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  1. I was thinking it might. That is a plus. Presby will do a good job, but it may take longer. I will IM you the rest.
  2. No problem. Anything to consider is if internet is important to you. Some lots will have broadband like Timber Lane. I can’t remember about Old County though. If lot is on side lob of the wireless for mountain telecom. The speed will be slow and not existent in some areas. We are in direct line of the dish on top of Cannon and it cuts out. We have the option of a dedicated T1 optical with 100/100MB speeds but for $400 a month.
  3. I was going to be late but decided to go first thing. That was the best choice. I met up with Cannonballer and his wife. There was 3” overnight and another couple by opening so 6” was about right. There was no one there until 10. There were fresh to be found on the front five for the first 3-4 runs. First run was Gary’s and was basically untouched. Fcksummer missed Parkway today with some untracked spots. Vista was awesome. Skylight was not as good as yesterday. We were going to finish on Banshee but Zoomer line was short so back and ended on Paulie’s with the legs screaming no more.
  4. Old County Road has dirt sections if I remember right which can be tough in mud season. Just FYI. I can tell which contractors and subs to stay away from. And give recommendations. If we don’t know them, we know someone to ask. Which builder responded if I can ask? Bethlehem taxes are very high. Franconia and Sugar Hill are reasonable. Easton is dirt cheap for taxes. We built the master on the first with a open great room and loft. It can be a little loud. FYI.
  5. Where exactly are you looking? New or existing home? I may be able to help with builders if you need them and location help sine we just went thru it. Things are getting snatched up very quickly at asking or over. A lot in our development just sold over the summer for 3x of what we paid. Contractors are straight out also.
  6. We arrived just as Cannonballer and his wife were parking. We got the spot right behind. There were a ton people today and majority should not have been riding the Peabody let alone Cannonball. Vista was open and awesome. Skylight was awesome below the first pitch. Upper Cannon was in great shape. Taft was scoured at the steep pitch as expected. We to skied to 11 as my daughter thighs were shot and the carnage on the lower mountain was to much to deal with.
  7. Not much to say about it but that we got blown off the mountain. We saw a young adult get blown out of line at Cannonball over the edge. That was a first. I put out my arms going down the entrance to Avy and came to almost a dead stop because of the wind. Wind holds started at 10:15. It counts ABV.
  8. The wife and I head over to BW for the couple of hours before work. We were surprised on how empty it was for the day before a holiday weekend. Everything was ski on. They opened the runs below Rosebrook. They are still a little chucky. The light was a little flat to start but the sun did come out. We got 9 runs in before leaving a t 10:15. We were driving back to the house. I noticed the Cannon summit was in the clear and blue skies. I headed over @ 12:15 for a few runs off the summit. It was hardpacked at this point but edgeable. I skied the four groomed runs on the summit bu
  9. I was going to over first thing but it was 5F at the house. I waited until lunch. The summit had good visibility today. However the middle third was terrible with the amount of guns going. They are blowing on Skylight, Short Fuse, near the Links merge, Bypass still(huge whales), Lower Gremlin and Lower Cannon. They are still blowing Taft Training Slope with stand gun now in the middle. I do not see anything on Upper Barons. I skied all four upper runs and they were in good shape. They need a couple groomer tilling to be better. Front five were good and had the best visibility agai
  10. This got worse as the day went on. The main mountain was socked in with the snowmaking cloud in the middle third and down the spine.
  11. Expectations were low again as the mountain was socked in from the house. I arrived and met up with Fcksummer and ABV. It was race day also. The usual parking was already crowded. We skied the tour of the front five in a reverse direction. Snowmaking and the cap clouds were making for the worse visibility of the week. We decided to go up high around 10 or and it was Braille like conditions. Snow on Tramway felt good. There were a ton of people on the runs since no one was up high. Lines were long. We saw a kid fly off the side of the trial on the Paulie’s entrance at a good clip. I thoug
  12. Same as yesterday and the day before and the day before that but with Cannonballer, wife and nephew. Visibility sucked again past the usual spot.
  13. Lather, Rinse, Repeat Day. It was the same as yesterday but the visibility was worse. I did not bother with the summit today. The guns were going on Rock Garden and Bypass. 11 runs today mostly on the front five and 9K vert. Not bad. BW tomorrow. Traverse Banshee is getting better. I wish the snirt would be covered as the bases of the skis are taking a beating.
  14. I got for about 1.5 hours before meetings. There was a fresh 1” on top of the grooming. I did a tour de front five and headed up high for a couple of top runs but the visibility terrible. I only did one from the top to truck and called it. Tramway is open now with guns going. Upper Cannon is groomed now. Jaspers still has mounds on it. No Yosemite sightings today.
  15. I saw him at Zoomer driving the Chevy Traverse and then getting his skis tuned. Wonder why they need a tune?
  16. Mini powder day. There was about 2-3 at the house and 3-4 on the mountain. I was able to pop over from 9 - 10:30 before meetings started. Gary's and Rocket were awesome on the new snow. Head up top for a couple on Taft and Upper Ravine. Those were scraped off. Tramway is closed getting another coat. Upper Cannon open with whales. I ended on Banshee. The cat track across from Zoomer to Banshee is a mess. There is a steep climb from Zoomer to Paulies and is a a pain on skis. The traverse across Avy is the worse that I have ever seen.
  17. I headed over to Cannon with wife to get on the mountain. We skied of the Eagle Cliff and Tuckerbrook. The lift lines were becoming long at around 10 and slopes were crowded and wife was not liking it. We ended on Skateway and skated back to Zoomer. That was the first time on that trail. She did want to attempt Gary’s with the race training.
  18. Usual crowd for the 4” ish of new snow. It was a little wet. Gary’s was the first run. Hip joint was not happy with the wet snow. I powered thru and got back in the groove. I just had to keep the skis tight. I ended around noon when it became human pinball on Easy Link. The new snow helped but there is still a lot of snirt to be covered. Banshee was the ROTD.
  19. It was much better than the day before. It was a little warmer and less wind at least at the start. Lines were not bad at all. Upper Cannon is still closed. They blasting on the front five, Lower Cannon, Rock Garden, Upper Gremlin. There is just so much snirt on mountain. It is very hard to avoid. Can't they groom the whales out? It forces people to go down one run all day.
  20. It was not very good day. I met Cannonballer at Zoomer. We took 5 runs and called it. It was cold, windy, icy, etc. There really is not a lot more to say. It was a crap day.
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