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  1. LOL. We used to joke about that all time at work. We used to say that the group in the software dept were called "Men without seats"
  2. I got into it about 8 years ago when I go bored with golf. I bought a full suspension cross country bike. Retail was about $2k and got it for under $1k with discounts and an extra 20% off on Amazon. It is a Head Hide. Served me well. Only replaced rims, bottom bracket, and rear deriallieurs. I upgraded to a Pivot Mach 6 full carbon fiber three years ago. I bought it slightly used 10-15 rides off of pinkbike. I ride behind my house on trials and in Andover in Goldsmith Woods. I need to get back on it to lose some weight. I have it all set to go when the trails dry out a bit. Beginner advice buy a reasonably cheap bike with good components and then upgrade after riding for a while.
  3. Gotta have it. Scar from the surgery very visible.
  4. Keep the same name since it PO'ed some people.

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