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  1. Puck it

    Saddleback Updates

    It did not sound on the up and up when this was originally announced.
  2. Puck it

    2018 MTB Log

    Guide brakes have a lever issue with the piston sticking. It is a warranty issue. I am contacting SRAM or LBS and checking this for replacement.
  3. Puck it

    2018 MTB Log

    My brakes are RS, my mistake. I may call JRA Cycles and talk with them. I had to them off again and cleaned the piston. It only one on each brake.
  4. Puck it

    2018 MTB Log

    That is funny about the brakes. I have the same ones and they started sticking on Saturday while riding. I had take them apart and clean. One piston was stick on each.
  5. Puck it

    2018 MTB Log

    In ACK, very stiff ocean wind today. Riding into this sucks, but there is one thing worse. Riding into it on a soft sand road for three miles.
  6. Puck it

    Flat vs clipless pedals

    It is really a matter of preference. I don't think I would like flats on trails or cross country. I get shins cut up enough without the pedals helping. Downhill is another story though, I will go clipless for the first time but that may change after.
  7. Puck it

    2018 MTB Log

    I get the same thing. Usually repsonse is "what did you do now?"
  8. Puck it

    2018 MTB Log

    I have done that once. And it hurt like a bitch. Stretched MCL on good knee but hip felt great for months after it was streched out.
  9. Puck it

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    As in the Von Trapp Brewery. Yes. Very good beers all around. The Helle is really good.
  10. Puck it

    Women of MTB

    Makes sense.
  11. Puck it

    Women of MTB

    Sorry you feel that way. We all have our own views and rights even though they differ to others.
  12. Puck it

    Women of MTB

    And what have you been offended by now?
  13. Puck it

    Women of MTB

    I work hard at it.
  14. Puck it

    Summer reading

    I am offened that she does not buy books anymore. Does she know she is putting people out of work? Just making a stupid point.

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