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    It's time for the official announcement: I need to step down from managing this site. I've accepted a new full-time job with Vail Resorts, and continued operation of this site would be a conflict of interest. I'll be moving to Colorado in a couple weeks, so now is the time to make the transfer. @fcksummer has volunteered to take over. He has my gratitude for ensuring the continued success of this site. Let's all thank him for stepping up. Thank you all for the years of dedicated traffic, and if you're in Colorado, hit me up.
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    I just saw they are purchased HSQ from Doppelmayr. It will have a 2,400 people per hour capacity. I assume it will be installed over the summer.
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    God. Dammit. Christ. That is all.
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    9 runs on Lynx to open my season. Deepest coverage I've seen early season at Wildcat. Edge to edge with no signs of debris Very satisfying opening day at Wildcat Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Let me know if you can't see photos. Thanks. 2 APR 20, My son the veteran took me the rookie for a bit of skinning action today in Little Cottonwood Canyon at Alta, UT.I've done downhill skiing for over 50 years and dabbled in cross-country skiing and snowshoeing for almost as long. But this was my first day of skinning in alpine touring equipment. I used my own downhill boots and an extra pair of downhill skis (Volkl Ones, 186cms length, 116mm width) with AT bindings that my son loaned me. He set me up with a pretty heavy rig, but we only did two climbs at Alta; 1) to the top of the Albion Double Chair liftline, and 2) a shorter, but steeper climb from the Wildcat Base to Lower Rustler. It was a beautiful day on the mountain with blue skies and about 4-5" of new snow. There might have been a hundred cars in the Albion lot, but people were very dispersed and trail traffic was light. For our climb up the Albion liftline I saw about three skiers, two snowshoers, one hiker, and two tobogganers.The veteran and the rookie. This is what it's all about! And good motivation during our first climb. The veteran displays his climbing technique. Devil's Castle is still there. What a beautiful day! Albion liftline skiing. View from Wildcat Base. We climbed up the intermediate run to right a short way and then caught lower Rustler to left. This photo gives a sense of the number of cars in the parking lot beside the Goldminer's Daughter Lodge at about 1PM. Traversing over to Lower Rustler. Mission accomplished. It was sad driving by a very lonely looking Snowbird resort. My conclusion about skinning is that it's a whole lot of shuffling for relatively little schussing. But skiing is skiing and it felt good to get out there 20 days after my last lift served day Bonus shot my son took of me:
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    I'm hanging in. To say that life is turned upside down would be understating dramatically. I stepped off my flight in Colorado a few weeks ago just as everything was going to shit. In the airport I was collecting my luggage on Saturday evening when I read the new that Vail was shutting down operations, including its HQ where I was supposed to start on Monday. I was lost. Sunday evening at 10pm I received news that I would not be starting that week as planned, but to sight tight and they would pay me in the interim. Wednesday of the next week they finally onboarded me remotely. The next morning I grabbed a laptop from the office, and that day flew back to New England where I have been working remotely for the last week. Yesterday I received the email to employees that you have all heard about. I've been in meetings all morning with senior leadership at Vail. I've gone through a rollercoaster of emotions. At first I was upset and thought that if they led with this reduced salary, I never would haven taken the job. That much is true. But I'm not convinced that the grass would be much greener where I came from. The whole world is in the shit now. I've been very impressed with the workplace culture at Vail Resorts. You can learn a lot about the fabric of an organization by how it responds to periods of stress. I've seen more honest, heartfelt communication from Vail than any of my previous employers. The employees here are more personal, and seem to deeply care about each other. They are a great group of people that I am happy to work with. At the leadership level, I have seen senior management shed tears today over the difficulty of these decisions and impacts to employees and their families. When I look at how the cuts are being made, they look well thought out. Seasonal employees were let go with only a few weeks remaining in the season and were paid for at least a week of that. The hourly employees year round employees had been paid until this point, and are at least getting full health care benefits fully paid by the company for the duration of the furlough. The salary reductions are progressive to impact the most senior level the most. I'm trying to keep a positive outlook. I don't know how will come next. If the summer season is cancelled, it is likely there will need to be further cuts made. But all of us are in it together.
