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    All the low angle stuff was incredi-balls. Got first tracks on Pixie, HOM, lower Red Line, and fresh tracks seemingly everywhere. Only about 50 people on the hill so still plenty of untouched until the afternoon. A little crusty/hard under some of the steeper terrain (Tali, Trick, HOM) but Up Your Sleeve, Medium, left side of Black Line, upper half of Broomstick, and lower section of Red Line were worth repeating (think I hit Up Your Sleeve 3-4 times). Could absolutely bomb down with no worries.
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    Here's some footage from a few runs and bonus clip of @ABVat the end
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    Passed my Level 1 today; this is what my wife had waiting for me when I got home.
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    Seemed worthy of a link to this story since so many Cannon skiers posted on here (and elsewhere) about the crazy sky last Saturday. It was so wild, but I didn't realize it was rare enough to be a national news story. https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2018/12/05/story-behind-an-incredible-sky-scene-new-hampshire/?fbclid=IwAR3YbB_k2jIsHkLU9Lo7QDXaa8z09HaMxJrvLpwgvXZoNyBPgia12QRZwHE&utm_term=.73c98d2b1ff8
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    Mountain is in incredible shape. Did some treks with Rusty and the wife this weekend. Saturday was super soft. Today was more like styrofoam. Mountain has a solid 6-8" base. Never bottomed out or saw bare ground in the tracks. Zeke will be on the couch until tomorrow afternoon.
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    Cannon was very good today, hardly anyone there. But enough to clear out most of the fresh tracks by noon, so I wouldn't expect Weds to be epic unless the snow machine keeps going overnight. We'll see, I'm heading to Jay tomorrow myself. The Upper mountain did very well from this storm. Vista was skiing excellent edge to edge. I can't remember the last time I've blasted straight down the middle or hugged skier's right of Vista rather than staying skier's left. Tramway was nice (especially skier's right), Upper Cannon was nice, skier's right of Profile looked nice but I never got to it (under the lift wasn't roped off, that was nice to see). Upper Ravine was frozen hard pack, the new snow wasn't sticking there. Guns were going on Skylight/Taft which were not open. Definitely a good day to ride the Cannonball lift, winds were ripping only at the very top but overall the ride was better than the Peabody for most of the ride, and actually peaceful for the first 2/3 of the ride. Extension had really nice snow skier's right but still some junk in there. I wasn't impressed with Zoomer skier's right, the Upper Mountain was better so I only took one lap on the Zoomer lift. Seemed like the Front Five area under performed for this storm and the Upper Mountain over performed in weird areas that usually aren't favored. I don't think any new trails will open tomorrow (Weds) unless the snow keeps going overnight. The report says Skylight and Taft were opened (report updated 11:45am) but they were roped when I was there, so I guess you can count those two as new trails but they'll be whaled due to snowmaking, not opening due to natural snow. Maybe they'll get Upper Hard going too, that can open with minimum natural. But given the weird wind and snow deposit patterns, perhaps not since the new snow wasn't sticking to Upper Ravine at all. Overall, great skiing but not epic. Tomorrow at Jay is probably going to be epic, with some hiking involved to make it so.
