton one day: My last day of lift served skiing was Friday the 13th with friends at Solitude, UT. I am still holding out hope that Snowbird will reopen perhaps sometime in April? I went snowshoeing in BCC with my wife on St. Paddy's Day: A few days later I hiked to a waterfall in Heughs Canyon near Holladay, UT: Upbeat article about Utah hiking during the virus crisis: https://www.sltrib.com/news/2020/03/21/i-feel-like-hiking-is/ On March 22, 2020 I took a scenic drive with my wife and we ended up walking along the shores of the Great Salt Lake. Good place to practice social distancing: Will stay in Utah for another month or two and see how it goes. Wishing all of you are safe and well in these unsettled times!
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    A little piece of heaven right here... Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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    As some on here know I have a very fond spot in my heart for Saddleback. My wife and I were passholders there for 2 yrs while in grad school (pre kids) and we had a seasonal cabin on Rangeley Lake. Every wknd we would drive up from Seacoast NH for 2-3 days of skiing. It's a long haul up there but no place in New England has ever captured me the way Saddleback and the Rangeley Lakes region has. We have since done summer trips up there since the mtn closed but of course we want the mtn back. It's been sad/frustrating watching a glorious big mtn sit idle since April of 2015 but finally it seems there is hope to bring this true gem back to life. Today at 3pm they finally launched their website and season passes are now live to process! I look at this as a small but important step that hopefully gives us hope we can make lift served skiing there again soon. http://www.saddlebackmaine.com/ Here are some of my personal photos of 'the Back that try and capture what it is all about but like most special places you can't capture it entirely in photos... Can't wait to be making turns there again!
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    Might be the most important thread on the website moving forward
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    Endless Visibility this AM at Cannon Hardpack but edgeable. Low crowds Fun AM with my family and @PuckIt Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Shit's getting real Sent from my XT1635-01 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    At Cannon fish and game stole my parking spot. What they were doing would let you know the conditions today. They were practicing alpine rescue on zoomer. Ice axes, ice screws, snow stakes and misc climbing gear. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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    Pictures are all fixed. Lesson of the day is that its better to save and upload your Google Photos pictures directly to the site instead of trying to embed them from Google's server. Now back to your regularly scheduled thread.
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    Hmmm.... On Saturday I had a really sweet XC ski at Greenwoodlands. As far as snowboarding goes, my run of the week was on Sunday at 10:30am when I ran away from Cannon as fast as I could!
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    Jay, Smuggs, Stowe, Whiteface are all closer to my house and all just got a ton of fresh snow. All skiing great I’m sure. But this trip was a true adventure to somewhere I’ve always wanted to check out. I checked the reports and Snow Ridge got 24” by closing time Friday and it was still snowing. I had made no alternative plans so I went for it. They got a storm total of 29”. The LES skied incredibly well, as good as any snow I’ve ever skied east or west. Truly the most wonderful part of the whole experience. Even the chopped up crud skied extremely well. From 9-1pm I found fresh tracks of boot to knee deep powder. I was on the fattest skis by far. My first impression of Snow Ridge was that it was really tiny, which it sort of is with only 500 vert. But in reality it has a lot to offer. Off the main double chair you get traverse out skier left and there is a really cool ravine. On the main hill there a lots of little tree shots which don’t get tracked out to fast. Around 11 they opened the the snow pocket t bar. Snow was untouched and incredible. There is some pretty short but super fun tree skiing off to the far skiers right. Overall it was a great experience. People were super friendly and welcoming. Very willing to give up the best stashes. Place is very dated, lifts seemed held together with duct tape and string. T bar is on its last legs.
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    Here's a new one. Waterville doing hot meals for employees
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    Missed everything but early season thanks to busting my humerus. I'll miss some of the ski club parties and our C Lot tailgate. Though- if you really think about it nothing is really stopping us from having the tailgate. We just won't be skiing! I could be convinced to snow shoe up with some beers.
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    Definitely the gathering at the Cat. It was scheduled for my birthday weekend! We lost out on two weekend trips and at least 3 mid week scheduled days off from work skiing. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Reminds me of that old proverb: Take what the mountain gives you!
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    The Expanse is a phenomenal show. Amazon did it right after it was kicked off the air. Altered Carbon is another favorite of mine.
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    Could definitely go for a Fiddlehead right now
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    My dad recovered in 2 days with a fever as the only symptom. The father of the cousin tested negative. I assume the mother did also since I haven’t heard anything else. No news is good news. It will be 14 days since seeing those relatives tonight.