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    With the warm weather and lack of crowds I decided to take our 6-month old out for a little sliding yesterday. Have an pretty amazing carrier system I have been waiting to use. Clearly I was not going to go stomping moguls and she has been supporting her head since day 1. Took about 1:10 to skin to the top of Magic via Carpet-Sleeve and was brutal with an extra 30 pounds on the back plus my first real skinning trip of the year. She slept the entire way up. Then did some soft, easy turns down Trick to Wishbone, Wand, and lower Red Line. Did a couple other laps (Magician to Black Line) and Twilight. Magician and Twi were still hard pack. Even with the warmth today the lack of sun and freezing temps should keep some natural stuff for next weekend.She had a blast. However, either day light savings or the skiing had her up all last night chatting. video-1583758751.mp4
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    Nice low key morning at Suicide 6 for the family $5 tickets thru Ace Ski Club was a no brainer Our 2nd visit here but like last March not much open. I'm sorta surprised a smaller hill with the apparent $$ resources that S6 has (owned by Woodstock Inn/Resort) would not have closer to 100% snowmaking The terrain we have skied in our 2 Vista has been fun but you can tell it's a rowdy little hill at 100% open. The tree skiing for a 650 vert hill looks pretty expansive. They run a mtn biking operation in the summer so the woods are well maintained Today was a mix of firm groomers and then by noon when we left it was starting to corn up It reminds me of a well funded version of Whaleback.... similar terrain feel with similar low snowmaking Both hills are steep with no run out so they make the absolute most of their limited vertical! /natural Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Jay, Smuggs, Stowe, Whiteface are all closer to my house and all just got a ton of fresh snow. All skiing great I’m sure. But this trip was a true adventure to somewhere I’ve always wanted to check out. I checked the reports and Snow Ridge got 24” by closing time Friday and it was still snowing. I had made no alternative plans so I went for it. They got a storm total of 29”. The LES skied incredibly well, as good as any snow I’ve ever skied east or west. Truly the most wonderful part of the whole experience. Even the chopped up crud skied extremely well. From 9-1pm I found fresh tracks of boot to knee deep powder. I was on the fattest skis by far. My first impression of Snow Ridge was that it was really tiny, which it sort of is with only 500 vert. But in reality it has a lot to offer. Off the main double chair you get traverse out skier left and there is a really cool ravine. On the main hill there a lots of little tree shots which don’t get tracked out to fast. Around 11 they opened the the snow pocket t bar. Snow was untouched and incredible. There is some pretty short but super fun tree skiing off to the far skiers right. Overall it was a great experience. People were super friendly and welcoming. Very willing to give up the best stashes. Place is very dated, lifts seemed held together with duct tape and string. T bar is on its last legs.
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    Nice sharing some turns, Cannonballer! Hard to believe this was a vacation week powder day (on a NH Res day, no less!). Less croweded than an average non-holiday non-powder day weekend. Ski on lifts all day, no tram wait. Nice and surfy turns. Just enough wind buff to make eight inches feel bottomless, but still buttery soft and smooth. Most fun I've had on skis this season. Groomers looked to be variable scraped wind blown or drifted with tremendous variance even on the same trail. I imagine the average intermediate level vacationing family was less than impressed with the storm. Cannon still needs a "big one" to finish filling in coverage gaps on its steepest and nastiest lines. We took third or fourth tracks down Kinsman (one of the best Kinsman runs I've ever had) and it was great. But you could tell that it was going to be completely trashed by the end of the day (better than it was before the storm, at least!).
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    Not really much of a story to tell, more just an update for people who are thinking about the weekend. Northern Vermont got the backend snow the past few days, NH didn't. It's all man-made and groomers here at Cannon. Within that reality it's not actually that bad. They have done a good job blowing snow the past few weeks. Last week they were just pouring it on everywhere. This week they are being strategic about the places that need it most. Today was refreshingly sunny. The next two days look like they might be the same but even warmer. I get bored pretty quickly on groomers, but some sun and mild temps can hold my interest for a while. Some pics from today. The guns strategically blazing, Parkway getting some tilling before shaping (?), and a rare view across the Notch.
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    Ugh! We'll be there (with the MLK masses) this weekend. Cannon in recovery state + crowds of people who don't ski very often = early days and lots of alcohol! Thanks for the report.
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    It's always kind of funny to me the way that Bretton Woods consistently scoops first to open in New Hampshire. The massive NH player, Loon, rarely ever tries to go early. Boyne gets their cred with Sunday River. Cannon is stuck in its state-run, fiscal-year, budget-plan, whatever. Wildcat, which should be the major player, hems and haws about getting it or not each year. So BW takes the honors again. And for free/charity. The noon opening saw about four rows of cars in the parking lot and a half full ski rack outside the lodge. Opening bell had about 30 people waiting for the chair to spin. I was maybe 8-10 chairs back but jumped up to the third when I realized that people were loading in 2s and 3s. Range View was the only open trail. Conditions felt like Mid-winter. Typical of BW, the center 3/4ths was groomed, with generous ungrounded on both sides. The 10 degree temps and blazing guns sent everyone inside quickly. It was ski-on by 2nd run. For me it was a great way to kick it off.
