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    Just so I stop seeing the picture of a broken toe on my phone I am uploading a random picture from Cannons website
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    Thanks for the report! Spending more time in the pub than on the slopes says it all. I love the setup at Cannon, warts and all (maybe I love it especially for the warts?). I could do without the Links as they are... I still think the high speed lift should have followed the previous lift line and dumped out next to the Cannonball. But otherwise, it is a mountain setup that makes you work for it and I love that aspect. It just doesn't work well when all terrain is not available. With Upper/Middle Hard and all glades closed, the mountain is a bit of a PITA.
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    Saddleback's quest to rise from the dead took a big step forward today:
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    We were at Sugarloaf for the weekend, probably the only weekend we'll spend there this year. With the IKON pass, we had days to use for free, so although the mountain report looked questionable (it said to have an extra cup of coffee and some pancakes...), we decided to give it a go (albeit a little later than normal). We got on the slopes just as they were opening the SuperQuad, and did 5-ish laps on that. People were saying the top was pretty knarly, so we stayed lower on the mountain. Conditions were pretty good with warm temps and 2-3" of wet snow. There was no ice, but the kids' legs were tired from pushing around the heavy snow (and mine too, if I'm being honest). We had an early lunch and headed up to the King pine chair afterwards. The temps were starting to drop and things were firming up. Everything skied REALLY nicely after lunch, and we got in another 5-ish runs before calling it a day to make the 4-hour trek back home. Overall, it was a great weekend with MUCH better conditions on Sunday than I had anticipated!
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    I heard Eli is coming out of retirement to throw for the Pat's! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Thursday: Crotched (ARL) Friday: Magic Saturday: Pico
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    I was at Cannon on Sunday.... It was the typical Cannon day.. Ice and socked in at the top and mashed potatoes mid mountain. Mittersill was un skiable for the most part. They had a GS race on Baron's and it was pretty much ice. I spent more time at the pub than on the slopes. I went for 69 bucks on a bus trip... I still found out why I have not gone back to Cannon since 1991.. I just do not like the mountain and the setup..
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    One of the New York Times politics reporters, who has covered the NH primaries many times, squeezes in runs at Cranmore and Black Mountain between campaign events. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/21/travel/new-hampshire-primary-ski.html?action=click&module=Editors Picks&pgtype=Homepage
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    Currently 35* and a nasty rain at my place in between the lakes and the whites. Here is the report from Cannon: "The forecast is calling for a weather event to hit us tonight with some snow and some rain. Wind could also be a factor in the early morning tomorrow..." That is definitely a stay-away type reporting from Cannon. If you guys hit it up, I'm interested in a damage report but not interested enough to drive up to inspect in person.
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    No idea but I'd be pretty bummed about it!
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    Someone made a post on AZ, does anyone have insight about the White Mountain Super Pass going away next season? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Thursday - Crotched race league Saturday - Attitash race Sunday - ??? open to suggestions in the MWV. Thinking about Bretton Woods
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    Saturday - Wachusett ski trip with the Jr High [emoji33] Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Skied a smaller Northern Virginia ski area today, 1/21/20 called Bryce, about 100 miles west of Wash DC. It's been around since the early '60s and is proof that a small mtn can succeed in this day and age and climate. This is a really well run mtn. It has only about 500' vertical, but is never crowded. Very light traffic on weekdays and affordable. We finally got good streak of cold weather and Bryce has pole mounted guns about every 50 feet all over every run (about 9 runs total) that can cover the whole place in two or three nights. This last photo is Whitetail ski area in PA.
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    Sat & Sun: Sugarloaf And maybe Monday too if the storm is big enough...

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