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    All the low angle stuff was incredi-balls. Got first tracks on Pixie, HOM, lower Red Line, and fresh tracks seemingly everywhere. Only about 50 people on the hill so still plenty of untouched until the afternoon. A little crusty/hard under some of the steeper terrain (Tali, Trick, HOM) but Up Your Sleeve, Medium, left side of Black Line, upper half of Broomstick, and lower section of Red Line were worth repeating (think I hit Up Your Sleeve 3-4 times). Could absolutely bomb down with no worries.
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    Here's some footage from a few runs and bonus clip of @ABVat the end
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    Passed my Level 1 today; this is what my wife had waiting for me when I got home.
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    Seemed worthy of a link to this story since so many Cannon skiers posted on here (and elsewhere) about the crazy sky last Saturday. It was so wild, but I didn't realize it was rare enough to be a national news story. https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2018/12/05/story-behind-an-incredible-sky-scene-new-hampshire/?fbclid=IwAR3YbB_k2jIsHkLU9Lo7QDXaa8z09HaMxJrvLpwgvXZoNyBPgia12QRZwHE&utm_term=.73c98d2b1ff8
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    Mountain is in incredible shape. Did some treks with Rusty and the wife this weekend. Saturday was super soft. Today was more like styrofoam. Mountain has a solid 6-8" base. Never bottomed out or saw bare ground in the tracks. Zeke will be on the couch until tomorrow afternoon.
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    Don't piss off JimG.
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    Problem addressed going forward....
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    Well last Friday I made a pilgrimage to Treehouse. Waited my 1 and 1/2 hours to get my $100 case of beer. I got 6 different kinds. Haze, Julius. Jjjuliusss, Super Sap, Bright and Doppleganger. Only had the Haze and Julius so far. Both great - liked Haze a little more.
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    Cold and dry yesterday. I decided to write off trees and ungroomed, brought only the frontside skis, and ran the groomed all day. Groomers were scratchy but still edgeable. An upside to a hard refreeze after rain is that the groomers can't develop ice moguls - it all just stays flat ice! [emoji38] I did one lap on middle Hard which was in better shape than I expected. It wouldn't surprise me if surfaces in the woods were in decent shape. Upper Hard, groomed. IDK if this is rare but it was my first time:
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    After last week, a couple 2-4" events back to back will set things up very nicely. Should be some heavy wet stuff too. Won't get us back in the steep woods at Magic but will open most stuff up. Hoping the RGEM is off because Wednesday would mean an icy mess. Going to snow tonight until Thursday night lol Shave off 1/3 imo.
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    View this giveaway Giveaway: Icelantic Oracle 88 skis Step up, ladies. This giveaway is for you. Icelantic Oracle 88 skis, 162 cm length. According to Icelantic: Rules: minimum of 10 posts to enter the giveaway. Get those posts in if you need them to enter. Raffle closes 12/15/18. Submitter Weatherman Expiration Date 2 months and 2 hours Submitted 10/15/2018 Category Skiing and Snowboarding Giveaways  
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    Thoroughly enjoyed the season despite breaking a couple of ribs. Loads of good skiing, managed to hit a number of powder days, too. My best memory of 2018 would be in November after returning from flying from across the world, getting up at 5:30 am because I couldn't sleep due to time change, making a solid breakfast, and driving up to Wildcat on a whim for a powder day that I didn't even know had happened or was forecast.
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    I going to go for it tomorrow and hit Cannon.
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    Yikes, I would think a woodstove would take a lot of extra lube! But if you prefer it, knock yourself out.
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    Actually over the mlk weekend the cannonball was down but the tram was running. They even ran it that Tuesday when wind closed the cannonball. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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    @fcksummer first tracks.. Obviously very deep.... Traffic Jam....
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    Someone needs to start a running 2018/19 Attitash thread. Just being honest and not being judgemental, that place has been 100% off my radar for about 25 years and I kind of assumed it was on it's way out considering the available options to the east and west. But all of a sudden there seems to be lots of reports and mentions popping up on this site. All of which are positive (except the triple chair issue). So I guess I'd just like to see more of the running hype/love/appeal of the place. Maybe change my preconceived and uninformed perceptions.
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    Change of Plans! Saturday: Cannon Sunday: Ragged
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    It was due to the second half of the storm, Cannon got screwed during the initial setup due to wind direction. Once the winds swung around, Cannon cranked it up. Before Cannon opened on Wednesday, there was considerably more snow to the south of Cannon. Cannon and Wildcat do better with different storm setups, they have very different aspects and nearly by topography features. Ideal for Cannon is E/NE wind and S wind is game over. A Gulf of Maine bomb often means Cannon gets the most in the northeast. I am not as familiar with Wildcat's specifics but I often find that a big storm at Cannon doesn't necessarily mean a big storm at Wildcat and vice versa. Loon seemed to do well with this system, they do well with the southerly to northeast swing. So they picked up snow at the start of the storm that Cannon didn't get and then kept it cranking.
