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  1. Just saw T4T forum is dead. Are all forums going to die? http://www.timefortuckerman.com/foru...discussion-tux
  2. Can I get back to you next May?
  3. I have no idea. I had a couple of chain drops on the front sprocket, which I thought was odd on Friday and Saturday. I checked the chain with the gauge and it was fine a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Carnage from today's ride and walk out Rear derailleur-gone Chain-gone 2 broken spokes which made tire go flat. Tubeless. 3 bent spokes Rim bent? 3 mile walk to road and another 1 mile on road since karen did not answer phone
  5. I was on shutdwon last week too. I only got 21 miles in with company in town though. I have 15 miles so far this week after work. I hope for another 7-8 tonight.
  6. I saw that. Why not just cover Superstar with a roof and refrigerator the ground.
  7. Second ride last night for 5 miles after a couple of weeks for brake issues and hip problems. Both appear to be fixed. I hope to get out consistently now.
  8. I got my fat ass out for first ride last night in Andover. 5 miles. About a hour. Couple of climbs were tough and stopped. I did not feel to bad after but ass was sore.
  9. Made a call to catch the last week for The new six pack with Fcksummer. Snowdon was showing a lot debris. Peak was still in good shape. Double Dipper was awesome. Best runs were off Superstar chair though. A few woods runs. Fresh snow was sticky in them though.
  10. The one that you are referring to is called Obvious and the entrance is near the top of the hike. This dumps you down into a stream bed that is now open and running. There are others when you start to come down the saddle. The main one is Bunny Direct.
  11. Glove was recovered, but I found some powder and left the search. No friends on powder days.
  12. Boy, they are knocking the doors down for that deal. Which BTW is the same deal that anyone can get.
  13. All we need is JimG "Douchebag of the year" to come on board.
  14. HE did scream. "He hit me. He hit me!!!!!!"
  15. Wish I could change my username to Cannonballerr post weird posts. But can't.
  16. I think there is short rope to keep from cutting the corner and people coming back to the lift from Ravine
  17. Yes. God damn snowboarders. Were the gut that gave me the AAA number?

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