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    I just saw they are purchased HSQ from Doppelmayr. It will have a 2,400 people per hour capacity. I assume it will be installed over the summer.
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    God. Dammit. Christ. That is all.
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    Nice sharing some turns, Cannonballer! Hard to believe this was a vacation week powder day (on a NH Res day, no less!). Less croweded than an average non-holiday non-powder day weekend. Ski on lifts all day, no tram wait. Nice and surfy turns. Just enough wind buff to make eight inches feel bottomless, but still buttery soft and smooth. Most fun I've had on skis this season. Groomers looked to be variable scraped wind blown or drifted with tremendous variance even on the same trail. I imagine the average intermediate level vacationing family was less than impressed with the storm. Cannon still needs a "big one" to finish filling in coverage gaps on its steepest and nastiest lines. We took third or fourth tracks down Kinsman (one of the best Kinsman runs I've ever had) and it was great. But you could tell that it was going to be completely trashed by the end of the day (better than it was before the storm, at least!).
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    Not really much of a story to tell, more just an update for people who are thinking about the weekend. Northern Vermont got the backend snow the past few days, NH didn't. It's all man-made and groomers here at Cannon. Within that reality it's not actually that bad. They have done a good job blowing snow the past few weeks. Last week they were just pouring it on everywhere. This week they are being strategic about the places that need it most. Today was refreshingly sunny. The next two days look like they might be the same but even warmer. I get bored pretty quickly on groomers, but some sun and mild temps can hold my interest for a while. Some pics from today. The guns strategically blazing, Parkway getting some tilling before shaping (?), and a rare view across the Notch.
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    It's time for the official announcement: I need to step down from managing this site. I've accepted a new full-time job with Vail Resorts, and continued operation of this site would be a conflict of interest. I'll be moving to Colorado in a couple weeks, so now is the time to make the transfer. @fcksummer has volunteered to take over. He has my gratitude for ensuring the continued success of this site. Let's all thank him for stepping up. Thank you all for the years of dedicated traffic, and if you're in Colorado, hit me up.
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    Thanks to @Weatherman and @fcksummer for the efforts.
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    Cannon 2/16 Crowds: Yes, there were holiday crowds but actually less than MLK Sunday, and even less than the Sat after MLK. Crowds were felt more on the slopes then in the lines. Lines weren't terrible, but Joey-ville on the trails. Temp: it was about 20-25 degrees warmer than yesterday but felt about 10 degrees colder. The sun and lack of wind on Saturday made the single-digit temps comfortable. Today was cloudy, windy and raw. Conditions: still good stuff everywhere. Getting skied off in usual places mid-day. Goods in the woods.
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    Hijacking @Cannonballer's thread for live updates but requesting that people upload pictures when they are out and about as well as quick text updates. I plan to re-post the pictures on various social platforms to see if that garners some additional traffic so I'd really appreciate it as I think people would find it useful.
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    Wanted to start the discussion about our annual spring gathering at Wildcat. The past few yrs have been a ton of fun and it's always a great way to see old ski friends, meet new ones and wind down the season with turns, food, drink. Last yr Wildcat was 100% open and absolutely awesome We're looking at Saturday April 18th this yr. Easter is Sunday April 12th so we felt best to avoid that wknd. Lift Tickets: Currently available on Wildcat site for $31 Lodging: We can secure lodging at one of the ski clubs in North Conway. $25/night bring your own sleeping bag/pillow. The 3 tap bar will be flowing at the club for apres-ski Food/Drink at Wildcat: We'll have grills going and coolers full of beer in C Lot at Wildcat Pics/info from the past 2 yrs below. Who's in?!
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    Saddleback's quest to rise from the dead took a big step forward today:
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    It's my weekend off so we should be able to make it. Missed last year and was bummed about it! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Count me in for sure! Love the kitty cat in spring. April work schedule is looking a little stupid so we'll see what happens but I'll be there if at all possible.
