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  1. Introduction Peak'n Peek is a small ski area in western New York. It is oriented along a ridge line with 400 feet of vertical drop. The trails are largely intermediate in difficulty. Nothing is very difficult, but it offers a good number of trails Trail Recommendations Beginner Friar Tuck's and Alan-A-Dale are the beginner trails Intermediate Intermediate skiers should be able to handle most if not all of the ski area. Advanced Advanced terrain is limited to the trail pod around Long Bow. Tree Skiing / Glades Lifts What to ski when
  2. Welcome to Northeast Mountain Sports! This is where we will be building a series of articles related to mountain recreation. I welcome your suggestions or contributions. Send @Weatherman a PM if you're interested in writing an article. Otherwise feel free to select the Blogs tab and start your own blog host on Northeast Mountain Sports.
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