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  1. The 2018 Race To Open Is Underway With low temperatures forecasted in Colorado throughout the rest of the week, Rocky Mountain skiers and snowboarders should be getting excited for the 2018-2019 winter season. The neighborly competition between Loveland Ski Area and Arapahoe Basin to be the first open ski area in the United States has become a closely watched contest dubbed ‘The Race to Open’. In the past 16 seasons the ski areas have battled it out for opening day bragging rights, sometimes with one ski area opening just a day before the other. Last year the ‘Race to Open’ was won by Arapahoe Basin, who opened there Black Mountain Express Lift and High Noon Run on October 13th. Overall the record is close with Arapahoe Basin opening first 8 years, meanwhile Loveland has opened first 6 times and the ski areas have opened on identical days just twice. As snow making crews begin to fire up this fall season across the country, it’s anyone’s guess who will get the favorable temperatures and early season storms to get skiers and snowboarders on the mountain. So place your bets now and to both crews, may the best ski area win.
  2. Falken Wildpeak AT3's. I am getting my second pair in October.
  3. It was not the demo day but it was terrible for sure.
  4. She is pedaling but not all that hard. The slipstream is keeping in the pocket just like a truck on the interstate. No wash and very little resistance. She does have to pedal but would drop off on her speed immediately if she dropped back to far. I would say a cadence of 80 maybe 90.
  5. i just don't get this. You are towed by vehicle and the slipstream keeps you that speed with very little effort. Kinda little eMTB bikes. https://unofficialnetworks.com/2018/09/17/american-woman-becomes-fastest-human-on-a-bicycle-183-9-mph/
  6. Ouch, you've are a big internet bully!
  7. Leave me alone, I am a grumpy old man.
  8. Rode last night. The good news is that the bugs are better. But the wood snakes were out in force last night. The damp conditions made it treacherous. I almost bought it five times and a couple were on downhills at speed.
  9. I put a print out over the name tag for the Innovation Island. It said Nap Time Island. The mellinnials setting it up got pissed. They asked around about it, I guess. I would have said I did if asked.
  10. We now have a number of these around the campus. One has furry bean bags and a large screen monitor playing screensavers of dogs and landscapes. They are intimidated by conference rooms. Will the crying closets be far behind? https://slate.com/human-interest/2018/04/cry-closets-are-a-great-idea-thanks-millennials.html
  11. If they work, they want a trophy.
  12. My feelings are hurt by that comment.
  13. I am taking one of the bean bags so I can nap in my office at lunch.
  14. I am taking one of the bean bags so I can nap in my office at lunch. IMG_1267.HEIC
  15. Exactly, I am going in and take nap and snore like hell. Nameplate says "Innovation Island" IMG_1267.HEIC
  16. I just walked by a cube in my building and it has a name tag called Innovation Room with bunch of bean bags in it. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They probably expect a trophy for asinine idea too. It is f'ing work. Do your job!!!!!!!!
  17. Love my central A/C best investment. Wife and daughter have allergies so it is needed for that.
  18. Looks like it was a little low. Switched out R22 refrigerant for R427c to make it cheaper if it needs to be topped off again sometime.

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