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    Pretty amazing day. Picked up about 8" since the previous afternoon. We expected major crowds so we showed up at 7:45 to catch the 8:15 tram. There was nobody there. Even by the time the tram loaded it was only about half full. Bumped into@thesnowway in line for the tram and shared a few laps. At the summit it was eerily quiet. We lapped the cannonball chair with almost no other skiers. Turns out that the lower mountain lifts had a delayed opening. So only those who caught the first tram were up top for awhile. Video report below. Sorry for crappy editing, I only have my phone available to edit on. The point is to show conditions not to make a cinematic masterpiece!
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    That was this one. Not my fault yesterday!
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    Did I hear "Seroiusly" during the crash?
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    Good report. The flat light today made the groomers less enjoyable but the woods were still great.
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    Whaleback skied very well this am. Nice mix of groomers and natural/tree skiing Coverage was better than I expected Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Headed to Cannon today! Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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    I got just as much sun today at Cannon. 🌞 👍
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    Yup! Gonna be f'ing cold, but still snowing now so it should be primo in the morning.
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    My Cannon Report: The delayed lifts on Saturday made things less pleasant, but the lines weren't bad after 10/10:30 when they got the peabody open. We did a few laps on the Eagle, one on Zoomer (and realized our mistake there), and then headed over to Mittersill. Mittersill was really nice, with tons of powder on lift line, and enough snow on the groomed trails to keep from slipping (though there was still a surprising amount of ice!). After lunch all the lines died down and we could everything without a wait, but were surprised by the number of closed trails! On Saturday Profile was about as nice as I've ever skied it, but by Sunday it had gotten pretty hard and there were a lot more whales. Sunday was beautiful weather-wise. It was cold but the sun was shining and felt much warmer than Saturday. The (open) groomed trails were still in decent shape, but the natural stuff was...not. We still had a great time, and my kids were happy just lapping Avalanche and Parkway all afternoon. We're heading out to Big Sky this coming weekend, so I'm looking forward to a different experience out there!
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    Cannon still has Vista listed as closed despite opening all of Mittersill and a few glades on the main mountain. I took that to be meaningful and avoided the duck into Vista today, glad to hear that I made the right call! Not bad today but not great either. I got a little spoiled on Saturday. But I was expecting natural snow trails to have softer snow today. I wasn't expecting untracked but I also wasn't expecting hard pack scraped, either. Still some softer snow in some of the trees but usually the softer snow tress also had the thinnest coverage. It will make a great base for sure. Next storm at Cannon should be A+... they really need a 1+ foot storm bad. Regarding the snowmaking, if you believe their snow report: "The more snow we make, the longer we get to ski into the spring." What complete trash. Cannon almost never shuts down for lack of snow. They are trying to get things solid for vacation week, plain and simple. Shutting down all of Lower Hard didn't make much sense to me, it was skiing fine on Friday. I don't think Profile needed more snow. A little resurfacing in the Rock Garden junction area isn't a bad idea. But Cannon only blows big for base, they don't know how to blow small for resurfacing and maintenance, which is what they really need. I would like to know what is up with Upper Cannon still being closed. Groomers today were all frozen hard pack with many scrapped sections, it was astounding how bad they were considering the storm. Glad I went but it definitely didn't feel like a day after a powder day. Though I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of glade options on the table.