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    Welcome. Not sure about how it is for watching the game but the Magic bar is really nice. Good beer selection.
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    First post here... Skiing magic for the first time 1/12 and 1/13. Where's the best place to watch the football games?
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    Just transferred and started my 7 day dry hop on my IPA called Dead Wrong. Extremely hoppy NE style but without the haze which I just don't get as a homebrewer.
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    It is hard to imagine right now, but you're world will be very different in 6 months. The social scene in college is very different. Once you've graduated, all of the sudden the difference between 22 and 30 starts to look trivial. At the risk of sounding like an old man (I'm in my mid 30s)... it's time to start thinking about life after graduation. You won't be meeting people at class or in the dorms. As far as ski area bars go... there are a few options out there. Killington has it's fair share complete with Joey from Jersey and his douchebaggery. The MWV has a very different scene
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    Word of caution - ski clothing is very deceptive and hides a lot of flaws...
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    Crotched was surprisingly good last night. They were blowing loads of snow and did a great job with the surfaces all over the hill. A vast improvement since Sunday.
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    Your not kidding !! Holy Crap ! I still cant believe I won ! My daughter will be very surprised !
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    View from the top IMG]https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20181130/3ecdb5d93cc4bd590f141df1f2ab9818.jpg[/img] Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Great afternoon today at the wa with the family. Good base And they were making a ton across the mountain. Going to head up with my son tomorrow morning likely. If the weather continues to cooperate they should be close to 100% in a week or so
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    I am usually the bug not the windshield
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    Someone mentioned the idea of Forerunner at Stowe going to HS6 and moving the Quad to Attitash. That seems like a win, win to me. Curious what you think might happen with Jay that will turn you off if it gets gobbled up. Jay's kinda already gotten the whole Disneyland treatment already. More snowmaking and grooming? More snowmaking and grooming is definitely my great concern for Wildcat. Shortening the season is also a concern. Cat is probably the most "raw" 2k vert ski area in the East after MRG. Though I suppose Jay probably ties Cat. Both a distant second to MRG. Cat only makes snow and grooms about half the trails. I fear Vail turns trails like Upper Wildcat and all of Gondiline into man made boulevards. End of the day, I'm not too worried. Looking at the Vail portfolio, Wildcat is probably near the very bottom of their list for investment targets that will produce substantial ROI. As long as we keep our roughly 11/10 to 5/1 season with minimal manicuring of the slopes, I'll likely remain happy and not consider change. Where I live, the only reasonable option for change is Cannon. I've considered it many times, but fewer crowds and less grooming keeps me loyal to Cat. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    That's awesome! You know, I just had the most unbelievable experience inside of that canyon and you don't really notice it until you leave. People were asking me, "so what are you going to take away from this trip?" And I told them I wasn't sure. I didn't know yet or even if I was going to take anything out of it. But now that I'm back, it just amplifies everything it amplifies. the fact that I'm settling in life it amplifies the fact that I need to find more nature in my area honestly it really amplifies the fact that I have to I'm miserable, I need to get out of here, and move back out west! Anywhere but cali! I just need to get out of this area! But in the meantime, if I could find local places that I already don't know about would be wonderful. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time it's truly a magical place indescribable and indefinable. Weather was beautiful the whole time we were there did not go below 55 the entire time at night and didn't go above 85. It was absolutely perfect. we had one major storm but it came through pretty quickly and just left. I was hoping for a bigger storm while we were on the water so I could see all of the waterfalls coming off of the walls. A few people on my trip were telling me about that. I will post some pictures. I know I said I'm miserable, but at the same time I know I am one of the luckiest people in the world for not knowing a thing about rafting or what the lottery was about and being able to score a permit for the best time of year. So I don't mean to sound ungrateful!
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    I saw that. Why not just cover Superstar with a roof and refrigerator the ground.
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    yes blue f150. I may have had my tunes on and didn't hear ya. Agree great day, A little sticky near the bottom but no complaints for April 5th.
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    My favorite are Haze and Green. The husband insisted we spend a kid-free morning after a wedding waiting in line for beer. It's good beer, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort...
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    Great ride tonight. It was about 40 degrees, but really had the feel of spring. The trails were >99% free of snow and ice. I only rode one tiny patch. The windy weekend brought a few branches and trees down. I cleared 3 and will need tools for a 4th. But overall things were surprisingly good for the time of year. . I got a little cocky about how late it stays light out these days. Finished in almost total darkness and didn't have my lights. Live and learn...
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    The ski area guides are showing me an error message. I haven't looked at all of them but Sunday River and Sugarloaf both returned errors. Not sure if it was triggered by the update or not. Thanks
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    Installed an update today. Please let me know if you notice any issues.
