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    Think of a greasy one-star restraunt. Now imagine that the restraunt kicks their only keg (bud light).
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    Board meeting tomorrow to vote on it so I heard Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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    I tried Rattlesnake Hill (aka Lime Kiln) in Bolton, MA for the first time last week. I didn't have high expectations but was pleasantly surprised. Some very cool rock spines all over the hill, a trail around an old quarry with some scary exposure and the Ridge Loop trail was really the highlight. Lots of rocky features to ride over and lots of fun turns. Not a lot of vertical but I'll definitely add it to my regular ride rotation.
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    Yesterday I arrived in Chile for my summer skiing trip. This is my first time to the country so everything is new. I've been amazed how much everything feels like Los Angeles, if there was world class skiing an hour away. Santiago itself is a huge city of several million people. It's less than an hour from the edge of the city and 1 hr 20 minutes from Santiago to the ski areas. When you arrive at the airport there are tons of guides who want to help you for tips. Just keep yourself self-directed and dismiss them. The rental car company was friendly and quick -- and the guy at the renal counter was a Red Sox fan. Weather in Santiago was in the 60s and 70s... in August. Ouch. The only trees you see anywhere around here are those that were planted. There are lots of palm trees in the city itself. On the drive up into the mountains, cacti prevail. From the ski areas, you can see right down into the city. The view from the hotel at night is beautiful. So let's talk about conditions. Yeah... not great. For example, at Valle Nevado they average 275 inches of snow. This season they're received 44 inches. Ouch. And the ski areas feel it. We are staying at the Hotel Posada Farellones, which has been great though quiet given the conditions. There's a couple guys from America, a family from Japan, and a couple from Chile. And that's it. Even for a small hotel, this is quiet. The slopes are equally empty. Today we went to La Parva where it was closing day, a full month ahead of schedule. When we arrived at La Parva, the guy at customer service was hesitant to sell us a ticket. Thought it was only about $20 so what the heck. We did it. Basically there were 1.5 trails open, and the main trail and lift were closed for the Chilean national ski team until 11am. So we rode the poma lift for an hour while we waited for the main trail to open. Once they got it open the skiing wasn't "bad" by New England standards. Typical manmade refrozen conditions in the morning that softened up. The lift only went to mid-mountain, where the snow was very thin. Lots and lots of pokey bits coming through. Small sharp rocks everywhere. The main section of the trail was the only area with snowmaking as it is where the race team trains, and it was fine. Could they have made more snow? They had some fan guns around so maybe. But not many, and they have no water for it. The pond was empty. The ski area itself is huge, but you're in a desert in a bad season. And this is the driest in 60-100 years depending on who you ask. For a minute lets talk about the food. It's amazing. Really stellar. Like seafood and steak? You'll be in heaven. Grilled food everywhere too. Lunch today at the restaurant on the hill I did the point and pick something I don't understand and got a strip streak. Yesterday was a flank steak for an appetizer. Both salted to perfection. Dinner last night was ham and pineapple, followed by ceviche, then a main course of mushroom risotto with grilled artichoke, and a desert of nut cake with chocolate ice cream.
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    You're skiing. Which non of the rest of us can say.
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    On the ocean with a cordon bleau chef emptying the trash. The reason people get pissed at attitash is unrealized potential. If they could ever extend to the true summit with an hsdq and build out the bowl between the mountains it would be in discussion for best area in nh but it has never had an owner with deep pockets or been a priority. Compare attitash and bretton woods in the mid 90s. Attitash is effectively the same place, bretton woods has probably doubled their terrain and maintains modern lifts. Further the place is a major draw in summer, I would bet summer/fall revenue is either tops or close to it in northern new england.
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    My first non-alcoholic IPA. Surprised that it's actually pretty good. Similar in flavor to other session IPAs. I also picked up some Sip 'o to balance it out [emoji846] Sent from my Pixel 2 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Hit up Green Woodlands again. So much fun!
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    Marshall Conservation land in North Conway. Some great mileage and amazing hand built trails! Kicked my ass

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