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    Hi Northeast Mountain Sports, Greetings from the Upper Valley. We wanted to give the forum an update on both mountain happenings and season pass pricing in case anything interests people. As far as passes, they will officially go on sale on 9/1 but they are available for purchase online now: https://www.whaleback.com/passes/ Early Bird pricing will be in effect between now and 9/30. We have some great benefits for pass holders: https://www.whaleback.com/season-pass-benefits/ Please note that as of this writing Magic and Ragged are not confirmed partners, but we are anticipating that will once again be. We are also likely going to be part of the Freedom Pass program this year – even more benefits for our pass holders. Pricing in general has come down a bit this year and we have added a new pass – the Young Adult Unlimited (18-29 years). For $249 you can ski and ride with us any day any time and also receive full partner mountain benefits. The Military pass has been extended to include not only active but all veterans. As for as mountain updates, this off-season has been and will continue to be extremely busy for us. We kicked off this spring with a comprehensive snowmaking system audit by a leading engineering firm in the industry. The results of that report, peer reviewed by another firm, has helped guide us towards improvements for this year and future: Snowmaking: - Our snowmaking pump house was levelled to the slab and is in the process of being rebuilt. The new building has more space, will be safer to operate and heat, and is being built to accommodate future pumps. - Our existing 250 HP pump motor was sent out for rebuilding – rewound with inverter duty windings, bearing replacements, baked, etc. - Our fixed speed drive is being replaced with a Variable Speed Drive and as such our manual pressure controls in the pump house are being eliminated. They were undersized for the volume and required much guesswork. New automatic pressure controls will allow us to pump 25-40% more water on the hill. - All on hill water distribution valves are either being replaced or rebuilt. This will help alleviate a lot of the pains for our crews in switching water between trails. - Our air cooler is being brought back online after being out of service for numerous years. Having this will allow us to cool our compressed air further in marginal temps to increase output. - We are adding fan gun plugs to the Scrimshaw/Canyon trails. These have large acreage and the fans will cover it quicker and more efficiently. - We are adding 2 additional Demac Lenko Titan 2 fans to our fleet, which will consist of 4 Titan 2.0 fans, 2 older ST 940 fans and 10 HKD viper air/water guns. We have never had this much equipment to utilize and the water to use much of in combination with each other. West Side T-Bar: - Forms for the towers began to arrive today and will be set in the holes early next week. We anticipate beginning to pour the forms mid next week. The lift is scheduled to be commissioned by the end of October. This is a very exciting project for us as it will allow for a more dependable opening for the season and increased terrain or our Learning Programs. All of the trails with exception of the glade serviced by the T-Bar will have lights and snowmaking. Much of which was last used 17 years ago. We are excited to bring this area of the mountain back to life. See you soon!
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    May as well make my first post on this forum here. Here's 10 of my favorites from the year that I took (all from Sugarbush) Organgrinder with some mid-mountain clouds in December: December mid-week Powder View of Lincoln Peak summit from Castlerock in December Skiing in and out of the clouds this day Above a sea of clouds April woods April powder! A rare clear blue summit shot Ripcord in early April on a blue-bird day
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    Don't piss off JimG.
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    Problem addressed going forward....
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    Well last Friday I made a pilgrimage to Treehouse. Waited my 1 and 1/2 hours to get my $100 case of beer. I got 6 different kinds. Haze, Julius. Jjjuliusss, Super Sap, Bright and Doppleganger. Only had the Haze and Julius so far. Both great - liked Haze a little more.
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    Cold and dry yesterday. I decided to write off trees and ungroomed, brought only the frontside skis, and ran the groomed all day. Groomers were scratchy but still edgeable. An upside to a hard refreeze after rain is that the groomers can't develop ice moguls - it all just stays flat ice! [emoji38] I did one lap on middle Hard which was in better shape than I expected. It wouldn't surprise me if surfaces in the woods were in decent shape. Upper Hard, groomed. IDK if this is rare but it was my first time:
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    After last week, a couple 2-4" events back to back will set things up very nicely. Should be some heavy wet stuff too. Won't get us back in the steep woods at Magic but will open most stuff up. Hoping the RGEM is off because Wednesday would mean an icy mess. Going to snow tonight until Thursday night lol Shave off 1/3 imo.
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    View this giveaway Giveaway: Icelantic Oracle 88 skis Step up, ladies. This giveaway is for you. Icelantic Oracle 88 skis, 162 cm length. According to Icelantic: Rules: minimum of 10 posts to enter the giveaway. Get those posts in if you need them to enter. Raffle closes 12/15/18. Submitter Weatherman Expiration Date 2 months and 2 hours Submitted 10/15/2018 Category Skiing and Snowboarding Giveaways  
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    I figured out what to do with that trouble spot on my back lawn...!