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    Fair enough, consider your category changed. But seriously is there ever really a situation (in any aspect of life) where 99% certainly exists? And if so, where it gets treated differently than 100%? What exactly is your standard for "borderline"? 95%, 80%, 50%? . In this example Wildcat and Cannon and Jay all had pretty equal probabilities of being able to operate. Certainly none were at 99% confidence. They each made different calls and each had different outcomes. One chose not to try and may or not have been right about it, one chose to try and it turned out well, one chose to try and failed. Nothing inherently right or wrong about the decision making. Just an interesting question about how one plays the odds for themselves and their customers.
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    Had a great 4 days of skiing at Cannon while staying at Mittersill. Sat 1/19 just took 4 runs at Mittersill side by myself. Conditions were good before the storm. Skied ridgeline/Skyline/Dragons drop, Barron's and Liftline twice. Then did over 10k of X-country skiing at Bretton Woods with the wife. Sun 1/20 - Powder and snowed all day. Started on the t-bar at mittersill with my 15 yo son as double was on hold. Then older son and wife met up with us and we all made our way to front 5 for a few runs then the cannonball opened (split with the wife as she didn't want to go to the top) and took some runs at the top and then headed down Kinsman to the tram. DJ's wasn't open yet but then it opened as we got to the Tram. It looked like mayhem. Body strewed out everywhere. The worst looked like just below the first tower. Decided not to do it and worked our way up the saddle instead and got shown the way down the backside (tuckerbrook) and back to the Mittersill village to have lunch and a few beers at the condo. We had fresh up and over my knees down through the river bed. After lunch (wife was done for the day)took a few runs at Mittersill and worked our way back to Cannon and to the top. Skied the top glades - go green and global warming which were incredible then finished out the day with another awesome run off the saddle back to Mittersill. Took a little different route and before the river bed cut right into the glades and hit the traverse closer to the road. Got out around 4:15. I want to thank the guys who showed us the way in and back. Mon - 1/21 - Wife stayed in as the cold and wind was pretty brutal. Cannonball and Peabody never opened but the tram was open to get you to the top. Took it some what easy for the day but did get first chair at Mittersill and skied lift line, candy land as well as skyline and baron's at mittersill before getting over to the front five and hitting up the tram (skied lost boys) . Skied until 2 and then decided to go in to the condo and have lunch and then called it a day. Tues 1//22 - Kids went home Monday night so the wife and I skied. I got out around 9:30 and I skied on Mittersill. She came out around 10:15. Hit the Mittersill, front five. The Cannon ball wasn't running but they opened the tram which I haven't seen open on a Tuesday in a long time. The wind was hollowing at the top so only did the one tram run and then a few runs on the Peabody which I never really take runsoff and just use a transportation to get to Cannonball and Zoomer. Went in for lunch then came back out and took 3 runs off the double and called it a day around 3:15.
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    WOW. So happy to hear it was an accident and not some asshole.
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    As @Smellytele said, upper mountain glades are tight. Go Green is probably tightest & steepest so you didn't do yourself any favors there. Lost Boys is the easiest of the upper mtn glades but is still very tight by other mtn's standards. It's accessible off the left side of Upper Cannon. It's surprisingly far down the trail so you always feel like you missed it, but it's fairly obvious. You can see the top of the Peabody when you are at the entrance. They have cut a bunch of new stuff above that (Upper Lost boys??) that is also accessible off of Upper Cannon at ~ the 2nd turn. It's tighter than Lost Boys-proper so I don't recommend it if you aren't comfortable with the tighter stuff. Snowmaker's is accessed off of the beginning of Time Zone. There isn't a well defined entrance and has been recently obscured by race fencing. Today I went in a little high in order to avoid the fencing. It's a nice low-angle, well-spaced glade which makes it easier. However, it has a very boney base compared to other lower mtn glades. Where you might feel a bit of wood underneath on the other ones, Snowmaker's will have pointy granite! It can be a base killer and can trip you up pretty bad. I found untracked lines in there today, but I also hit a lot of stuff. Also, keep in mind that it dumps you out on the access road to Ernie's. It requires a skate or walk back to Zoomer. Nothing major, but it's not a direct-to-lift trail.
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    Nope. Haters gonna hate. Wouldn't want them to experience such fun anyways.
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    I need to get up there soon ! Ive never been there, looking forward to some night skiing during the week !
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    Arguably the most empty article I've ever read, but what the heck it praises Cannon and it's September.... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.skimag.com/.amp/ski-resort-life/cannon-mountain
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    You don't have to do that... Gmail strips out the periods in your address. Meaning Firstname.Lastname@gmail.com is the same as FirstnameLastname@gmail.com is the same as F.i.r.s.t.n.a.m.e.L.a.s.t.n.a.m.e.@gmail.com So just add a . in your email address somewhere when you submit it. -w
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    That's a really sharp looking ride! And congrats on mini DHS part 2!! Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk

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