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    There are so many ways you could go in trying to answer your question. Even after the medical crisis starts clearing up I'm afraid we'll be left with the effects of the attendant global economic crisis for much longer. What happens to discretionary spending on things like skiing when millions are struggling to put food on the table? Not good. I'm trying to remember what the great recession of 2008 did to the ski business? I was a government worker living in a prosperous city and it really had very little impact on my skiing habits. But I assume that parts of the country that were hit really hard saw a downturn in skier visits for a few years? The current situation is quite different and has precluded everyone from skiing and may make a large percent of the skier population wait on buying passes for next year. I believe some ski areas are already talking about continuing to offer their "spring rate" on season passes well into this fall to encourage those on the fence to buy one in September instead of not buying a season pass at all. One positive thing I can think of is that this crisis has likely sped up the rate that places of work will embrace telecommuting/working from home. This has been an area were government offices have lagged because either they haven't figured out an adequate way to measure and ensure good work output from home or the work product is too sensitive/classified to meaningfully work on at home. This crisis may force offices/services/companies/schools & colleges to find better and more universal ways to allow employees/students to work remotely?? That could in the long run allow people to do more weekday skiing.
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    Wonderful news! Only have two days there in March of 2012. I thought it was one of the premier/prettier tree skiing spots on the East Coast esp. Casablanca Glade. I saw several six foot ramps set up deep in Casablanca’s woods. Skiers or snowboarders who successfully launch for big air in the close confines of a thick, black diamond glade like Casablanca with little open landing space impress (and scare) the heck out of me. I thought Muleskinner was a really cool corkscrew of a trail. Wish I'd climbed to the top where you took that Appalacian Trail photo. Here are a few photos of mine (lower four photos), they had nice conditions for my visit and I thought the lake views were gorgeous. Normally I would have captured better images, but it was quite cold during my visit and my old digital camera froze on second day. Also, on first day my camera fell out pocket on one of my trips through Casablanca glades, but someone turned it in and I picked it up in the lodge at end of day! This is a photo the resort gave me to use in an article about the place, looks like same guy in xwhaler's photo:-) Mine:
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    Wish I could like this post 10X. Way to get out there! With all the people out of school and work this is a healthy outlet.
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    And Alterra. 5 of us Just flew in to Steamboat. Standing here at the bottom of the hill. Riots about to start Really feel for you as I would have commended your calmness and resolution to continue to live life as normal as possible and stick with your prearranged ski trip. If I'd been a part of your group I'd be standing at the bottom of the hill with you... as I am now standing at the bottom of Little Cottonwood Canyon. For the moment all National Parks and Utah state parks remain open, if that continues I may undertake as plan B a scenic road trip with my wife this week. I still contend that being in the outdoors esp for low density activities like skiing, hiking, scenic drives is much healthier than hunkering down in suburbia for the next week or two. If I do that I'm still likely to visit a variety of stores on a near daily basis).
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    Rarely post here but we went out for a great day at Loon on Monday. Warmed up to the 60s with great spring conditions, slopes never got mushy. Main complaint is with the card readers, seems like one has to go through gyrations in order to get the cards to be read. Same or similar system at Wachusett and I haven't had any real problems there.
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    BMOM as well...unbelievable tree skiing
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    Saddleback!!!!! $699 Adult $599 19-29 $499 Seniors/Juniors All passes include 2 tickets to Jay Peak
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    Upper Face. Suicide 6 Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Wildcat got the lifts running by late morning yesterday. Can confirm that conditions are the bar were quiet, but we gave it our best.
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    Skied Bretton Woods last Friday with my Daughter, stopped off at Reklis in Bethlehem on our way home. Food was Excellent and the Beer was Amazing, Had a Wik-Id Neipa that was indeed Wicked good !!
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    Hit sugarbush today. Sorry no pictures. As others said better than expected. Woods actually skied well because no one was skiing them. Bump runs started out good but by 11:30 they were scrapped off. Jester from the top was fun all day. Love hauling down that with the old school corners. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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    Another track dependent hit or miss the end of the week.
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    @JimK The photo loss really stinks! You write some of the best trip reports and take the best pics. I really hope you stick around here and keep it up.
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    There have been a few posts on here about GWs mountain bike network (which is great!). On Saturday I finally got to try them out on skis. The place is truly incredible. Over 30 miles of groomed track and skate trails, good parking, warming huts with wood stoves and hot chocolate! All for free!! The guy (through his foundation) owns and maintain thousands of acres. His only goal is to get people outdoors. It's kind of hard to believe. Personally I lean towards more ungroomed XC trails, but I can always appreciate reliable conditions. The grooming was excellent. There were mostly skate-skiers there. Many of them looked like college racers (probably Plymouth state). We only scratched the surface of the network with a 6mile ski. We took advantage of one of the huts for a break and hot chocolate. Can't wait to get back.
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    Just watch a movie? Let us know how it was. In the middle of a series? Tell us how you like it... I'm currently watching Better Call Saul. I started it when it first came out and gave up but recently binged it with my GF so she could catch up. Have to say I like it better the second time around and perhaps maybe a few more years removed from Breaking Bad also has helped it. On another note, the inspiration for this thread is Black Mirror. Highly recommend that show if you haven't seen it. It's like a modern age twilight zone and it honestly feels like I'm living in an episode right now with the pandemic going on.