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    Couple more Sent from my XT1254 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    How good is it? Cannon 3/16/18..
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    Last week I received an inquiry from snowpak.com asking for our help compiling a list of the best ski resorts in Vermont. What say you all? Think we can put this together?
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    Not sure if we have a dog thread yet. Her name is Alta, best guess is a lab/pit mix, great family dog. We got her from a rescue in Maine, apparently she was running alongside the interstate in Georgia, heartworm positive. She loves that stove.
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    On Dec. 26, here's the answer about when Tenney expects to open: "Opening mid January... and includes ski, boarding and tubing... just no daycare or ski school or rentals - rentals will be provided by Plymouth Ski and Skate at their facility 10 minutes away..." Michael has been calling the initial season a "soft opening" for quite some time. They still have a Haul Rope inspection to complete. Expected within the next couple weeks.
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    Seriously. If the lift lines hit 10 minutes I just go drink. Then again, if the lift line is non-existent sometimes I still go drink.
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    Made snow all night, skied Jay Peak all morning, skied Stowe all afternoon. Not sure what I was thinking but it was pretty wild!
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    I give this thing no love, yet it serves me better than anything else I own....
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    AZ is also dominated by a couple of western skiers talking about eastern skiing. Eastern skiers reporting on their few glorious days out west is more than welcome. But if you've got Alta in your backyard STF about New England skiing.
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    I know. Same with red-it. I don’t think these forums are dead yet. I think Facebook slowly dying though. I know a lot of people who deleted their Facebook and there are very few so maybe message boards will begin to grow if Facebook continues to shrink.
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    This place needs more pics of kids getting rad - or just having fun! Let’s see ‘em. Here’s a sequence of my 11 year old throwing a 3 off a boulder at Stowe, and another of my 9 year old on Whirlaway at Stowe.
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    Yikes, I would think a woodstove would take a lot of extra lube! But if you prefer it, knock yourself out.
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    Actually over the mlk weekend the cannonball was down but the tram was running. They even ran it that Tuesday when wind closed the cannonball. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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    @fcksummer first tracks.. Obviously very deep.... Traffic Jam....
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    Someone needs to start a running 2018/19 Attitash thread. Just being honest and not being judgemental, that place has been 100% off my radar for about 25 years and I kind of assumed it was on it's way out considering the available options to the east and west. But all of a sudden there seems to be lots of reports and mentions popping up on this site. All of which are positive (except the triple chair issue). So I guess I'd just like to see more of the running hype/love/appeal of the place. Maybe change my preconceived and uninformed perceptions.
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    It was due to the second half of the storm, Cannon got screwed during the initial setup due to wind direction. Once the winds swung around, Cannon cranked it up. Before Cannon opened on Wednesday, there was considerably more snow to the south of Cannon. Cannon and Wildcat do better with different storm setups, they have very different aspects and nearly by topography features. Ideal for Cannon is E/NE wind and S wind is game over. A Gulf of Maine bomb often means Cannon gets the most in the northeast. I am not as familiar with Wildcat's specifics but I often find that a big storm at Cannon doesn't necessarily mean a big storm at Wildcat and vice versa. Loon seemed to do well with this system, they do well with the southerly to northeast swing. So they picked up snow at the start of the storm that Cannon didn't get and then kept it cranking.
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    Welcome. Not sure about how it is for watching the game but the Magic bar is really nice. Good beer selection.
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    Crotched was surprisingly good last night. They were blowing loads of snow and did a great job with the surfaces all over the hill. A vast improvement since Sunday.
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    Your not kidding !! Holy Crap ! I still cant believe I won ! My daughter will be very surprised !
