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  1. Might be a little wet but most areas drain well.
  2. https://meierskis.com/products/live-free-or-die-new-hampshire-custom-ski
  3. Thx for showing the ski blow out. The ski base looks like it has the damage.
  4. So we are not seeing you at Cannon this weekend.
  5. Great day and great turns. Best day of 2019 at Cannon. Lifty Shot, Gunsight and Obvious. All awesome. Lost Boys and Go Green were awesome. First tracks in Echo. Too much to think about which one was best.
  6. Attitash has some decent bump trails like Tim's and Idiot's. I think Upper Myth is left bumped up on the side. It has been awhile for me too. Glades off Abenaki are pretty decent also. The triple is just painful. They do open later and close early for the season now that Peaks own Wildcat.
  7. Love Belgian style beers. I am finding that I like German style Helles too.
  8. Those are not a good idea. Way to much difference in diameter. Those are a -4 or more.
  9. I have seen a level 5 aftermath in upstate NY. I think it was the late 90's or early 2000's Eastern Ontario and Quebec were hit harder but travelling thru northern VT and NY in the spring looked liked a tornado had hit across that whole area. Trees were just trunks. No limbs.
  10. Icing around here is going tot he issue in my opinion.
  11. LOL Euro has 23.4" over the next 10 days at my house and 27.7 at Cannon. The two other models show 0 to 2" at my house. Wow.
  12. Winds look horrendous all weekend.
  13. Yeah they do just like Cannons old trails but it is like Alta. Snowbird is better.
  14. All are welcome just send us a PM when you will be at Cannon. Warmer days are better.
  15. The Kitty is nice but most of the trails are pretty tame IMHO. I can't see driving another 45 - 60 minutes on a regular basis when I have to drive past Cannon.

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