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    Here's a new one. Waterville doing hot meals for employees
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    Missed everything but early season thanks to busting my humerus. I'll miss some of the ski club parties and our C Lot tailgate. Though- if you really think about it nothing is really stopping us from having the tailgate. We just won't be skiing! I could be convinced to snow shoe up with some beers.
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    Definitely the gathering at the Cat. It was scheduled for my birthday weekend! We lost out on two weekend trips and at least 3 mid week scheduled days off from work skiing. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    I'm hanging in. To say that life is turned upside down would be understating dramatically. I stepped off my flight in Colorado a few weeks ago just as everything was going to shit. In the airport I was collecting my luggage on Saturday evening when I read the new that Vail was shutting down operations, including its HQ where I was supposed to start on Monday. I was lost. Sunday evening at 10pm I received news that I would not be starting that week as planned, but to sight tight and they would pay me in the interim. Wednesday of the next week they finally onboarded me remotely. The next morning I grabbed a laptop from the office, and that day flew back to New England where I have been working remotely for the last week. Yesterday I received the email to employees that you have all heard about. I've been in meetings all morning with senior leadership at Vail. I've gone through a rollercoaster of emotions. At first I was upset and thought that if they led with this reduced salary, I never would haven taken the job. That much is true. But I'm not convinced that the grass would be much greener where I came from. The whole world is in the shit now. I've been very impressed with the workplace culture at Vail Resorts. You can learn a lot about the fabric of an organization by how it responds to periods of stress. I've seen more honest, heartfelt communication from Vail than any of my previous employers. The employees here are more personal, and seem to deeply care about each other. They are a great group of people that I am happy to work with. At the leadership level, I have seen senior management shed tears today over the difficulty of these decisions and impacts to employees and their families. When I look at how the cuts are being made, they look well thought out. Seasonal employees were let go with only a few weeks remaining in the season and were paid for at least a week of that. The hourly employees year round employees had been paid until this point, and are at least getting full health care benefits fully paid by the company for the duration of the furlough. The salary reductions are progressive to impact the most senior level the most. I'm trying to keep a positive outlook. I don't know how will come next. If the summer season is cancelled, it is likely there will need to be further cuts made. But all of us are in it together.
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    Cutler River Drainage closed. " Pinkham Notch parking lot will be closed to the public, with both the closure orders enforced with fines and even possible jail time. Please do your part and stay near home, hike in the woods, run a new route, or take up that project you’ve been putting off. The mountains have been around for a long time and will be here when life returns to normal. Thanks again for your cooperation as we navigate these rough waters." https://mountwashingtonavalanchecenter.org/end-of-the-season-and-closures/
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    Thanks for the clarity and absolutely no need to apologize!!! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    I ride a section of power lines near house. It is a mile or two long. There are a sections that are muddy but can be avoided easily. It is does have a decent rock drop though not super technical.
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    I do that occasionally when running. It ends exactly the same way- "why the hell am I here?"
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    Other end of spectrum. Sometimes these CEO's really do have heads up their asses https://unofficialnetworks.com/2020/03/30/disgruntled-vail-resorts-employee-places-sign-in-front-of-beaver-creek-webcam/
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    Neighborhood stroll today around Cottonwood Heights. The abandoned Old Mill. A paper mill was first built here in 1883 and partially rebuilt in 1927. Nearby Old Mill Park. The entrance to Big Cottonwood Canyon is in the left-center background. View of same area from near the mouth of BCC. The old mill is the orange building to right. Downtown SLC is in far background.
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    From my "look back at this day" reminders on my phone. 3 years ago today. Kicking Horse
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    Figured this was imminent. Saw a post that there was 400+ people there the other day. Many with out of state plates too.
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    My wife and I thought about Loveland Pass because two days prior to that Video it snowed 10+ inches in the mountains. Then we thought about it for a second - knowing everybody and their brother were going to be there. The distance some had to walk is nuts. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    This was posted on the same site
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    Storm King Mountain in Jackson Wyoming is grooming the mountain for skinners.
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    SR and SL did the same. Absolutely true on the amount of food they had, Sunday River even donated some to the local school district for it's low income meals program. While we're talking nice gestures, Boyne announced Earl on the Flash Sale pass pricing (usually just 5 days long) would continue through April 30th.
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    Loon did this also. Not to detract from their generousity, but it would be pretty obnoxious if they didn't. These resorts had a ton of food stock on hand for the planned rest of the season. Giving it out to thier employees was a pretty easy way to do the right thing. Sent from my moto z4 using Tapatalk
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    I've been developing a Mountain Info page to supplement the Guides that were previously written. Ideally I would have just added some of the info that I'm putting on the Info pages to the guides but the structure of the software didn't really allow for it how I wanted so I had to keep them separate. Started with Cannon to get a template down. Looking for some feedback. Some of the key things I wanted included was some mountain specific weather and then the links to forum posts as well. Any suggestions on what else may be useful. https://northeastmountainsports.com/ski-area-info/new-hampshire/cannon-mountain-ski-resort-info/
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    Awesome. Just one thought. 8' of powder but what about that 7.5' rock. just thinking.
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    Cannon has extended their early purchase thru 6/30
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    Add in Xavier's little brother too
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    Every line in this clip is out of this world!! 4:00 are you kidding me!?!? It's pretty amazing how dominant the French are at big mountain skiing and riding. Between Xavier and Candid they are untouchable.
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    It looks like we're all going to have some extra time on our hands for a while. I'm going to start tackling some of the projects that I've put off for a long time. How about starting a ski projects lists and share some DIY instructions? Some everyday maintenance stuff: Ski/board tunes so you're ready to go for next season Summer wax Wash all that gear that's probably stuffed in your bag still Fix busted buckles, bent poles, broken baskets, torn gloves, Bigger DIY projects: Build home ski racks Build truck/car ski racks Build tuning bench Build boot dryer/heaters I own a couple of store bought boot dryer/heaters. But I still don't have enough spots for all the boots and gloves. Here are a couple DIY versions I'm planning to make... This one I like because my house is forced hot air. It's a simple portable heater/dryer that takes advantage of existing heating and blowing. This is one of the better ones I've seen as a standalone unit with lots of space. I like that the boots stay upright instead of upside down like most other driers. I feel like this does better at clearing out any moisture. http://chris-cbphotography.blogspot.com/2011/02/diy-boot-and-glove-dryer.html
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    So much has happened since I last posted in this thread! In early March 2020 I got in some good skiing at Snowbird, UT: I also met some friends at Brighton one day: My last day of lift served skiing was Friday the 13th with friends at Solitude, UT. I am still holding out hope that Snowbird will reopen perhaps sometime in April? I went snowshoeing in BCC with my wife on St. Paddy's Day: A few days later I hiked to a waterfall in Heughs Canyon near Holladay, UT: Upbeat article about Utah hiking during the virus crisis: https://www.sltrib.com/news/2020/03/21/i-feel-like-hiking-is/ On March 22, 2020 I took a scenic drive with my wife and we ended up walking along the shores of the Great Salt Lake. Good place to practice social distancing: Will stay in Utah for another month or two and see how it goes. Wishing all of you are safe and well in these unsettled times!

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