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    Find a good instructor would be my advice. People on here may give you tips. But, until you have a toolkit, that advice probably won't make much sense or you'll find it difficult to implement. You need to get to a point that you can self diagnose your own issues before taking advice from an online community and trying to incorporate it into your skiing. Until then, you really don't have the kinetic awareness to incorporate tips, especially if you are in survival mode most of the time. An instructor can observe and provide you feedback and help you to develop your toolkit. Then you can go from there and really begin the mastery process. One great thing about Magic is that it has SO many great low angle natural snow trails since so much is left natural. You should certainly focus on developing your technique on lower angle slopes. That is basically walking before you run. Heart of Magician is an excellent low angle natural snow trail for working natural snow technique. Or any of the groomers that are left natural after a storm. One short coming of Magic is there really aren't any quality low angle bump fields... most of the lines that develop bumps are steeper. Twilight Zone might be a good option for developing bump skills at Magic. Though it is listed as a glade... there are hardly any trees remaining (I was stunned at the lack of trees this year... I remember there being so many more of them 10+ years ago). In any case, developing natural snow and bump skills really unlock the entire mountain for any skier. Then you just need to work on control at steeper pitches and after that you can get into the glades and then you have the whole mountain you can ski. But it all starts with bump technique. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress next season!
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    Me too. Staff get the student benefit so I was loving life when it was Cannon. Haven't skied as much these past two years as I used to. That is why I am considering hedging on a Cannon pass, it has now gone WV 3 times in the past 4 or 5 years. There is a common misconception that WV is considerably closer but time wise, it isn't that much shorter of a drive and you gotta be careful about speeding on 49. Waterville has significantly less acres, is more crowded, less vert, and is more crowded. Better intermediate terrain overall, Cannon is a step up on that front. But now Cannon has superior snow making and better early season options, too.
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    Cannot make it to Burke this weekend but will gladly pm you my address if you need somewhere to send all that extra beer
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    I can confirm that you can use your Max Pass at more than one mountain per day
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    From my favorite store downtown, Brewtopia. Let's hear it for the great state of Maine!
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    I'm happy to be able to put forward a remotely optimistic weekend outlook. Some light precipitation (of mixed phase depending on location) on Friday night will give way to a beautiful day. Saturday looks to be a warm and sunny days with temperatures in the 40s in the valleys, and 30s at the summits. But all eyes should be focused on Sunday, which looks like a classic warm air overrunning scenario. In these situations, Vermont typically starts as snow and switches over to straight rain. But northern New Hampshire into Maine can be a very different story where cold air damming hangs tough. Looking toward Sunday afternoon, snow may still be the dominant precipitation over the White Mountains and northeast into Maine. But the temperature profile is going to be borderline. The exact details will depend on to what extent a secondary surface low develops off the New England coast, which will help to reinforce the cold air damming. If this lows fails to develop, we could be left with freezing rain or a straight cold rain. Optimistically so far it looks like the White Mountains will see a 6 inch paste job on Sunday. For those of you savvy on Skew-T diagrams, note the deep layer of overrunning warm air all the way up to 650 mb. That nearly isothermal layer looks to stay just below freezing, and should lead to a pasty snow, but it won't take much of a shift to flip it. Updates will be necessary as the storm approaches.
