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    All the low angle stuff was incredi-balls. Got first tracks on Pixie, HOM, lower Red Line, and fresh tracks seemingly everywhere. Only about 50 people on the hill so still plenty of untouched until the afternoon. A little crusty/hard under some of the steeper terrain (Tali, Trick, HOM) but Up Your Sleeve, Medium, left side of Black Line, upper half of Broomstick, and lower section of Red Line were worth repeating (think I hit Up Your Sleeve 3-4 times). Could absolutely bomb down with no worries.
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    Here's some footage from a few runs and bonus clip of @ABVat the end
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    Passed my Level 1 today; this is what my wife had waiting for me when I got home.
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    Don't piss off JimG.
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    Problem addressed going forward....
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    Well last Friday I made a pilgrimage to Treehouse. Waited my 1 and 1/2 hours to get my $100 case of beer. I got 6 different kinds. Haze, Julius. Jjjuliusss, Super Sap, Bright and Doppleganger. Only had the Haze and Julius so far. Both great - liked Haze a little more.
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    I missed opening day. I did not notice that Cannon decided to open early! I can't remember the last time Cannon went earlier than their posted date, I didn't even bother checking despite so many other areas opening early. I drove up to visit a friend in Franconia and stopped at Cannon to pick up my season pass. Boy, was I surprised coming around the bend and seeing Zoomer spinning! Just as well, though. I skied Sunday and everyone that I talked to who skied Saturday said that Sunday was better. Though, we had to deal with a bit of NCP at lower elevations. Totally soaked but totally worth it! An impressive amount of terrain for opening weekend. Tramway and Upper Cannon were in great shape and it was snowing up there. Big Link got skied off but never turned completely icy. Middle Cannon and Spookie were both damn fine, really good turns on that run. Gary's and Rocket were better than they looked. Rock Garden and Lower Cannon were a bit rough. Middle Ravine to Chute was awful, that was the only run I absolutely did not want to repeat. Hopefully they can resurface for Thanksgiving weekend. Despite Cannon being my second most skied mountain behind Jay (only due to three years of season passes at Jay), this is my first season as a pass holder at Cannon. Hopefully I'll see you guys around the mountain this season!
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    I know. Same with red-it. I don’t think these forums are dead yet. I think Facebook slowly dying though. I know a lot of people who deleted their Facebook and there are very few so maybe message boards will begin to grow if Facebook continues to shrink.
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    Best post Ive seen in a looong time !!! LOL ! Can sometimes suck....hahaha so freakin true !! BW as a back up plan is Good Idea !!!
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    Thoroughly enjoyed the season despite breaking a couple of ribs. Loads of good skiing, managed to hit a number of powder days, too. My best memory of 2018 would be in November after returning from flying from across the world, getting up at 5:30 am because I couldn't sleep due to time change, making a solid breakfast, and driving up to Wildcat on a whim for a powder day that I didn't even know had happened or was forecast.
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    This place needs more pics of kids getting rad - or just having fun! Let’s see ‘em. Here’s a sequence of my 11 year old throwing a 3 off a boulder at Stowe, and another of my 9 year old on Whirlaway at Stowe.
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    I going to go for it tomorrow and hit Cannon.
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    Yikes, I would think a woodstove would take a lot of extra lube! But if you prefer it, knock yourself out.
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    Ads are generally targeted based on other sites you visit, search history, etc. Just saying...
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    Actually over the mlk weekend the cannonball was down but the tram was running. They even ran it that Tuesday when wind closed the cannonball. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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    @fcksummer first tracks.. Obviously very deep.... Traffic Jam....
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    Thursday - Crotched race league Saturday - Attitash race Sunday - ??? open to suggestions in the MWV. Thinking about Bretton Woods
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    Good to see you guys! Have to do it again soon. Definitely a good day minus the visibility issues.
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    You all are filling my glass with Christmas spirit(s)! All good points. It may not be amazing but it sure could be worse. It's all first world problems anyway.
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    Only a problem if you make contact with other objects, lenses can detach !! Ill go with fixed grip from now on !
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    I didn't know they were opening until 1pm. I was off yesterday and would have taken the ride up. Definitely sounds like a good first day. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    BW scoring first in NH with opening tomorrow at noon for free (with canned goods donation). I'll be there. Anyone else hitting it?
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    It was pretty humid and gross this morning!