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    The first freeze of the season at Mt Washington
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    As some on here know I have a very fond spot in my heart for Saddleback. My wife and I were passholders there for 2 yrs while in grad school (pre kids) and we had a seasonal cabin on Rangeley Lake. Every wknd we would drive up from Seacoast NH for 2-3 days of skiing. It's a long haul up there but no place in New England has ever captured me the way Saddleback and the Rangeley Lakes region has. We have since done summer trips up there since the mtn closed but of course we want the mtn back. It's been sad/frustrating watching a glorious big mtn sit idle since April of 2015 but finally it seems there is hope to bring this true gem back to life. Today at 3pm they finally launched their website and season passes are now live to process! I look at this as a small but important step that hopefully gives us hope we can make lift served skiing there again soon. http://www.saddlebackmaine.com/ Here are some of my personal photos of 'the Back that try and capture what it is all about but like most special places you can't capture it entirely in photos... Can't wait to be making turns there again!
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    What Virus? Old Saddleback Chair is down.
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    I may have to go up north. I need to give the liver sometime social distancing from the beers in the house.
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    Since there are no trip reports coming in for the rest of the season, let's just turn this into some 'best of' reports. Here's a day I hit Cannon for some freshies then headed over to Bretton Woods to catch @ABV for even more freshies. 2015 so it pre-dates this forum enough that I'm sure it hasn't been posted before.
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    So much has happened since I last posted in this thread! In early March 2020 I got in some good skiing at Snowbird, UT: I also met some friends at Brighton one day: My last day of lift served skiing was Friday the 13th with friends at Solitude, UT. I am still holding out hope that Snowbird will reopen perhaps sometime in April? I went snowshoeing in BCC with my wife on St. Paddy's Day: A few days later I hiked to a waterfall in Heughs Canyon near Holladay, UT: Upbeat article about Utah hiking during the virus crisis: https://www.sltrib.com/news/2020/03/21/i-feel-like-hiking-is/ On March 22, 2020 I took a scenic drive with my wife and we ended up walking along the shores of the Great Salt Lake. Good place to practice social distancing: Will stay in Utah for another month or two and see how it goes. Wishing all of you are safe and well in these unsettled times!
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    A little piece of heaven right here... Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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    Hijacking @Cannonballer's thread for live updates but requesting that people upload pictures when they are out and about as well as quick text updates. I plan to re-post the pictures on various social platforms to see if that garners some additional traffic so I'd really appreciate it as I think people would find it useful.
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    Might be the most important thread on the website moving forward
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    Endless Visibility this AM at Cannon Hardpack but edgeable. Low crowds Fun AM with my family and @PuckIt Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Shit's getting real Sent from my XT1635-01 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    At Cannon fish and game stole my parking spot. What they were doing would let you know the conditions today. They were practicing alpine rescue on zoomer. Ice axes, ice screws, snow stakes and misc climbing gear. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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    Pictures are all fixed. Lesson of the day is that its better to save and upload your Google Photos pictures directly to the site instead of trying to embed them from Google's server. Now back to your regularly scheduled thread.
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    Hmmm.... On Saturday I had a really sweet XC ski at Greenwoodlands. As far as snowboarding goes, my run of the week was on Sunday at 10:30am when I ran away from Cannon as fast as I could!
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    Went to hills farmstead this past week. Wow that place is out in the middle of know where but so worth the drive. Damn they make great beer! Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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    Thanks to @Weatherman and @fcksummer for the efforts.
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    Cannon 2/16 Crowds: Yes, there were holiday crowds but actually less than MLK Sunday, and even less than the Sat after MLK. Crowds were felt more on the slopes then in the lines. Lines weren't terrible, but Joey-ville on the trails. Temp: it was about 20-25 degrees warmer than yesterday but felt about 10 degrees colder. The sun and lack of wind on Saturday made the single-digit temps comfortable. Today was cloudy, windy and raw. Conditions: still good stuff everywhere. Getting skied off in usual places mid-day. Goods in the woods.
