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  1. Boy, they are knocking the doors down for that deal. Which BTW is the same deal that anyone can get.
  2. All we need is JimG "Douchebag of the year" to come on board.
  3. HE did scream. "He hit me. He hit me!!!!!!"
  4. Wish I could change my username to Cannonballerr post weird posts. But can't.
  5. I think there is short rope to keep from cutting the corner and people coming back to the lift from Ravine
  6. Yes. God damn snowboarders. Were the gut that gave me the AAA number?
  7. Cannonball Quad is having a squirrel incident this week.
  8. Tram makes more money in the summer than winter. The overall park does.
  9. We know. Grass is only always greener on the east side of the rock pile.

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