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    Someone mentioned the idea of Forerunner at Stowe going to HS6 and moving the Quad to Attitash. That seems like a win, win to me. Curious what you think might happen with Jay that will turn you off if it gets gobbled up. Jay's kinda already gotten the whole Disneyland treatment already. More snowmaking and grooming? More snowmaking and grooming is definitely my great concern for Wildcat. Shortening the season is also a concern. Cat is probably the most "raw" 2k vert ski area in the East after MRG. Though I suppose Jay probably ties Cat. Both a distant second to MRG. Cat only makes snow and grooms about half the trails. I fear Vail turns trails like Upper Wildcat and all of Gondiline into man made boulevards. End of the day, I'm not too worried. Looking at the Vail portfolio, Wildcat is probably near the very bottom of their list for investment targets that will produce substantial ROI. As long as we keep our roughly 11/10 to 5/1 season with minimal manicuring of the slopes, I'll likely remain happy and not consider change. Where I live, the only reasonable option for change is Cannon. I've considered it many times, but fewer crowds and less grooming keeps me loyal to Cat. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    I don't know that the fundamentals of the WMSP really change. The net result for the NH skier is a $70 price increased ($630 to $700), and added benefit of Sunapee. The Super Pass still offers a better variety in the White Mountains. The other part that could alter the value is if Vail actually fixes Attitash. Imagine Attitash with a functional high speed lift and roofs that don't leak.
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    I'm having a hard time coming to terms with this. Everything changes. Attitash definitely changes for the better. I'm not so sure about Wildcat. I can't imagine what the Cat is like under Vail administration.
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    Finally got up to Kingdom Trails for the first time of the season on Saturday. The weather was about as perfect as it gets: 55-65 degrees, light breeze, no humidity, not a cloud in the sky. The trails were almost as perfect. They still have a couple of trails closed for wet conditions (only about 5%) which is pretty impressive considering the winter and spring they had. It's a good testament to how well managed the place is that they keep people off trails rather than letting them get trashed. We typically ride KT on Sunday mornings, so being there midday on Saturday was a different world in terms of crowds. Tons of people in the parking lots and in town. But we never felt crowded on the trails. We did about 14 miles with a lot of climbing and felt great! We were pretty worked over the next morning, but really couldn't get enough. So we headed back over for a shorter ride on Sunday morning. Also have been wanting to check out some of the more northerly trail sections. Trails like Coronary and Coronary Bypass are more of the same great flowy, bermed single track descents and nice switchbacky climbs Did another ride on my local trails Monday morning. I was really missing all of that expert trail building and maintenance!
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    Havasu Creek. About a 4 hour hike and total to Lower Beaver Falls which is not pictured. This was the beginning of the hike, the crystal blue water only exists in this Creek and in the Little Colorado River (LCR). The Colorado River was green and clean the whole time!
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    That's awesome! You know, I just had the most unbelievable experience inside of that canyon and you don't really notice it until you leave. People were asking me, "so what are you going to take away from this trip?" And I told them I wasn't sure. I didn't know yet or even if I was going to take anything out of it. But now that I'm back, it just amplifies everything it amplifies. the fact that I'm settling in life it amplifies the fact that I need to find more nature in my area honestly it really amplifies the fact that I have to I'm miserable, I need to get out of here, and move back out west! Anywhere but cali! I just need to get out of this area! But in the meantime, if I could find local places that I already don't know about would be wonderful. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time it's truly a magical place indescribable and indefinable. Weather was beautiful the whole time we were there did not go below 55 the entire time at night and didn't go above 85. It was absolutely perfect. we had one major storm but it came through pretty quickly and just left. I was hoping for a bigger storm while we were on the water so I could see all of the waterfalls coming off of the walls. A few people on my trip were telling me about that. I will post some pictures. I know I said I'm miserable, but at the same time I know I am one of the luckiest people in the world for not knowing a thing about rafting or what the lottery was about and being able to score a permit for the best time of year. So I don't mean to sound ungrateful!
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    I saw that. Why not just cover Superstar with a roof and refrigerator the ground.
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    I'm sure we've all seen the news stories about this from last Thursday. I know I lot of us have been having personal conversations about it. Especially since many of have plans to be up there in the coming weeks. I haven't posted about it because the news reports have been incomplete and the social media reports have been unreliable. Finally, here is the very detailed (yet heartbreaking) full report from MWAC. https://www.mountwashingtonavalanchecenter.org/4112019-avalanche-fatality-raymond-cataract/?fbclid=IwAR1nl1DF6VtZqGBwors-8zkKXGakeDSHcsCo6E-Z68AFR3baKaVRXzBsuHA I'm just gonna say 2 things: 1) These rangers and first responders are absolutely amazing. Their unique set of calculated experience and decision-making, combined with their pure courage and humanity is pretty damn unique. I don't know how they juggle being so clinical about their discussions while obviously being so emotional about their commitment. 2) Let's not turn this into an armchair QB thread. Every single social media platform and ski forum has already done that. We're all just recreational skiers. Some with more or less BC experience. We're all happy to be enjoying some late season fun. Take the lessons learned from this report, there are a lot of them. They span from the technical aspects of BC skiing, to the mental aspects of decision making, to the emotional aspects of ultimate loss. There is lots to gain from absorbing all of that, there is little to gain from critiquing it.