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    Family ski wknd. Staying in a hotel in White River Jct as a home base Sketchy drive up this AM. Wet Frozen slush on 89 is the worst I've but we took it slow and got up to a half full lot about 930 15" of dry powder with just enough of a layer to keep the rocks hidden. Bluebird skies to start the day and with the sun in the snow covered trees it really made for amazing scenery. Everything was game on/ski on. Today marked opening day for the Bailey Falls Lift (no snowmaking back there) Worth Mtn and Sheehan chair provided some amazing skiing. Middlebury is a special place as I've been coming to discover (now my 5th visit) Folks are friendly, great for kids, laid back and the glades are legit awesome Really can't recommend the Snow Bowl enough if you haven't been. Kids are bombing around in the pool now so I'll just let the pics tell the rest of the story On to Dartmouth Skiway tomorrow to complete our college ski wknd! Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Saturday = exit 110 baybay @Cannonballer @ABV @Puck it
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    Thanks for the report! Spending more time in the pub than on the slopes says it all. I love the setup at Cannon, warts and all (maybe I love it especially for the warts?). I could do without the Links as they are... I still think the high speed lift should have followed the previous lift line and dumped out next to the Cannonball. But otherwise, it is a mountain setup that makes you work for it and I love that aspect. It just doesn't work well when all terrain is not available. With Upper/Middle Hard and all glades closed, the mountain is a bit of a PITA.
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    We were at Sugarloaf for the weekend, probably the only weekend we'll spend there this year. With the IKON pass, we had days to use for free, so although the mountain report looked questionable (it said to have an extra cup of coffee and some pancakes...), we decided to give it a go (albeit a little later than normal). We got on the slopes just as they were opening the SuperQuad, and did 5-ish laps on that. People were saying the top was pretty knarly, so we stayed lower on the mountain. Conditions were pretty good with warm temps and 2-3" of wet snow. There was no ice, but the kids' legs were tired from pushing around the heavy snow (and mine too, if I'm being honest). We had an early lunch and headed up to the King pine chair afterwards. The temps were starting to drop and things were firming up. Everything skied REALLY nicely after lunch, and we got in another 5-ish runs before calling it a day to make the 4-hour trek back home. Overall, it was a great weekend with MUCH better conditions on Sunday than I had anticipated!
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    So sad to see this. Often times people reminisce about "the good ole' days" but they wouldn't dare sacrifice the creature comforts and advances that have been made since those times. Some of my favorite lifetime runs were made when you used to have to cycle three lifts and a hike just to get a single run over there. Sometimes I'd ski past the cutback and hike back to TB Quad on the road just to get the untracked on the lower mountain below the traverse. I'd be exhausted after 5 laps and you could get untracked in Candyland for days, let alone even lesser known shots. Snow stayed fresher way longer, now Mitt gets completely trashed in a few hours even with light traffic. Good times!
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    Those look like they're really easy to eat shit with.
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    Put a note on Az thread telling people to come over here since Nick is not doing anything.
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    Training video for you.
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    Consider this a follow-up to the roll call thread. Simple topic to point out your favorite/most memorable run from the previous week or weekend. Cannon - Profile w/ @Puck it . Small soft bumps along the snowmaking side. A good workout but manageable enough to keep your speed up. A quick dip into the trees as well. Honorable mention to an off map run with @Cannonballer that I hadn't done in a few years. More technical than I remember it. Good challenge
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    Had a great weekend at Attitash, Morning Star to Snowdancer with the kids at mark loonie was a complete blast. The boy is starting to feel more comfortable at speed and it makes me smile. His younger sister has always been comfortable on the edge [emoji6] Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Lots of memorable runs this past week! I definitely enjoyed first/second tracks on Vista with @Cannonballer last Wednesday. First tracks down Upper Birches at like 11am was hard to believe. But my pick would probably be ending that day with a sublime run down the 13 trees area that afternoon. Saturday at Cannon, I had a run that was memorable for all the wrong reasons... sounds a lot like whatever you guys went through. Lower mountain gullies are not quite ready to go yet... but it was fun, if a bit thin, until the bottom! Sunday took the cake, though. Skinned up to Jacob's Ladder with no wind, no clouds, great visibility, and warm weather. The views were better than the turns! But the turns were still nice and I knew the up was going to be better than the down before I got there:
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    Definitely count me in, the last 2 years were Awesome ! C lot in spring is off the charts fun !
