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    The first freeze of the season at Mt Washington
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    Snowshoeing in Grand Teton NP, WY, Feb 2020.
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    I thought I'd check in considering today's announcement. Wildcat's season was shortened in spring. Attitash was lengthened in the early season. Capacity limits will be real, but mostly on holidays and peak weekends. Expect there to be plenty of capacity to ski this winter. Expect capacity to be more contained at resorts closer to urban areas. Destination resorts, especially those popular with international visitors, will likely have ample capacity. Reservations will be done at the mountain level. Areas where tickets were previously interchangeable between multiple mountains, that will no longer be the case. For example, Vail / Beaver Creek and Attitash / Wildcat tickets will now be separate. Reservation limits will be adjusted to reflect changing capacity as more terrain opens.
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    Well looks like Vail is giving the option for a refund post release of their reservation plans. I will be requesting one for us. We are going with the Indy pass once I confirm and stay to the smaller places this season. All in for 4 will be less than one NE Pass for epic. The clincher was Cannon being added to the Indy. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    40F this morning at 1500' just north of the Notch.
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    Yeah that would be nice ! Hit SaddleBack and the loaf for a few days.
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    Jay, Smuggs, Stowe, Whiteface are all closer to my house and all just got a ton of fresh snow. All skiing great I’m sure. But this trip was a true adventure to somewhere I’ve always wanted to check out. I checked the reports and Snow Ridge got 24” by closing time Friday and it was still snowing. I had made no alternative plans so I went for it. They got a storm total of 29”. The LES skied incredibly well, as good as any snow I’ve ever skied east or west. Truly the most wonderful part of the whole experience. Even the chopped up crud skied extremely well. From 9-1pm I found fresh tracks of boot to knee deep powder. I was on the fattest skis by far. My first impression of Snow Ridge was that it was really tiny, which it sort of is with only 500 vert. But in reality it has a lot to offer. Off the main double chair you get traverse out skier left and there is a really cool ravine. On the main hill there a lots of little tree shots which don’t get tracked out to fast. Around 11 they opened the the snow pocket t bar. Snow was untouched and incredible. There is some pretty short but super fun tree skiing off to the far skiers right. Overall it was a great experience. People were super friendly and welcoming. Very willing to give up the best stashes. Place is very dated, lifts seemed held together with duct tape and string. T bar is on its last legs.
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    Good luck! Hope you guys get good news!
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    Sure, another wonderful article. I just hiked Mt. Moosilauke on Memorial Day weekend this year via the Beaver Brook Trail (part of the AT, steep and on the North side of Mt). At 2400' or so, we hit full on winter conditions of packed ice and snow. By 2700' or so, it was all snow at an average base depth of 4 feet of so and stayed that way all the way to treeline. The summit was of course cooked off xcept for the Eastern snowfields by the sun and warmth. The trail had a monorail of packed snow but a slight step off that and you postholed to your waist. Now granted this was one of the earlier in the month of May Memorial weekends that is can be on the calendar. But it is quite unusual for that amount of snow, especially starting that low, that late in the season. Some of the deepest snowpacks I have seen in certain areas of the New England mountains have been over the past few years. Now, temps have been a bit warmer and the super deep cold may have shown up but hasn't held on like in the past. But I recall some researchers in the past saying with climate change, New England mountains could see more snow not less. Forecasting is just that, a forecast and best guess. They don't do great more than 4 days out on a weather forecast, so if you expect a 30 year projection to be close to accurate, well.....

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