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    Well I am thinking of hitting up Mount Bohemia in Michigan this spring. Not sure what they will have open. I am going to be near Cleveland for a month and have weekends free. It will be a 12 hr drive but what else do I have to do, They said they will be open until May. http://www.mtbohemia.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/mount-bohemia-trail-map.pdf hmmm? hang out in mistake by the lake on go on a road trip?
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    yes blue f150. I may have had my tunes on and didn't hear ya. Agree great day, A little sticky near the bottom but no complaints for April 5th.
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    My favorite are Haze and Green. The husband insisted we spend a kid-free morning after a wedding waiting in line for beer. It's good beer, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort...
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    Great ride tonight. It was about 40 degrees, but really had the feel of spring. The trails were >99% free of snow and ice. I only rode one tiny patch. The windy weekend brought a few branches and trees down. I cleared 3 and will need tools for a 4th. But overall things were surprisingly good for the time of year. . I got a little cocky about how late it stays light out these days. Finished in almost total darkness and didn't have my lights. Live and learn...
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    Saturday, March 23, 2019 Mountain: Wildcat Lift(s) Impacted: all (Eventually). Snowcat and Catapult ran for a bit. Wind Speed: 70+ mph Wind Direction: NW
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    It's late season, if he's wrong he's got all summer for people to forget. It's a low risk haymaker.
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    First (legit) ride in over 5 weeks. Mass is slowly thawing out and drying out. My local trails tend to be ahead of the curve on both of those counts since they are close to the coast and very sandy. Still a little bit of snow and ice, but not much mud. I stayed off the north facing hills which I knew would be too icy, and stayed off the few mud-prone valleys. This was about the worst section we got into on a 6 mile ride.
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    Cannon was a mess on Saturday, which was only made worse by unusually large crowds (or maybe that was just a result of the upper mountain being closed). We left at lunch. Sunday it skied like a totally different mountain. The snow was great, and there was even a little powder on the upper mountain. Let’s hope it stays like that for a few more weeks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Jotuls makes me yoddle.
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    Pico announced 2.1 mil in snow making improvements
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    The ski area guides are showing me an error message. I haven't looked at all of them but Sunday River and Sugarloaf both returned errors. Not sure if it was triggered by the update or not. Thanks
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    Installed an update today. Please let me know if you notice any issues.
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    Fair enough, consider your category changed. But seriously is there ever really a situation (in any aspect of life) where 99% certainly exists? And if so, where it gets treated differently than 100%? What exactly is your standard for "borderline"? 95%, 80%, 50%? . In this example Wildcat and Cannon and Jay all had pretty equal probabilities of being able to operate. Certainly none were at 99% confidence. They each made different calls and each had different outcomes. One chose not to try and may or not have been right about it, one chose to try and it turned out well, one chose to try and failed. Nothing inherently right or wrong about the decision making. Just an interesting question about how one plays the odds for themselves and their customers.
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    No doubt I appreciate the early distant warning there is nothing worse than hauling your ass to a hill at 0Dark30 to find out 2 hours into a 3 3/4 hour ride that the hill in question will be closed. This is definitely a very unique situation where people have the ability to slide just 30 miles down the road on the same pass/ticket but it doesn't happen often. I think it would be cool if BW would honor day tickets purchased at Cannon if Cannon closed for the day or maybe charging a $20 fee to ski. I know it would never happen but just a though. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    The night started off alright. Then it rained ice. The mountain iced. The cars iced. Our gear iced. The roads iced. All we were missing was Smirnoff Ice.
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    Got an email saying they are planning to re surface tomorrow night once temps drop. Unsure which trails (meteor, milky way, super nova, galaxy) would be my best guess.
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    Feels like a warm, beautiful spring day today. YUCK.
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    Someone needs to start a running 2018/19 Attitash thread. Just being honest and not being judgemental, that place has been 100% off my radar for about 25 years and I kind of assumed it was on it's way out considering the available options to the east and west. But all of a sudden there seems to be lots of reports and mentions popping up on this site. All of which are positive (except the triple chair issue). So I guess I'd just like to see more of the running hype/love/appeal of the place. Maybe change my preconceived and uninformed perceptions.

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