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    Thursday- Berkshire East Friday-Berkshire East Saturday- Magic Sunday- Berkshire East Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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    Go support the lesser known mtns! https://www.indyskipass.com/
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    Cannon on President's day. Conditions: Cold and partly sunny. Top was a little socked in early then started to clear. Firm and carevable. Still some fluff to be found but it's gradually been getting more solidified over the past few days Crowds:. Pretty quiet. About the same as regular weekend traffic. But the skill level and familiarity with the Mtn was significantly lower. Traverses and other congested areas were a little 'unpredictable'.
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    Previous discussions about how to make this site survive identified Social Media as a competing draw. SM benefits from frequent updates and real-time info. How about trying a thread where this community reports in real-time from wherever they are? That might provide valuable info to everyone about specific conditions. Here's a start..... Loon 11am 2/6/20: 23 degrees, no wind, slightly spitting some mixed stuff at the moment. Approx 3" by opening then mostly stopped snowing. This is the type of conditions Loon does best with. They groom the ever-loving crap out of everything. So the stuff they groomed early has a nice base with fresh on top. And the stuff they groomed late is all mixed in to make for soft corduroy. So far I've only hit South Peak. There are no lines but there is a steady flow of skiers. Probably an average about 10 skiers per 5 chairs (quad). Anyone else out somewhere today?
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    Sat -Cannon Sun - sugarbush Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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    Cannon f'd around with lift openings all day today. I'm a little too exhausted to explain the details. Basically they were completely unprepared for a storm that they had been hyping for days. Then they ran guns all day where/when they shouldn't have. That created dangerous conditions for non-regulars and ridiculous lines for everyone. With all that said, the conditions were some of the best this season (low bar) and we had a blast poaching trails.
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    Good play, way to avoid the crowds and still get the goods. Nice getting first day on Bailey for the season, that is where the mountain shines. Midd is great. I just wish Bailey had a little more pitch. Dartmouth is great too but won't have as much snow as Midd, amazingly Dartmouth is reporting 100% open. Hope you have a good day tomorrow!
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    Whelp Cannon fucked up a free lunch again. Almost all chairs are closed with no explanation. Zoomer is open and the line stretches to Loon.
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    Not much to report from cannon. Skied from 130pm to 315pm. Seemed like it just changed over to snow just as I got there. Not much accumulation, heavy snow just starting when I left. Natural snow still not good, definitely got a little wet. Stayed on the groomers which skied very well. It will be a net gain and improvement but I don't think Saturday will be epic at cannon! I will be heading to Jay.
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    I was at Cannon today. I think they reported 3" which was accurate. Though the wind was blowing hard, so surface conditions varied quite a bit throughout the mountain. Last night's snow did nothing for natural snow terrain. Simply not enough fresh snow to cover up the lunar landscape below. There was no rope for Zoomer Liftline but after over an hour of being open, no one had made a single track. That tells you something. Venturing off the groomed area on trails yielded unpleasant turns at best. I tried Upper Hard for my first run which, despite being mostly low pitch until the turn, wasn't worth a repeat. I made due with ripping high speed arcs on a few inches fresh over groomed... I always enjoy high speed arcs on powder over groomed. But after a few hours, I was all set. It didn't help that the wind had really picked up on the upper mountain and freezing fog had set in making for constant scraping of the goggles. Once groomed overnight, this will help but if any moisture is added due to new precip, the minimal gains will be offset but groomed to frozen wet snow. Even if NCP is minimal, it isn't enough to completely groom out all of the frozen hardpack. That said, more on the way, so hopefully tomorrow is a bit more inspiring.
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    Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes! Please! Seriously. And soon. Please!
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    No friends or family on an icy day [emoji23]
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    Bretton Woods Sat (ugh) and Sun with tons of family visiting from out of state.
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    Crotched on Thursday Pats on Sat afternoon.
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    That last pic is classic Cannon hardpack, lol. Thanks for the report.

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