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  1. I have the 1800 on my helmet with the battery. I think my handlebar light is 2500. I carry an extra battery on the bike. I spent $20 on the 1800 and $25 on the other. Both were from Amazon. I do get beamed if on the road from cars.
  2. It Is should a front side carver. It has double metal. It can handle crud on trails but not a good choice for bumps for someone that can not control it. The shortness does help though.
  3. I have my ols Head Magnums. 74mm underfoot and 170cm. It is a plate so no drilling them. Let them go cheap.
  4. She is still with your sorry ass!!!!!! She needs to be checked out by a professional. I gave it two months tops.
  5. It snowed the whole time there. Big flakes and ice pellets were the mix. Snow was awesome, visibility sucked. A whole lot more snow than there was on Monday. Called it before power went out.
  6. I was stuck on the Gondi for 10-15 minutes coming down and noticed it was running slow form the bar.
  7. Winds look bad Saturday. May switch to Sunday even with niar in the forecast.
  8. Opinion: Cannon Mountain, NH Has The Most Underrated Terrain In New England https://unofficialnetworks.com/2018/10/24/opinion-cannon-mountain-nh-has-the-most-underrated-terrain-in-new-england/ Stay away it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. BW Gondi Load station. Proably not a good idea with the construction equipment around
  10. This is really starting to piss me off with the inconsistent sizing. I bought I replacement Mammut jacket a year or so ago on sale in the exact same style so when the original wore out. The same exact model and size just a year newer. I had to go up a size. At the end of last year, I sent Marmot gloves in for repair and they could not so I took the credit and bought new ones on sale at backcoutry. Again same model and size and the new ones barley go over my hand. WTF!!!!!!!
  11. Delayed opening until 9:45 for icing of the NRT from snowmaking. The regular four trails were open with guns going on all four. 21 guns on Rime and about 18 on Reason and Upper East Fall. Some guns were wet but if you stayed on edge thru the snow the skis ran. Googles were a different story though. Skied about 12-15 runs. Legs were fine but I was soaked thru. Gloves and pants were the worst. Headed back up the stairway at about 12:30 and saw the guns were on from the summit. Maybe no walking down the stairs soon. I am hoping for three days in October. IMG_1312.HEIC IMG_1313.HEIC IMG_1314.HEIC IMG_1315.HEIC
  12. I may miss it since I have an appt in the morning for mortgage signing. it is free for me.

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