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  1. Next weekend, should be good as I have company coming for the weekend and can't ski.
  2. I did epoxy the skis. I may throw a couple of screws in the edge from the top.
  3. Head Kore 99's or Black Crow Camox are on the radar. I would love to buy Stockli Stormrider 95's but way too much $$$$.
  4. Cams do not look like they did. I hope we are not saying remember how the season started later this year.
  5. I like to refer to the Links trails as Big Rink Easy Rink Missing Rink They all can be a slide for life. Bypass just sucks Or Goat path. Uphill both ways.
  6. Just saw T4T forum is dead. Are all forums going to die? http://www.timefortuckerman.com/foru...discussion-tux

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