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    OK, here is where we stand heading into the weekend: MA: Wachusett - 25 trails, 23 groomed, 112 acres, 6 lifts, 16.5" new snow - 100% open. Wachusett got the most snow out of any of the New England Max pass resorts from this last storm. They'll groom it all out by tomorrow, but should keep things nice there. NH: Loon - 60 trails, 40 groomed, 362 acres, 26 miles, 8 lifts, 9-13" new snow - Only thing not listed as open is the Undercut glade on South Peak. When I was there on Wednesday, it didn't look like it would take much to open, so I would expect that to be added to the roster soon. (As of 9:15, North Peak lift is listed as on wind hold, limiting access to Sunset, Upper Flume, Upper Walking Boss, and Upper Walking Boss woods.) Sunapee - 65 trails, 47 groomed, 229 acres, 18 miles, 11" new snow - The snow report says that they will be 100% open this weekend. Lift Line will open tomorrow, and is the only thing currently closed. VT: Killington - 149 trails, 69 groomed, 1472 acres, 63 miles, 9 lifts*, 12" new snow - *some more lifts are on hold due to wind and exposure. Over 90% open, just a few trails here and there are currently listed as closed. By far the most open terrain of all the New England Max Pass options by any metric (Trails, acres or miles). Pico - 57 trails, 18 groomed, 328 acres, 20 miles, 5 lifts, 12" new snow - Pico remains wide open. Okemo - 120 trails, 83 groomed, 664 acres, 14 lifts, 5-7" new snow - Okemo only has one trail (Triplesec) listed as closed at this time. Okemo and Stratton got significantly less snow from this storm than the rest of the New England Max Pass resorts. I wouldn't be surprised if that keeps crowds down there this weekend. (Though the cold should do quite a nice job of that on its own.) Stratton - 81 trails, 62 groomed, 564 acres, 9 lifts, 7" new snow - Stratton probably has the most terrain listed as closed of any of the VT Max Pass resorts at this time. I wonder why that is? ME: Sunday River - 105 trails, 65 groomed, 710 acres, 44 miles, 11 lifts, 12-13" new snow - The Maine resorts made out well from this storm, and I don't think it will be long before the remaining glades and trails open up at the River. Sugarloaf - 109 trails, 52 groomed, 535 acres, 47 miles, 9 lifts, 12" new snow - Sugarloaf has caught up nicely in open terrain, and I expect they will continue to expand. This weekend is going to be COLD out there, especially Saturday... But temps should moderate to more seasonable / reasonable next week. I'm going to try to take at least one day off and head for the hills, we'll see how things shake out. If you get out at all this weekend, post a trip report and link it here. I may shoot up to Wachusett for a bit on Sunday, but I'll probably sit out this weekend. -w
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    I did not call, but it looks like all ski-only brands, so I am guessing there will be no snowboard demos on the 9th. @Weatherman - Could you please give my lift ticket away? I do not want to take the pass when someone else could use it and get more use out of it than myself. I'll have to meet up with you guys at a different gathering (hopefully). @WJenness was the 1st person to message me and he is looking for new skis, so the Demo Day would seem to benefit him greatly.
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    I got stuck in this 3 minute monster today. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Do you want me to make something up? SNOW TOO DEEP TO SURVIVE IS COMING THIS WEEK!
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    Well here we go folks!! To my surprise as a passholder I was not notified of the opening but made it anyway with my son. We had a blast! Very limited terrain open with monadnock and conifer being the only options but decent coverage. I can't remember the Wa being open this early but I'm glad they made the effort! I should've checked in here but I am partially still in fall mode and have been away from the forums. @hrstrat57 happy you found this thread. Hoping we can get traction going here! I'm in again with the bronze so hoping to meet up finally!
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    I believe we had BoomSauce on the Sugarloaf trip but damned if I can remember it !! My go too's right now are Tragically Hopped by Great North and Two juicy from Two Roads....also Call it a day from Moat was awesome and Damn Sure by Henniker brewing ! All Doubles with ABVs in the 8s..........surprise !
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    Dave, I'm up here in Lincoln. I'm looking out my window. But rather than go by m own first-hand observations, could you please let me know what you think about the weather here today? Are the trails dry enough for a Mtb ride or should I consider a hike? I can see some clouds. Will it rain? How about the temp, do you recommend a sweatshirt? I was going to mow my lawn later. Is it long enough?
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    Also coming over from AZ I love skiing and in the non skiing months I run a boat on the Seacoast of NH/Southern Maine. I also play some golf when time allows and go on hikes with my family. Peaks Passholder for the 17-18 season

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