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    Just so I stop seeing the picture of a broken toe on my phone I am uploading a random picture from Cannons website
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    I've experienced a few of these spots and posted photos below. I interpret this topic as more of: what are some of the most memorable places or runs you've experienced in the Northeast? THE OLYMPIC TRAILS AT WHITEFACE I'd agree that Whiteface is really special because of the big mountain feel of the place compared to a lot of eastern ski areas. THE SINGLE CHAIR, MAD RIVER GLEN Another good one. It's not just that the single chair is a cool antique, but THE TERRAIN it serves is challenging and beautiful, featuring some of the best tree skiing anywhere and fun, narrow, curvy trails. NIGHT SKIING AT MONT SAINTE-ANNE I only skied MSA in the day time. Night skiing there sounds like it would be a good way to get frostbite most of the winter But its a fine ski area and cool region to visit when you also check out Le Massif and tour the Old City of Quebec. SPRING SKIING IN KILLINGTON King of Spring, Killington, April 1976. I got my stretch pants, Elton John sunglasses, and Yamaha skis! Killington was the first New England mountain I fell in love with. Haven't been there in almost 20 years now. THE FRONT FOUR, STOWE Recent issue of Ski Magazine had Stowe rated as #18 resort in the East, just ahead of Wawa. That's nuts! Stowe is definitely one of the very top bucket list destinations for Eastern skiers. SUGARLOAF CAT SKIING I haven't done the cat there, but Brackett Basin, Burnt Mtn, and all that side country at Sugarloaf is really fun to explore. Great mountain. TUCKERMAN RAVINE I haven't done Tuckerman Ravine, but I'd say the view of it from Wildcat ski area on a pretty day is another Eastern bucket list item! When people ask me what's my favorite ski area in the East some of the big names come up, but I also always mention Wildcat. THE STRATTON 24 No photos from Stratton. I've skied there a few times, but it's been quite a while. Skiing there for 24 hours straight sounds like another good way to get frostbite unless it's a spring time event. Bonus items, with a few my own recommendations for a Northeastern snowrider's bucket list . LE MASSIF, QC Scenically, this place is unlike anywhere I've ever skied. Think Lord of the Rings. Pretty big mountain beside an ocean-like body of water. SADDLEBACK, ME This is why Saddleback must be resurrected. Super beautiful mtn with fun trails and trees. Best place I ever skied that went on the lost list, hopefully not for long. CANNON MOUNTAIN, NH A great and rugged New England mtn that should not be missed. Was there when Mittersill was hike-to only and that was fun too. Riding the tram and visiting the Ski Museum add to Cannon's unique appeal. SUGARBUSH, VT Gotta put Sugarbush on this list too. Big and burly enough to serve as a fine one-stop destination for a multi-day visit, except that it would be a crime not to also check out MRG for a day when in the vicinity.
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    Yes, half full Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    As a Sugarloaf Ambassador, I will be skiing there this weekend. Despite the recent rain, I know they got several inches of snow, have good snowmaking weather and a bit more falling tonight. This weekend the temps & weather will be excellent so I’m looking forward to it despite early season limited terrain. Take a look at their webcams if you’re on the fence. https://www.sugarloaf.com/conditions-and-cams
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    Even skiers that can ski Big Link with finesse often avoid it when it becomes a sheet of ice. Just because you can ski Big Link without issue doesn't make it any more enjoyable. I did that on Sunday... when I got tired of navigating Big Link, it didn't matter how good Vista and Tramway were skiing, it was time to avoid the upper mountain. Easy Link should be open by next weekend, though that suffers similar problems just on a smaller scale. You can stick to the other side of the Cannonball as well (Taft, Ravine, Skylight, etc.) to avoid the Links and have Spookie or Mid Ravine for the ski out. I can't speak towards how to level up a six year old that is scared of ice, that seems a rather valid concern for a young skier at Cannon! Encouraging skiing the edges of Big Link helps a lot. I like skier's left when there are some bumps. If skier's left is also iced, then turn into the elbow on skier's right. You still need to navigate some ice but you can find some soft mounds of snow to push through and use for speed control. Experience might help but learning good technique will help more. Then again, far more important to keep things fun for a six year old. Drilling technique is probably going to be worse than the ice itself. -- Glad to see some more natural snow falling at Cannon. Even if they didn't get the jackpot, the Front Five desperately needed a refresh. Avalanche was bone jarring on Sunday after all that wind came through the day before. Great base for the season, that is for sure.
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    Skied this morning with @hrstrat57 for 2 ½ hours. Great start to the season. Some lift issues at first, but the skiing was great.
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    At this point, I just want to be able to ski.
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    I had to run up to house to drop off building materials. It was drive up and back with no stops except for the house. We took some pics. We were able to see a person coming down Profile. There were a couple of people coming Extentsion and a person going up Banshee on the they way. I would say about 5-7 cars on the road to the Zoomer parking.
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    The Expanse is a phenomenal show. Amazon did it right after it was kicked off the air. Altered Carbon is another favorite of mine.
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    Wish I could like this post 10X. Way to get out there! With all the people out of school and work this is a healthy outlet.
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    Another track dependent hit or miss the end of the week.
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    It's my weekend off so we should be able to make it. Missed last year and was bummed about it! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Wildcat today (Sunday) did not disappoint Woods were too grabby to really enjoy but coverage not an issue. I was especially impressed by Upper Wildcat A poach of Upper Hairball also yielded nice results Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Traded in the RAV4 last month on a 2017 Tacoma Double Cab. I just can't survive without a truck with having a home no matter what I tell myself [emoji57] Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app

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