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  1. Preseason check list Richelson's Boot Fit - Check Knee drained - Check Cortisone shot in knee - Check PT for for hip - Check Wait for snow
  2. That was Clinton, I thought. Oh that was something else.
  3. I am talking widespread use in the late 80's. Then trophies for everyone.
  4. T-ball. That is the reason for this downward spiral and the millennial issues.
  5. Wolf creek Co opening Saturday with three lifts all natty.
  6. Add snow drifts and zero visibility. Wait I have done that and got a concussion.
  7. Saw this ad on the way to Logan
  8. It was a very good ride yesterday. I was apprehensive on the some the sections as not having ridden the trails before. It was nice to be pushed since I ride alone all the time.
  9. This place always seems to fly under the radar. Much farther north and colder. Terrain looks awesome though. Anyone been?
  10. A bastard set up for sure. I have seen a 27.5 up front and a 26 in back though.
  11. Based on the writing, I bet it was submitted to the editor in crayon.
  12. I was thinking the same thing but where would there be 250' for a waterfall.
  13. Drew and I been to opening day for the last three years at Kton. Going for four.
  14. I am throwing away or selling all my goggles. I am getting these. Available October. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CtA5-9upld0

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