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    The Texas Rangers are also on the list for name changes due to their brutality in the past per another atricle. This country is screwed up.
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    I took a 4th of July road trip from the Salt Lake City (SLC) area to Mirror Lake, UT with my wife and son. Mirror Lake is normally about 80 or 90 miles east of SLC, but we took a really cool, if slightly longer route to get there; cool in more ways than one. Up around Mirror Lake, elevation 10,050' it was 66 degs at 2 PM. When we returned to the SLC area at 5 PM it was 95 degs!From the Cottonwood Heights/Holladay area we took Rt 190 up Big Cottonwood Canyon, then just before arriving at Brighton Ski Area we took a left onto Guardsman Pass Rd (only open in summer) to climb over the Wasatch Front. This is the view of Brighton's Millicent Lift ski terrain from Guardsman Pass Rd. The area they call Scree Slope on the trail map is that big rock pile in the upper center. My son is standing at Guardsman Pass, elev 9717'. Some of Deer Valley's upper lift terminals are in the left background. This view is looking towards the east and Mirror Lake is about 60 more miles out in the distance. This is few miles east of Guardsman Pass on a very steep and curvy road (open in summer only) descending to Heber City. We dropped a huge vertical, maybe 4000', in a much shorter distance than we'd climbed up Rt 190 in Big Cottonwood Canyon to get to the pass. Same area, we caught a peek of Mt. Timpanogos to the south, elev 11,752'. This is where we came from looking back west up towards Guardsman Pass from the Heber City area. Somebody's flying Old Glory for the 4th of July. We made an obligatory stop at the nearby Heber Valley Creamery for some fresh ice cream. Nice view of Timp from the creamery. Skipping forward about 50 miles this is a scenic overlook on Rt 150 about five miles west of Mirror Lake. We broke out our camp chairs and had a picnic here. The temperature was 66 degs. We probably picked the busiest day of the year to take this scenic drive, but up here social distancing was easy and beautiful. This is a panoramic shot, if you click on it, it will enlarge. Same spot, this view is to the west, we are probably at about 10,500' elevation. If you think the above views are nice, we also had Bald Mtn (left), elev 11,942', right behind us to the east. This is one of the many smaller lakes on the approach to Mirror Lake. It was an unbelievably gorgeous place and day for a drive. Another picturesque lake along Rt 150. This is the elusive Mirror Lake. We went down by its shoreline, but it was anticlimactic. It was so crowded there that we left without getting out of the car. This trip was about the journey, not the destination, anyway. Hayden Peak (elev 12,479') is in the left background. On the return trip we took a slightly different way home and instead of climbing back up Guardsman Pass we went past the Jordanelle Reservoir. I think that's Deer Valley's Bald Mtn to the right. I went swimming briefly in the reservoir at this spot where temps were about 85 degs, water maybe a brisk 72. Nice! This is back in the Holladay, UT area. That is Old Mill Golf Course. Temps were 95 degs at 5 PM. We had a nice drive and successfully escaped the heat. Total distance traveled about 220 miles. Later in the evening we watched a chaotic, but fun display of miscellaneous fireworks popping off throughout the Salt Lake Valley:
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    Superpass again for me this season, from Cannon with the Pass Assurance ! Hopefully we dont need the stinkin Assurance !!!!
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    Interesting, looks like Redskins might now change their name. After years of resisting the change the team owner just signaled today, 3 July 20, that they are taking a hard look at it. Some of their big sponsors like FEDEX and NIKE have requested a change - or else. I just googled the large list of other sports teams that had Indian-related names and what happened to them. Not only have most changed the sports teams nicknames away from Indian, Brave, Chief, etc., but many of these teams/schools have also dropped logos that depicted Native Americans in any way. I'm ok with dropping the term Redskin, but that last part is kind of sad to me because I always thought the Redskins had a noble, strong and inspiring Indian logo that I hope they can keep: Maybe change team name to Washington Warriors and keep everything else the same, or would that still be objectionable??? Question, is wearing this old jersey now the equivalent of flying a Confederate flag outside your house I really don't want to be targeted as a racist.
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    The recent police protests and demonstrations for social justice have really brought these kind of issues to the fore. As an older person who grew up in the Wash DC area I have been a fan of the Redskins for over 50 years. It's probably been over 25 years since significant objections were first raised about the name of our football team. Back then I thought changing the name was a ridiculous idea. I and most Redskins fans always interpreted the name to mean a brave warrior who was ready to fight as hard as possible to win their battles. I viewed it as celebrating courageous Native Americans, not denigrating them. As a corollary, I am of Irish descent. I like the nickname for the Univ of Notre Dame sports teams. The Fighting Irish mascot represents determination, feistiness, and a nice touch of humor. I think it also refers to the historical fact that as one of the foremost early catholic colleges in America many Irish catholic immigrants sought to send their children there and/or were predisposed to root for the school's sports teams. Back to Redskins and Squaw Valley, in recent years I've become more amenable to a name change for the Redskins. Supposedly, our team owner polled Native American groups a couple years ago and they mostly still liked the name. But if you tell me most Native Americans are now offended by the word Redskin or the word Squaw, then go ahead and change it. It's a little thing. We have bigger things to worry about. I am a fan of social justice and the Golden Rule, but I am not a big fan of careless political correctness so these things should be addressed sensibly and fairly and not with knee-jerk reactions. It sounds like a very easy name change for Squaw Valley is to call it Olympic Valley, which is a term commonly used in the region already.

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