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    Great Pics Jim ! You have me ready to move out west for sure ! Looks so Beautiful !!
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    I've been working a lot around my son's house in SLC making a retaining wall and some related improvements. But today 27 May 2020 took time off to play some golf at nearby Old Mill Golf Course. Nice public course in the foothills with great views and a lot of vertical change in some of the holes. This was the first time I played golf in Utah. Naturally I borrowed my son's clubs. Some time I have to make a dedicated post about all the toys I've borrowed from him this winter/spring:-) Downtown SLC is in the far right background to the north. First hole, looking west: Mtn view, ridge to left is entrance to Big Cottonwood Canyon, ridge in background is entrance to Little Cottonwood Canyon. Regarding social distancing, I paid in advance online. Reported at first tee no more than 15 mins before tee time. No practice green and no driving range allowed, made it tough since I hadn't played since last year. Played with three others I did not previously know. They were friends with each other, but not family and each drove their own golf cart. I carried my bag and walked, nine holes only, in two hours flat. $15. Good time, pretty day. I didn't score well, but had a enough good shots to bring me back again in the near future:-)

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