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  1. Just saw T4T forum is dead. Are all forums going to die? http://www.timefortuckerman.com/foru...discussion-tux
  2. Can I get back to you next May?
  3. I have no idea. I had a couple of chain drops on the front sprocket, which I thought was odd on Friday and Saturday. I checked the chain with the gauge and it was fine a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Carnage from today's ride and walk out Rear derailleur-gone Chain-gone 2 broken spokes which made tire go flat. Tubeless. 3 bent spokes Rim bent? 3 mile walk to road and another 1 mile on road since karen did not answer phone
  5. I was on shutdwon last week too. I only got 21 miles in with company in town though. I have 15 miles so far this week after work. I hope for another 7-8 tonight.
  6. I saw that. Why not just cover Superstar with a roof and refrigerator the ground.
  7. Second ride last night for 5 miles after a couple of weeks for brake issues and hip problems. Both appear to be fixed. I hope to get out consistently now.
  8. I got my fat ass out for first ride last night in Andover. 5 miles. About a hour. Couple of climbs were tough and stopped. I did not feel to bad after but ass was sore.
  9. Made a call to catch the last week for The new six pack with Fcksummer. Snowdon was showing a lot debris. Peak was still in good shape. Double Dipper was awesome. Best runs were off Superstar chair though. A few woods runs. Fresh snow was sticky in them though.

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