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  1. Buzz kill even before the season. Foul!
  2. Snow above 3500’. Lafayette looks to have more at the summit.
  3. The first floor is getting near full completion and I thought I would post some pics of the ski rack. I used ski buttons after finding them on Amazon. I was going to make something similar out of wood but these were relatively inexpensive. I am also making a fold out tuning bench that will be in the closet similar to a fold out ironing board. The bar is complete just waiting for the kegerator to come. It is backordered like most things.
  4. JD hates the Tram for winter but it makes the park money in summer. Gondola would be of no use in the winter. Wind holds galore. New is the way to go.
  5. Still light snow here. I would say may be 8" or more at house.
  6. I think it was a 5 even though I got 68 days and ~600k of vert. I did get a run of mini powder days in mid Jan to early Feb. The front five did get boring with the visibility issues. I made it over to Mitty once and the snow on trials was awesome. The glade skiing at Cannon was terrible. I got into the summit glades once on a good day and then on another warm day they sucked. Styrofoam snow. I did get some good glade days at BW if you can call them glades.
  7. I know I f hit Kton in May with 80 temps. Today was very warm at Cannon. It was freaky coming back to the Cannonball on the cat track and a stream of water opened up
  8. Should be all set. Donation not updating.
  9. This seems a lot for the amount traffic that you get. It is a toss up in my opinion. It is worth the hassle to keep going for so few. It would give me an excuse to go back to AZ see if I can enrage someone.
  10. Cannon was fine yesterday and was better than the day before. More tilling is the key.
  11. Things were much better today. Another day and most of the golf balls will be gone. Profile was open but needs some groomer love for the masses.
  12. I got out today from 9-11. My expectations were low and the actual conditions were slightly better. The corduroy was not very deep at all. Warm up run on Gary's were decent but could tell that it would scrape off with only a few skiers. Gray ice has poked it head thru on the top of Rocket. Pine bough were all over the trails. I headed up high for a tour. It was a better than down low. Profile was roped off. Vista was groomed except for the right of the island. Ice moguls on the right and luckily I speed checked and saw them at the last minute. WTF. What does ski patrol do at Cannon? This should have been roped or at least a caution sign.
  13. Saturday was a bust. The mountain was skiing awesome until....
  14. This is good advice. Slow is good. Might be some base repair.
  15. Just north of here, it was all snow for the NE Kingdom. Northern Greens have been getting the lake effect. Southern storms hitting the area below. I would say so. We just drove by on way back up and there were very people on the front five trials.
  16. That is very true. It was rain at the house even last night, but notch had snow as we drove thru.
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