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    I've been developing a Mountain Info page to supplement the Guides that were previously written. Ideally I would have just added some of the info that I'm putting on the Info pages to the guides but the structure of the software didn't really allow for it how I wanted so I had to keep them separate. Started with Cannon to get a template down. Looking for some feedback. Some of the key things I wanted included was some mountain specific weather and then the links to forum posts as well. Any suggestions on what else may be useful. https://northeastmountainsports.com/ski-area-info/new-hampshire/cannon-mountain-ski-resort-info/
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    Beautiful day at Cannon the day after a giant 20"+ dump
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    Just as an example. I spent 2 minutes to do a filtered search on PinkBike. Within ~20miles from you there are 24 nice used bikes for sale between $1500 - $3000. A couple of these are potentially perfect. https://www.pinkbike.com/buysell/list/?lat=42.2243&lng=-71.0866&distance=20&category=2,75&price=1500..3000&framesize=16,19,24,25,26,28,29,23,27,34,35,36,30,31,47
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    In Binghamton and Westchester I know some decent short stretches on utility lines. We recently had an natural gas pipeline berried in Blue Mountain Reservation in Westchester and they did a nice job rebuilding trails. I unfortunately the trails all shorter than 100 feet on the utility lines. I think they should have built a flow trail the length of the line with big berms
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    Tree House killed it with this one. Loving finding Fiddlehead in cans too! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    In Utah most ski areas are prohibiting it inside their boundaries, but Alta is allowing it and my son was up there yesterday and is back again today. I might be trying it soon. He has an extra set-up I can use...if he gets it back from on loan to a friend. Meanwhile, this period offers me a chance to do more stuff with my non-skiing wife. We have our own snowshoes and went snowshoeing on St. Paddy's Day and will go again soon. Also, there's a neat state park out here that is still open called Antelope Island with great wildlife spotting opportunities. Great for scenic drives and lonely hikes. Need to get back there again. Photos below from Last March 2019, saw some very neat wildlife including pronghorn antelope, tons of bison up close and a golden eagle in only a 2-3 hour visit:
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    Agnarchy did some investigating of the accuracy of the various GPS tracking apps such as Trace, Ski Tracks and Slopes. The basics of the article are that older phones are not quite as reliable and tend to overstate speeds while newer devices seemed to be pretty dead on. Ski Tracks and Trace were registered similar speeds while Slopes was a few MPH faster. http://www.agnarchy.com/speed-tracking-app-accuracy/ I've been conducting a similar scientific study of the accuracy of the jump data and have concluded that whatever phone @ABV is using is NOT accurate. The study has been peer reviewed and will be published in scientific magazines later on this year.
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    On the bright side, this would be a much different situation if this happened five months earlier. This could have destroyed an entire ski season. The amusement park business (seasonal parks were supposed to just be opening now) is getting hit hard and will have much bigger long term impacts. Smaller areas might fare best and might even be able to make this a positive. Most smaller areas would have shut down by now anyways, so no lost revenue. And if people cannot afford the bigger resorts due to economic issues, perhaps they will turn to a value option closer to home? Smaller areas are not losing four season resort bookings and activities over the summer, either. Most likely, they will still be negatively impacted overall but surely not as much as the four season resorts. Summer investments are going to be significantly reduced, if they happen at all. Major capital investments such as new lifts and lodges may be put on hold while resorts refill the coffers and struggle to stay a float. Discounts will be needed to bump season pass sales since resorts no longer have a captive audience and "ski the rest of the season" benefits. Economic impacts may not be too severe next season, though. Skiing is an expensive sport and the people that are going to feel the very worst of this economic plunge will be people without much money that are struggling, people on the front lines of the service industry that can't just work from home. People without much savings. I suspect the majority of skiers may weather the storm okay. If jobs rebound once things are under control, then people may be ready to spend next winter... especially people with cabin fever (ironically in the warmer months instead of the colder months). Not saying there won't be a major loss of sales and income for most if not all resorts. But that it isn't going to be catastrophic like many other businesses. Big resorts that rely on year round four season lodging and activities will definitely take a huge blow.
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    Well it’s a wrap ! Fun day, Sunny at Cannon is rare.
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    Still Open as of 3/15- Smugglers Notch - 3/16 - Last day Cannon - Cannon Mountain is open on a day to day basis until and unless otherwise directed by the Governor. Bretton Woods - As of 2:30 pm this afternoon, Bretton Woods has made the decision to operate tomorrow Waterville Valley Gunstock
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    Great coverage at Blue Hills
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    Birches and Candyland at Cannon have definitely be ruined with traffic from the lift. Used to be able to get untracked snow in those areas for days after a storm before the lift. I guess they are not ruined in that they were not bulldozed for trails. Is snowmakers glade really that underrated? I think it is the only on map run at Cannon that I have not skied... well, plus Goat Path. Links are never fun ever, Joey's or not, lol. LOL Twilight Zone at Magic. Last time I skied that trail, I was shocked at how few trees remain, there used to be more. Now it is only one or two before the Goniff intersection? It is pretty much no longer a glade.

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